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24 April 2006
Gefängnis-Ausbruch via Tunnel in Venezuela

Caracas (APA,ag.) - 24 Häftlinge haben sich im Osten Venezuelas durch einen Tunnel aus einem Hochsicherheitsgefängnis in die Freiheit gegraben. Einige der Flüchtigen würden als sehr gefährlich eingestuft, teilten die Behörden am Montag mit. Nach Angaben der Gefängnisverwaltung entkamen die Häftlinge aus der Haftanstalt La Pica im Staat Monagas am Sonntagabend durch einen 50 Meter langen Tunnel. An ihrem Fluchtweg hätten sie vermutlich drei Monate lang gegraben. Venezuelas Nationalgarde und die Polizei suchen derzeit nach den Flüchtigen. APA 23:43 17.04.2006

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10 March 2006

nach 32 jahren in freiheit wurde ein jetzt 71 jähriger mann in new york wieder verhaftet. der wegen mord verurteilte mann hatte 1973 zwei tage urlaub die er zur flucht aus dem dallas state knast in pennsylvania benutzte.

Coatesville killer nabbed after 32 years on the lam

Jose Ortiz Collaso, now 71, was living under the name Eleuterio Rosario in the Bronx, according to Michael R. Regan, the U.S. marshal in Harrisburg. He was waiting to be extradited to Pennsylvania on Thursday.In 1968, Collaso was sentenced to eight to 20 years in prison for the slaying of 13-year-old Verela Blakely, of Coatesville, on June 21, 1967, Regan said. In November 1973, Collaso was granted a two-day furlough from Dallas state prison, from which he never returned, Regan said.

A particularly brutal crime, Collaso shot the young girl twice in the head while she played in the apartment she shared with her mother, grandmother and younger brother in the 300 block of South First Avenue. He then tried to kill himself, but failed.Collaso had used numerous aliases and birth dates to avoid law enforcement for more than three decades, Regan said.Six months ago, Regan began a drive to revive old cases after hearing a lecture by Philadelphia-based forensic artist Frank Bender.A deputy U.S. marshal in Wilkes-Barre, Myron Galaida, developed leads by going through Collaso’s prison file for the names of family members and friends, tracking them down and interviewing them, Regan said.

"It wasn’t so much a tip," Regan said. "It was good, old-fashioned police work."In New York, neighbors expressed shock at the arrest, and concern for Collaso’s family.Collaso has a son named Jesus, 15, who neighbors said is mentally handicapped. The pair had lived in the Bear Houses low-income apartment complex on Marcy Place in the Bronx for 15 years, since shortly after the boy was born.They moved there after the boy’s mother abandoned them and moved to Puerto Rico, those who knew them said.Maria Delorosa, 40, a neighbor who took the boy in after the arrest, said that as he was being led away by police officers, Collaso "was crying ... pleading, ‘Please don’t give him to his mother, she doesn’t know him.’"

She said she didn’t know what to do with the boy, so she sent him to school, where he is a high school freshman. She hasn’t told him what happened, and did not know how to approach the subject."I’m shocked," Delorosa said. When shown mug shots of Collaso, she cried, shook her head and said, "It’s him, but it’s not the man I know."Neighbors all knew Collaso by his alias, Eleuterio Rosario. They said he doesn’t work and lives off of Social Security.The building porter, Jerson Reyes, said he was a good friend of the Collasos."I’ve never met such a nice person. He does everybody’s errands. If you need milk, he’s the one who goes and gets it for you. He brings us lunch, coffee, sandwiches. I’m gonna miss him."Once Collaso returns, he will be charged with escape, Regan said.

Collaso shot Blakely twice, once in the neck and once in the temple, before he tried in vain to kill himself, according to the June 22, 1967, account of the crime in the Daily Local News.One shot from the .32-caliber revolver grazed his neck, while a second entered under his chin and exited through his right ear, according to the article, which cited law enforcement officials.At the time, Collaso was a 33-year-old scrapyard laborer in Coatesville who had befriended Blakely after becoming estranged from his wife, the article said.Collaso had wanted to take her shopping for clothes, but the girl’s grandmother refused, it said. Collaso then shot the girl and himself while they were alone in the living room of her house, authorities said.There is no Blakley listed in the phone book in Coatesville.

