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17 June 2006

zwei frauen, die im knast in macon / mississippi inhaftiert sind, haben 3 wärter wegen vergewaltigung angezeigt.

MBI checks allegations female inmates raped at Noxubee Jail

JACKSON, Miss. - The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations of a prisoner rape at the Noxubee County Jail, officials said. The state Department of Public Safety said the Noxubee County Sheriff's Office had requested on June 9 that the MBI look into the claims made by two female inmates against three male prisoners. Sheriff Albert Walker said alleged rapes occurred at the jail in Macon. He declined to provide additional details, citing an ongoing investigation. Walker said the jail normally housed just under 20 inmates but that the number increased to about 30 when court was in session. The sheriff said he had no information on when the MBI would complete its work. The bureau is expected to turn its findings over to the area district attorney.

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10 May 2006

7 frauen wurden von polizisten in san salvador atenco vergewaltigt, 16 weitere haben anzeigen wegen sexueller belästigung gemacht.

Mexico police accused of raping women
Nearly two dozen women allege sexual abuse following protest

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AP) -- Mexico's human rights agency said it has filed complaints with prosecutors after nearly two dozen women claimed they were raped or sexually abused by police following a violent protest in a town outside the capital. Guillermo Ibarra, an official with the Mexican National Human Rights Commission, said Tuesday that seven women reported being raped and 16 others, including three foreigners, said they were sexually abused by police who detained them after clashes last week in San Salvador Atenco.

One of the women, a Chilean cinematography student studying in Mexico, said she was robbed and beaten by officers, and that one policeman used his boot to push her face into a puddle of blood on the floor of a police van. "They insulted me, groped me, anything they wanted," the Chilean, who identified herself as Valentina Palma, was quoted by the La Jornada newspaper as saying. "When they jailed me that was when I saw the girls with their pants and underwear torn, sobbing." Emanuel Avila, spokesman for the Interior Department of Mexico State, where the town is located, said that "none of the women in detention who were purportedly sexually abused -- none of them -- has filed a formal complaint nor have they allowed medical examinations" to test for evidence of rape.

Mexico State Police Chief Wilfrido Robledo denied the allegations, telling local media they were part of a strategy by detainees' lawyers to make police look bad. He could not be reached by The Associated Press for comment Tuesday. Ibarra said his government panel has filed criminal complaints with the Mexico State attorney general's office that include accusations against local, state and federal police officers. The allegations, Ibarra said, are the most serious to arise against police -- frequently accused of corruption and violence -- during the administration of President Vicente Fox, who took office in December 2000.

Presidential spokesman Ruben Aguilar said if police committed crimes authorities must act "with the full force of the law." The women who lodged the rape and manhandling charges were among more than 200 people taken into custody last week in San Salvador Atenco, where members of a radical group kidnapped and beat six policemen, one brutally, after they tried to prevent flower vendors from setting up stands in a nearby city. Police responded with rage the next day: Television images showed angry officers repeatedly clubbing helpless detainees in the town, 15 miles northeast of Mexico City. Two of the women who claimed they were sexually abused, but not raped, are Spaniards, while the third is from Chile, Ibarra said. All were deported for allegedly violating the terms of their tourist visas.

Ibarra said both the commission and state police had appointed doctors to examine the women who remained in Mexico, but that more than half of the alleged victims so far have refused. A spokeswoman from Mexico State told The Associated Press that investigators were reviewing videos taken by both officials and civilians during the clashes to identify officers who may have abused their authority.

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28 April 2006
15 frauen die im marion county jugendknast inhaftiert sind ,haben mittlerweile beschwerde wegen sexueller belästigung gegen neun wärter des knastes eingereicht. auch der leiter des knastes ist vom staatsanwalt angeklagt worden weil er von der vergewaltigung einer 13 jährigen wußte, aber nichts unternahm.
More Women Claim Abuse At Juvenile Center

Nine additional women have come forward to file complaints in connection with the molestation investigation at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. Earlier this week, Marion County prosecutor Carl Brizzi filed charges against nine guards at the facility following allegations from six women. The superintendent is also charged. He's accused of knowing about the rape of a 13-year-old girl, but doing nothing to stop it. Investigators said the abuse went on for several years. The alleged victims are between the ages of 13 and 15. The prosecutor's office is now looking into the nine new complaints.