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10 March 2006

44 männer sind durch einen tunnel aus dem knast urso panda in der stadt porto velhohad im bundesstaat rondonia geflohen. sieben wurden wieder verhaftet.

Dangerous inmates tunnel their way out of prison in northwestern ...

SAO PAULO, Brazil – Forty-four inmates escaped early Friday through a 130-foot-long tunnel under a prison in Brazil's remote Amazon jungle state of Rondonia, law enforcement officials said.Seven of the prisoners who fled the Urso Panda prison in Porto Velhohad, located about 1,500 miles northwest of Sao Paulo, been recaptured by mid-afternoon, said state police spokesman Lenilson Guedes.

“They are highly dangerous criminals who were serving time for rape, murder and armed robbery, among other crimes,” Guedes said.“The prisoners first connected five of the prison's 14 cells by smashing large holes through the walls that separated them,” Guedes said. “Then, they gathered in one of the cells and crawled through a tunnel that they apparently had been digging for weeks, if not months.”Guedes said it was not immediately known if guards had heard any suspicious noises before the escape occurred. “That's one of the mysteries we have to solve,” he said.The tunnel, Guedes said, was about 130 feet long and led to thick underbrush outside the prison.

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07 March 2006
Five prison escapees still on the run

Ten of the 15 prisoners who escaped from the Clark's Town lock-up in Trelawny are back behind bars. The latest escapee, Patrio Henry, was captured Monday in the Falmouth Gardens area. He was awaiting trial on a charge of robbery with aggravation. Personnel from the police Professional Standards Branch (PSB) who are probing the jailbreak are expected back in Clark's Town Trelawny on Tuesday.

Already members of the branch have interviewed police personnel, however they want to talk to the escapees.Head of the PSB, Assistant Commissioner Novelette Grant, says the police are trying to determine if the escape was caused by a failure by the administration of the lock-up or if there was a break down in the operation.Monday residents of Freeman's Hall in Trelawny protested against the killing of two members of their community.The police say the men were killed by a gunman but angry residents alleged that the men were murdered by policemen.The residents say the police were upset that they had turned in four of the 15 men who had escaped from the Clark's Town Police lock-up. According to the residents, the police had threatened to punish the persons who had turned over the escapees.

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06 March 2006

bei einem angriff maoistischer rebellen auf mehrere regierungsgebäude im westen des landes wurden 103 gefangene befreit.

MAOISTS raid jail, 103 inmates flee

New Delhi: As many as 103 prisoners escaped while five people were killed when the Maoists attacked a district jail in eastern Nepal on Sunday.A soldier, a policeman and a civilian were killed in the fighting that erupted after the Maoists attacked a number of government buildings, including the district administrative office, prison and an army barrack, Army headquarter sources said.A dozen security personnel were also injured in the fighting which continued late into the night, they said adding two bodies of Maoists were recovered during a search operation launched by the security forces after the attack.

After the Maoists attack in the District Prison, 103 prisoners have escaped. The prisoners have gone missing after the fighting, an Army official said.In another incident, the rebels bombed a government building at Rupendehi, a busy commercial centre, on Sunday.There were no reports of casualties as the five men, who were in the building, were allowed to escape by the rebels’ minutes before they detonated the bombs. The building has been completely razed to ground.Meanwhile, the Maoists have apologised for the recent bomb attack on the UN's World Food Programme (WFP) sub-office premises in eastern Nepal, saying the incident was a 'mistake'.

"We want to apologise for the blast," Maoist local leader Rajendra said in a statement, adding that the bombing occurred as a mistake when the rebels were targeting a nearby government office.He also reiterated the rebels’ policy of 'not targeting any UN-run office'.Maoists had detonated two socket bombs at the WFP sub-office at Damak in Jhapa district, but there were no causalities or serious damage to the building on Thursday.The United Nations' Nepal office had issued a statement strongly condemning the bombing and temporarily shut down the office after the incident.