[  theindychannel.com

April 2006
Lawsuit focuses on rape in prison
Backers hope the Texas trial sparks reform, despite state's earlier efforts

16 October 2005

WICHITA FALLS - The first day Roderick Keith Johnson stepped into the notoriously violent Allred prison unit here in 2000, the openly gay man says, he was branded a "punk" by prison officials and inmates, leaving him fair game to predators. He was raped by another inmate, Johnson said, beginning 1 1/2 years of being traded among gangs such as the Gangsta Disciples, Mexican Mafia and Mandingo Warriors. "(I) felt worthless that I had been violated in the biggest way and just couldn't face anybody," Johnson, 37, testified at trial in his lawsuit that accuses six prison officials of failing to protect him. A federal jury here is expected to decide this week whether prison officials violated Johnson's Eighth Amendment rights by failing to protect him from cruel and unusual punishment.

Johnson's trial has become the flagship case in a national movement to stop prison rapes. The trial's outcome, civil rights activists and criminal justice professors say, could be the starting point for reform. "We hope to show these defendants and men and women who work in Texas prisons that they will be held accountable," said Kara Gotsch, spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union's Prison Project. "If they're indifferent and calloused to vulnerable prisoners asking for protection from rape, they will face consequences."

For Johnson's ACLU lawyers, the case epitomizes the problems in Texas prisons despite reforms imposed by the U.S. Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. The act requires the gathering of national statistics on sexual assaults; the development of guidelines for states about how to address prisoner rape; the creation of a review panel to hold annual hearings; and grants to states to combat the problem. In the 1999 Ruiz ruling on prison reform, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas found sexual assault at the time was a pervasive problem in Texas prisons. In 2001, the Human Rights Watch report No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons found that prison rapes in Texas had reached a crisis.

The ACLU and the California-based group Stop Prison Rape say the system has improved, but they still receive more rape complaints from Texas inmates than from any other state. In 2004, inmates alleged 550 sexual assaults by other inmates in the Texas system. But Mike Viesca, a Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman, said Texas prisons have a zero-tolerance policy regarding prison rape.

Relocating a victim

If an inmate reports a sexual assault, Viesca said, the TDCJ's Office of Inspector General oversees an interview and medical exam at the prison infirmary or at an outside medical facility. When the victim returns to the unit, he is placed in a different living area. The suspect is placed in administrative segregation, and incidents that are substantiated are referred to county prosecutors for further action, Viesca said. "Texas is a leading state in efforts directed at stopping prison rape," he said.

A Houston Chronicle analysis of federal data found that Texas has the highest rate of prison-rape allegations of any state, at about 4 per 1,000 inmates. The national average, according to U.S. Justice Department data, is 1.05 allegations per 1,000 inmates. Reported allegations increased nearly 200 percent from 2000 to 2004. Viesca credits rape-awareness campaigns through the Safe Prisons Program with increased reports. "We have created an environment where offenders can feel comfortable telling us," he said. "If the numbers were lower, that would raise some flags." Helen Eigenberg, a prominent academic on prison rape, tends to agree with TDCJ that an increase in allegations is a good thing.

"I think allegations are going up because more people feel they can report them in Texas," said Eigenberg, a criminal justice professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. At the same time, Texas substantiates far fewer rape allegations than most states with large prison populations. "That suggests officials have major work to do in their culture," Eigenberg said. "If inmates are reporting increased numbers and the system doesn't respond, the message is pretty clear that there is no change." The ACLU's Gotsch views the Safe Prisons Program with skepticism, especially since it wasn't TDCJ's voluntary creation but the result of a legislative mandate after the Prison Rape Act and Ruiz ruling.

Difficult investigations

Johnson's case demonstrates the difficulties prison officials face when investigating claims by prisoners, who, according to OIG Director John Moriarty, are inherently manipulative people. Johnson was in prison for violating probation on a burglary conviction. "Only God knows if he is telling the truth," Moriarty said in an interview last spring. "He alleged 50-plus inmates sexually assaulted him, and we proved that's physically impossible, and we've had inmates say that didn't occur." But Ray Hill, a gay activist and former prison inmate, says that once an inmate's "in the sex game, there is no way out." By acquiescing to requests for sex from "protectors," inmates are branded "punks" and preyed on.