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06 March 2006

aus dem baisu knast in mt. hagen sind mehrere männer ausgebrochen. wieviele geflohen sind ist nicht bekannt, inoffiziell wurde von 5 männern gesprochen.

Five escape from "impregnable" prison

THE brick wall was deemed to be “impregnable” but that did not stop some “high-risk” prisoners from breaking out of Baisu Jail in Mt Hagen on Sunday. They sawed off the iron bars of their cells and dashed off at about 11pm. Prison officials delayed reporting the escape – because they did not know how many had fled. Sources said at least five escaped in the direction of the nearby Wahgi River. The incident occurred during heavy rain and some parts of the prison were in total darkness. A nightshift guard noticed some figures moving in the dark and raised the alarm but, by then, the prisoners had gained a fair distance on them. Searches conducted in the days since the breakout have been fruitless. Prison commander Chief Supt Berry Farova confirmed the breakout when contacted yesterday afternoon. He claimed he could not give details until his officers had completed their investigation. He said many of the prisoners were scattered in the cells so the guards needed to “sort them out and do a proper head count” to determine who had escaped. “It could be three or fewer,” he said.

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02 March 2006

von 577 gefangenen die während eines riots befreit wurden, haben sich 30 selbstgestellt, die anderen 547 sind noch frei. 9 gefangene ,die die möglichkeit zur flucht nicht nutzten, wurden von der regierung des anambra staates begnadigt.

Onitsha Riots: 547 Prisoners Still At Large

Out of the 577 inmates of Onitsha Prisons who escaped during the sectarian clash in the state, 547 prisoners are yet to return to the prison yard. However, 30 of the inmates returned a few days after the attack by touts on the prison. Though many inmates capitalised on the violent eruption to escape from the prison, nine of them refused to run away. And to reward their uncommon courage, Anambra State Government has decided to pardon them. Governor Chris Ngige made the disclosure while receiving the Presidential Committee on Religious Disturbances at the Governor's Lodge in Amawbia, near Awka.

"Some ex-convicts high-jacked it on the second day and went to the prison yard to free their friends and partners in crime; broke up the prison yard, the cells and out of 588 prisoners they set 577 free. So, in this state now as I talk to you, I have criminals and marauders going about now or hidden in some places. Tomorrow nobody knows who those criminals will attack."So we are worried about that, it is a major source of worry to us. I have written Mr. President and I am going to follow it up, because we as state government don't know what we to do.

"The nine persons who refused to go out, I have given them an anticipatory approval for clemency against Easter because I said they are reformed people and have shown enough reformation. I have also asked others to come back and finish their service because we have their personal data such as state of origin, town and local government areas. But so far, about 30 of the inmates returned since we made the announcement," he said. Speaking earlier, the leader of the committee and Minister of Agriculture, Adamu Bello, decried the violent religious conflicts in the country, contending that the sins of one person cannot be visited on another. The committee was at the 302 Artillery Regiment in Onitsha where it donated relief materials worth millions of naira to displaced victims of the mayhem. While addressing the victims, Bello said the committee was in Onitsha to sympatise and commiserate with them on behalf President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He was on the visit with the Minister of Information and National Orientation agency, Frank Nweke Jnr., Ngige, and Director National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Salisu Makarfi. "We hope and pray that it will never occur again. That it is why we must work to ensure that this kind of thing will never happen again; because we have lived together like brothers and sisters. The orientation must be changed. I remember my closest friend was Ben Anyanwu an Igbo man and I grew up in a town that was 50 per cent Muslims and 50 per cent Christians,"he said.

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01 March 2006

ein 36 jähriger mann ist aus einem temporary detention centre ( kurzzeitig / vorübergehend, ist eine u-haft) in menggatal geflohen. bereits im januar gelang zwei männern ebenfalls durch über den zaun klettern die flucht. beide sind noch frei.

Another breakout at centre

Kota Kinabalu: A 36-year-old Indonesian escaped from the Temporary Detention Centre in Menggatal, early Tuesday, the second such incident reported this year. Susani Nono was said to have scaled the security fence surrounding the centre. Police immediately mounted a roadblock along Jalan Kokol leading to the centre upon alerted. The public are advised to notify police if they see a suspicious looking stranger in their neighbourhood. The first escape attempt in January saw two Filipino detainees also climbing up the fences before disappearing into the darkness. Both are still at large.

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28 February 2006

3 männer sind aus einem knast in der provinz baghlan im norden afghanistans geflohen.

Three detainees escape from Baghlan jail

Three men previously arrested on different charges overnight escaped from a detention facility in the intelligence office in the northern Baghlan province, security officials said on Tuesday. Three guards of the department were detained in connection with the jailbreak, said an intelligence operative, who requested not to be named. He told Pajhwok Afghan News three men disappeared without trace in the still of the night.

The source named one of the fleeing men as Said Mir, who was allegedly involved in armed robberies and explosions in this province. One of the remaining two was arrested two months back for firing at ISAF troops in Khenjan district. He said the third man was apprehended a month back on charges of smuggling 16 Klashnikovs. According to highway police chief General Mohammad Khalil Andarabi, Said Mir had once been held in a robbery case. Then too he somehow managed to run away from the jail. When arrested again, he was acquitted by Samangan court and police had to set him free. Baghlan Governor Mohammad Alam Rasikh said he had ordered intelligence officials to carry out an investigation into the jailbreak and re-arrest the escapees as soon as possible.

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28. February 2006

wegen der flucht von 408 gefangenen wurden 7 wärter inhaftiert. 113 wurden wieder verhaftet. einer der verhafteten starb an schußwunden und folter

Warders Held Over Prisoners' Escape

SEVEN warders have been detained following the mass jailbreak at Arua Central Prison. At least 408 hard-core criminals, comprising mainly capital offence convicts and five suspected rebels of the Peoples Redemption Army (PRA), on Saturday fled out of two prison cells in Arua and ran away through the rear bar barrier. "We have arrested the Chief Warder, Mr Silas Drama, his colleague, Mr Musa Alum Gibi and five other junior officers for apparent neglect of duty and they are in our custody right now," Arua CID officer, Charles Benard Lamony told journalists yesterday morning. He said detectives were interrogating the warders on how the prisoners escapeed in such a large number when they were on watch. Arua Prison had 716 inmates by the time of the incident. Daily Monitor has learnt that there were 12 prison warders deployed to guard the overcrowded detention facility on the fateful day. Lamony said a combined force of UPDF soldiers, regular police and prison warders immediately re-arrested 107 of the escapees while six others were arrested from Warr in Nebbi district on Sunday. One of them has since died of bullet wounds and torture and by press time, his body was in Arua Hospital morgue. "We have charged the escapees with 'escaping from lawful custody' contrary to Section 109 of the Penal Code Act. The resident state attorney has already sanctioned their charge," he said.

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27. February 2006

aus dem arua zentralregierungsknast sind 408 männer geflohen. polizei, wärter und soldaten sind auf der suche nach den geflohenen und haben einige ( keine genaue zahl angegeben) der männer erschossen. zur zeit der flucht waren 716 männer im knast. laut eines knastsprechers sollten die gefangenen nach dem essen zurück in ihre zellen gebracht werden .eine größere gruppe gefangener hätten den zaun hinter der küche niedergerissen und seien geflohen.

408 inmates flee in Arua TABU BUTAGIRA ARUA

Heavy gun fire rocked Ediofe and Niva western surburbs of Arua town on Saturday evening as a combined force of UPDF soldiers, police and prison warders combed the outskirts to re-arrest 408 inmates who fled from Arua Central Government Prison. the north-western regional prisons commander, Mr Swaib Ondoga (SSP), said by the time of the mass escape, there were 716 prisoners in confinement. "The prisoners had just eaten supper and were being led back to the cells when they organised in a group, pulled down the angle bar fence behind the kitchen and fled," Ondoga said. Following the news, the army rolled out armoured vehicles to pursue the escapees on Niva side. Some escapees were reportedly shot dead.