Guards and prison officials say they did not violate Johnson's civil rights because he provided no proof that he had been raped. After the ACLU filed the suit, TDCJ officials investigated all allegations and concluded that he was trying to manipulate the system to get out of the Allred Unit. Johnson's lawyers face a formidable challenge in persuading a jury in a conservative prison town to rule in favor of an ex-convict the defense has portrayed as a drug addict prone to embellishment. Johnson said he asked prison officials to place him in safekeeping to avoid rapes by inmates who forced him to play the role of a woman named "Coco." Each of his seven "life endangerment" requests for protection was denied by Allred's Unit Classification Committee.

'Degree of skepticism'

Officials said he did not have enough evidence to support his claims, which, on three occasions, prison officials say, were filed after he received disciplinary actions. "I certainly would have viewed it with some degree of skepticism," J.P. Guyton, TDCJ's Region III assistant director, said during testimony Wednesday. Guyton testified that he wouldn't have approved Johnson's requests even if the Unit Classification Committee had approved them because the paperwork lacked "objective evidence." Under cross-examination by Margaret Winter, Johnson's ACLU lawyer, Guyton acknowledged that the majority of protections and transfers approved by the UCC and the TDCJ State Classification Committee lack any proof of victimization. In 2002, Johnson was transferred from Allred, less than a week after the ACLU sent a letter to TDCJ Executive Director Gary Johnson. Today, he lives in his native Marshall, where he says he's trying to help ex-cons re-enter society.

Yolanda M. Torres, a criminal defense attorney in Huntsville and critic of TDCJ, said Johnson's grievance experience is not unique. "There seems to be an instinctive denial at the unit level," she said. Some statistics show TDCJ may be more effective at addressing guard-on-inmate rape allegations than inmate-on-inmate allegations. Between 1999 and 2005, the Special Prosecution Unit, which prosecutes crimes in prison, investigated 1,054 inmate-on-inmate rape allegations, resulting in eight convictions with sentences of two to seven years in prison. For the same period, the unit investigated 232 guard-on-inmate allegations, resulting in 43 sentences. That accounts for nearly 19 percent of all guard allegations.

[  chron.com

24 March 2006

ein ehemaliger wärter des rensselaer knast hat sich der vergewaltigung sowie der falschaaussage gegenüber dem fbi schuldig erklärt. für die vergewaltigung von gefangenen frauen wird er nach diesem deal eine strafe von 1-3 jahren in einem staatlichen knast absitzen müssen. "verletzung der rechte einer gefangenen frau durch sexueller mißbrauch" sowie das fbi und eine sog grand jury anzulügen, sind bundesdelikte. dafür soll er event. 11 jahre in einem bundesknast inhaftiert werden. urteilsverkündung ist am 28. juli 2006

Ex-jail guard convicted of raping female inmates

TROY, N.Y. (AP) _ A 35-year-old former jail guard has pleaded guilty to rape and lying to the FBI about sexually abusing female inmates while guarding them at the Rensselaer County Jail. David Rohrmiller faces one to three years in state prison after admitting Thursday in Rensselaer County Court to two counts of felony third-degree rape, according to District Attorney Patricia DeAngelis. In U.S. District Court on Thursday, Rohrmiller also admitted lying to the FBI and to a grand jury, and violating a female inmate's rights by sexually abusing her last year. He could face up to 11 years in federal prison. According to the federal plea agreement, Rohrmiller, while on duty, coerced an inmate into having intercourse, fondled an inmate, made more than 30 phone calls to former prisoners and lied to authorities about it.

Rohrmiller, an officer at the jail in Troy for five years, was freed pending sentencing July 28, a federal court clerk said. He is due back in county court May 4. The Rensselaer County Sheriff's Office, which runs the jail, issued a statement saying it contacted the FBI after information surfaced about the alleged rapes. The statement referred to Rohrmiller as a former guard but didn't say when he was fired. A call to Rohrmiller's attorney Arnold Proskin was not immediately returned Friday.

[  newsday.com

12 March 2006

eine 35 jährige frau , die im seoul detention center inhaftiert war und die seit dem 19. februar nach einem suizidversuch im koma lag, ist am 12. märz gestorben. die frau wurde von einem wärter sexuell mißbraucht . eine beschwerde der frau blieb folgenlos, ebenfalls die forderung nach einer verlegung in eine psychatrie. sie wurde überredet mit keinem darüber zu reden und in einem versuch das ganze zu vertuschen wurde der vorfall nur unvollständig an das ministerium gemeldet. der wärter , der verhaftet wurde, hatte in der zeit vom letzten juli bis januar mind. 11 weitere frauen sexuell belästigt.

Female Inmate's Death Rekindles Spector of Rampant Sexual Assaults

A female inmate who tried to commit suicide last month after being sexually assaulted by a correctional officer died Saturday. Her death is expected to prompt civic and women's rights advocacy groups to call on Justice Minister Chun Jung-bae to step down over the incident. Chun publicly appologised last week for the case.

The groups are calling for harsher punishment of sex offenders and increased preventative measures. The inmate, identified as Kim, 35, who had been in a coma since February 19 after her attempted suicide, died early Saturday morning, the Ministry of Justice said Sunday. Last Thursday, Chun issued a public apology for Kim's sexual harassment at the Seoul Detention Center by a correctional officer, identified by the surname, Lee, 57.

The ministry's inspection team found that Lee touched Kim's body under her clothes during an examination last month to decide whether to release her on parole. The detention center officials, however, did not take any measures after being made aware of the case, refusing Kim's demands to be admitted to a mental hospital. They persuaded Kim not to tell anyone outside of the prison about the incident and, in an apparent cover-up, did not fully report the case to the ministry.

Lee was also found to have sexually harassed 11 other women from last July until January. Prosecutors arrested Lee on charges of violence and sexual harassment, and stripped other correctional officials of their duties for their negligence in preventing the incident. Meanwhile, the Seoul High Court upholding an earlier lower court ruling Sunday sentenced to life in prison a 29-year-old man, identified by his surname, Kim, who sexually assaulted and killed a woman, and seriously injuring another.

Kim broke into the 30-year-old woman's house last August to sexually assault her but a female friend who was in the house at the time screamed when she ran into Kim. He stabbed the woman with a knife several times and then raped another woman twice, before strangling her. After cleaning the scene by removing his fingerprints and hairs from the bed sheet, Kim threw the knife and other tools into the Han River, and went for a job interview the next day. The court said that a harsh punishment should be warranted for someone who committed such a horrendous crime. ``It is hard to understand how someone like Kim, who grew up in an ordinary family and lived a normal life, is capable of committing such a cruel and inhumane crime. We think that he should be kept from society for the rest of his life,'' the court said.

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18. January 2006

durch einen ehemaligen knastarzt wurde in jamaica vergewaltigungen von gefangenen an gefangenen publik gemacht. der arzt, der im st. catherine knast in spanish town gearbeitet hat, hat gesagt, das vor allem sog. mentalkranke gefangene, die wegen geringfügiger delikte im knast sind, vergewaltigt wurden. seine aussage wurde mittlerweile von einem wärter bestätigt. warum der arzt, der mehrere jahre in dem knast gearbeitet hat dies erst jetzt bekannt macht, wird nicht erklärt.

'PRISONERS being raped daily'

Former prison doctor Raymoth Notice has said that daily acts of rape of mostly mentally ill prisoners were being committed at the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre in Spanish Town, and has called on prison authorities to investigate the matter.

Notice made the allegation at last Thursday's general meeting of the St Catherine Parish Council, the same day that he wrote to Commissioner of Corrections Major Richard Reese, saying that the sexual abuse was taking place "on specific block(s)" at the prison. "The stories of horror which have been told by these victims are appalling," said Notice in his letter in which he also requested an urgent investigation. The following day, Major Reese responded, saying that the allegations were "of a very serious nature" and asked Dr Notice to provide:

. names of the alleged victims;jamaicaobserver.com . names of the alleged perpetrators/aggressors;jamaicaobserver.com . date/time of alleged incident(s);jamaicaobserver.com . specific block(s) where the alleged acts occurred or are occurring; and

. the alleged victim(s) accounts referred to in his letter.