Mr Esau Enyazio, a resident of Olevu-Kati village in Adumi Sub-county, who was driving along the Ediofe route said he was shot in the hand by a uniformed UPDF soldiers at close range near the bridge on River Enyau. "The soldiers first told us to get out of the vehicle and sit down, which we did. They then ordered ask to get up and go. As I started walking, a soldier just shot my hand," Enyazio said as blood dripped down his left arm. The West Nile army Spokesman, Capt. Anech Mubangizi said, "I heard that a civilian was shot but by a prison warder and not a UPDF soldier". Enyazio told Daily Monitor that their driver, Mawa was arrested and taken away by UPDF soldiers. Immediately, the RDC, Alfred Omony Ogaba who chairs the district secuirty committee rushed to inspect the prison facility and blamed the administration for the poor deployment. Most of the escapees were reported to been mainly capital offenders and among them were five People's Redemption Army rebel suspects.

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27 February 2006

19 der aus den zwei sogenannten offenen knästen in schottland geflohenen männer sind immer noch auf der flucht, einer davon seit 2004. in diese knäste kommen alle gefangene 1 jahr vor ihrer entlassung. dort haben die männer ausgang und wochendurlaub . die polizei hatte keine bilder der geflohenen veröffentlicht, was aber jetzt nachgeholt wird.


Four killers are among the fugitives in scandal of our 'open prisons' NINETEEN dangerous criminals, including four killers, are on the run from Scotland's two open jails. One murderer has even managed to evade capture for more than a year after taking advantage of the lax security at his jail.

All but one of the escapers were sentenced by High Court judges for a series of shocking crimes. But many of them were able to simply walk out of Noranside and Castle Huntly prisons. Their offences include murder, culpable homicide, robbery, drugs and firearms crimes. Many of them are repeat offenders and last night there were calls for tougher regulations on which criminals should be sent to Castle Huntly, near Dundee, and Noranside, near Forfar. Police also came in for criticism for failing to release photos of prisoners who go on the run. Among those still at large is evil Joseph Moran, 42, who murdered Paisley pensioner Annie Shankland in her home in 1986.

Moran has spent 14 months on the run since absconding from Castle Huntly in December 2004. Last night, an elderly relative of the victim said: "I was told of his escape at the time but it was a bigger shock to learn he is still at large." The woman, who is now in her 80s, said: "I think about him being out all the time and it worries me. "Prison is the best thing for people like Moran and the sooner he is back there, the safer I the public and I will be."

Most fugitives were able to just walk out of the prisons, where they are sent towards the end of ' their term to prepare them for release. Many use the relaxed regime, which includes shopping trips and weekend leave, as their first chance to escape. Other vile cons who have taken advantage of the low security include wife murderer Roderick McDonald. The 49-year-old strangled Elizabeth at their home in Edinburgh in 1993. Last year, he gave guards the slip at Castle Huntly and has spent 10 months and two weeks at large. Gary Brodie was only 16 when he was found guilty of the culpable homicide of 19-year-old Anthony McEwan in Toryglen, Glasgow. Brodie, now 21, was ordered to be detained for nine years for the killing. He has now been on the run from Castle Huntly for three weeks and two days. Convicted murderer John McGinley, 32, who was jailed for life in 1998, has been on the run for six weeks from Noranside.

Patrick Boyle holds the record for most days on the run since his escape from Noranside. The 25-year-old, serving five years and three months for assault and robbery, walked out in July 2004. Boyle, from Glasgow, has spent a total of 19 months and one week at large. Jail sources said the high number of runaways was usually down to drug debts. A Noranside source said: "It's much easier for dealers to get drugs into an open prison. "Cons soon run up huge debts. When the dealers start wanting paid, the inmates run off." Last night, critics said the rules regarding transfer to Castle Huntly and Noranside needed a shake-up. Tory justice spokeswoman Margaret Mitchell said: "These inmates are dangerous. It is totally unacceptable we have 19 at large.

"People should only progress to an open prison when they are ready to and not automatically at a certain stage of their sentence." There were also questions raised about the police's role in releasing photographs of fugitives. Police chiefs and prosecutors argue it could prejudice future trials. But SNP justice spokesman Kenny MacAskill said: "If someone is a danger to the public, you can release the warning they shouldn't be approached.