Notice, in his letter, had said that inmates serving time for non-violent offences were the main victims. But last Thursday, at the parish council meeting, he said that mentally ill prisoners were also being abused and that they were at greater risk.

Notice's claim was corroborated on Tuesday this week by a prison warder at the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "Yes, there is a sex trade going on in the institution and officials have turned a blind eye to what is happening," said the warder. "Mentally ill inmates and non-violent 'straight' convicts are the main targets. The mentally ill inmates are rented out for a fee to homosexual inmates by designated inmates, who we call orderlies, and warders are aware of it, but they pay no attention as they also indulge in renting mentally ill inmates to these homosexual prisoners too."

According to the warder, two weeks ago, 12 alleged homosexual inmates were transferred from the St Catherine prison to the number one Block at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in downtown Kingston where, he said, known homosexuals are housed. He did not say why the men were transferred.

In August 1997, prisoners at the St Catherine and Tower Street adult correctional centres killed 16 inmates and injured 40 others in a riot triggered by a proposal by then commissioner of corrections Lieutenant Colonel John Prescod for the distribution of condoms to prisoners to help combat HIV/AIDS. Notice, who at the time was the prison doctor, had said that tests done on 1,000 prisoners had found an infection rate of 7.6 per cent for HIV - meaning that almost eight of every 10 prisoners tested were infected. Last Thursday, Notice drew attention to the possibility of the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infections if the alleged rapes continued. He called on the medical team at the St Catherine prison to be more conscious of the effects of sexual abuse and report the matter to the police as the incidence of HIV/AIDS in prisons was much higher than in the wider society.

"We as medical practitioners have to be more concerned because that behaviour in prison makes it a reservoir for infectious diseases," Notice said. Notice, the former mayor of Spanish Town, told the councillors that as policy makers they were obligated to not only ensure the maintenance of social amenities but to make the public aware of any risk factors endangering life and public health in the parish.

[  jamaicaobserver.com

2. November 2005
Bewährungsstrafe für Lütticher Gefängnis-Aufseher

Ein Sicherheits-Beamter aus der Lütticher Haft-Anstalt Lantin ist wegen eines Sitten-Vergehens zu einer Bewährungs-Strafe verurteilt worden. Die Richter sahen es als erwiesen an, dass der Aufseher sich an einer Gefängnis-Insaßin vergriffen hatte. Der Vorwurf der Vergewaltigung konnte dem Angeklagten nicht nachgewiesen werden. Das Gericht verhängte eine einjährige Haftstrafe, die drei Jahre zur Bewährung ausgesetzt wurde. Die Staatsanwaltschaft hatte 40 Monate Haft für den Wach-Mann gefordert.

[  brf.be

29. Oktober 2005

ein langer artikel über folter und vergewaltigung an gefangenen frauen in den knästen des irakischen innenministeriums.

Governmental and Humanitarian Reports Disclose Violations of the Rights of Iraqi Female Detainees at Iraqi Interior Ministry Stations

Reports prepared by nongovernmental organizations have disclosed that female detainees have been exposed to disgraceful violations at interior ministry stations, including rape on behalf of investigators and obtaining confessions under threat and force, in addition to physical and psychological torture.[...]

[  Full Article:
   Governmental and Humanitarian Reports Disclose Violations
   of the Rights of Iraqi Female Detainees at Iraqi Interior Ministry Stations

July 2005
Sexual Violence Reported by Correctional Authorities, 2004

Presents data from the Survey on Sexual Violence, 2004, an administrative records collection of incidents of inmate-on-inmate and staff-on-inmate sexual violence reported to correctional authorities. The report provides counts of sexual violence by type and includes tables on reporting capabilities, how investigations are handled, and characteristics of victims and perpetrators of sexual violence. The appendix tables include counts of sexual violence, by type, for the 2,730 facilities included in the survey. This report also includes an update on BJS activities related to implementation of the data collections required under the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (Public Law 108-79)

[  Sexual Violence Reported by Correctional Authorities, 2004.pdf

[  Source:ojp.usdoj.gov

4.mai 2005

sexueller angriff auf transsexuellen im bazoria knast / texas

Transgender Man Accuses Jailer Of Sexual Assault

Brazoria County Launches Internet Investigation Into Accusations HOUSTON -- An internal investigation is under way over allegations that a Brazoria County jailer sexually assaulted a transgender man, Local 2 reported Tuesday. The man, who is in the process of becoming a woman, said he was in the jail on a forgery charge when a guard assaulted him over several days. The accuser's attorney was arrested in the case after refusing to turnover DNA samples collected after the alleged assault.

[  click2houston.com

1. märz 2005

artikel über vergewaltigungen von gefangenen an gefangenen.

[  Jail rape: The sordid facts

25. februar 2005

ein mann der nach einer vergewaltigung im knast 1998 hiv positiv ist, verklagt den für die knäste zuständige minister.

[  Man sues over prison rape

24. Januar 2005

ein artikel über vergewaltigung im knast.
danach ist die zahl der gemeldeten fällen in texas stark angestiegen.


DALLAS - Sexual assaults in state prisons are up sharply, with hundreds of inmates reporting that they were attacked by cellmates or corrections officers. The number of reported sexual assaults in Texas prisons has increased 160 percent, to 609 in 2004 from 234 in 2000, according to state records.

At least 129 Texas prisoners have alleged that they were raped or had sexual contact with corrections officers since 2000, the records show. Claims of inmate-on-inmate rape was even more frequent. State officials said the increase in reported assaults resulted from their vigilance in punishing offenders. However, inmate advocates said the problem is greater than the state figures show. They have begun a nationwide legal campaign against assaults and the complacency that they say allows them to flourish.

"I really have become convinced over the last three years or so that Texas is the prison-rape capital of the country," said Margaret Winter, a lawyer who represents two inmates who sued the prison system. "When prisoners report it, they are ignored, laughed at and often punished." Former Texas inmate Roderick Johnson, who said prison officials did nothing as gangs bought and sold him as a sex slave, is suing seven administrators and staff members from the Allred Unit in Iowa Park, near Wichita Falls. Set for trial in July, the case involves whether prison officials violated the inmate's Eighth Amendment protection from cruel and unusual punishment. According to the lawsuit, prison administrators refused to protect Johnson because he is gay. Cases such as Johnson's are described as common by prison-rape victims' attorneys who contend that corrections officers often don't bother to investigate the claims.

Some officers even regard the crime as a natural byproduct of incarceration, the attorneys have said. Most sexual assaults do not produce criminal prosecutions, according to records. However, prison officials say they take rape allegations seriously, adding that the number of claimed attacks is low for a prison population of 151,000 inmates. "The message is hammered constantly that we do not tolerate rape in Texas prisons," said Mike Viesca, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. "People are more comfortable reporting these incidents because they know we take them seriously."

[  www.chron.com/cs

Januar 2005

der folgende bericht ist einer der ersten studien zu vergewaltigung an flüchtlingen im abschiebeknast/ asyllager. der bericht heisst
"No Refuge Here:A First Look at Sexual Abuse in Immigration Detention", ist 34 seiten lang und von der gruppe "Stop Prisoner Rape" herausgegeben.

download: [  No Refuge Here: A first look at sexual abuse in immigration detention

oder geht auf die Seite der Gruppe

[  www.spr.org /english and spanish

24.Januar 2005

california prison focus hat in einer presseerklärung bekannt gegeben, daß ihre mit den frauen in den knästen geführte kampagne gegen die körperliche durchsuchung von frauen durch männer erfolgreich war und die kalifornischen knastbehörden erklärt haben dies würde in zukunft nicht mehr von männern gemacht werden.

gefangene frauen haben seit langem gegen die durchsuchungen protestiert. eine gefangene sagte : ich bin eine überlebende von kindesmißbrauch, wenn ein mann dich langsam durchsucht - so langsam und demütigend wie möglich - alles von dem du denkst das du es überwunden hast kommt dir da wieder hoch. mehr als 50% der frauen in kalifornischen knästen sind opfer von kindesmißbrauch und/ oder vergewaltigung.

[  www.prisonactivist

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