"If a member of the public recognises an escaped criminal, he or she can help to ensure they are captured." Four days ago, Tayside Police said they would consider the Record's request to release photos of the cons. But last night, a spokesman said they still had not been given clearance. A prison service spokesman said the fugitives were not deemed a risk. He added: "That's why they have been transferred to the open estate. "It is, however, regrettable they have failed to take advantage of the opportunities being offered. They will most likely now face a further period in custody in a closed prison." Under current rules, cons can expect to finish their terms at an open prison. An inmate doing nine years is eligible for automatic release after six and can apply for release on licence after four and a half years. If they have behaved while in custody, they can be moved to an open prison for their final 12 months.

RODERICK McDonald was dubbed the "kinky killer" after strangling his wife, Elizabeth. The 49-year-old was jailed for life at the High Court in Edinburgh in 1993 for murder. Elizabeth, 36, had left McDonald after tiring of his sexual demands, which included three-in-a-bid romps. She returned after he promised an end to the threesomes, but McDonald strangled her soon after. Despite claiming he couldn't remember what happened, he was convicted. McDonald escaped from Castle Huntly on April 11, 2005.

SADISTIC Joseph Moran shocked the public with the brutal 1987 murder of Annie Shankland, left. The 86-year-old had her legs tied and was beaten, stabbed more than a dozen times and her neck was broken. Moran, 42, of Paisley, was in jail for another attack on a female OAP when police found he had killed Miss Shankland. In jail, he had bragged about killing the frail spinster and was given life for the killing. Moran escaped from Castle Huntly on December 26, 2004.

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23. February 2006

80 männer sind aus einem knast im apac- bezirk im norden ugandas, etwa 350 km von kampala, geflohen. 20 wurden nach kurzer zeit wieder verhaftet.

UGANDAN inmates stage polling day escape

Kampala - About 80 Ugandan prisoners took advantage of distractions over the country's elections Thursday to escape from a work detail, an official said. With one shift of warders at their minimum security jail assigned to protect polling stations and attention squarely focused on the vote, the inmates slipped away from guards while fetching water for the facility. Johnson Byabasaija, chief of the prison in Uganda's northern Apac district, about 350km from Kampala, said, "Warders were there, but this is a low-security prison." He said 20 of the escapees he described as "mainly petty criminals" had been recaptured despite the fact that most warders and police had been deployed to polling stations.

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22. February 2006

ein 18 jähriger mann ist mit dem auto eines wärters aus dem john morony II knast im südwestlichen sydney geflohen. er ist der 7. gefangene der in diesem jahr aus einem knast in north south wales geflohen ist.

Inmate flees in prison officer's car

An inmate at a Sydney jail has driven himself to freedom - in a car stolen from a prison guard. Ronnie Thomas, 18, became the seventh prisoner to escape from a NSW jail this year when he drove out of John Morony II Correctional Complex near Windsor, in Sydney's north-west, about 12.20pm (AEDT) Wednesday. The minimum security prisoner had been completing ground maintenance work when he escaped in the guard's blue Ford ute, which had been parked in the prison grounds, the Department of Corrective Services said. Thomas was four months into his seven-month sentence for break and enter, shoplifting and failing to appear in court. It was his first time in jail.

Thomas' escape is the seventh from a NSW jail this year. At the weekend, Andrew Tyrrell, 54, climbed over a compound roof at Sydney's Long Bay jail and scaled a perimeter fence. His escape was reported by a passing ambulance driver who spotted him running away and called police. He is yet to be recaptured.

In the other escapes, Todd Ellis, 33, and Todd Carr, 27, fled Silverwater jail on January 12; Robert Cole, 37, crash-dieted and slid through the bars of his Long Bay cell a week later; and Michael Valesich, 19, and Dale Hodgson, 18, escaped from Tumbarumba's Mannus Correctional Centre on January 6. The five men have since been recaptured. Thomas is described as being of 180cm tall, 70kg, with blond hair and blue eyes. The state opposition has called on Premier Morris Iemma to sack Justice Minister Tony Kelly and personally take control of the prisons system. Opposition justice spokesman Andrew Humpherson said Mr Kelly and Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham were clearly out of their depth in trying to deal with the string of escapes. "Enough is enough, heads need to roll and the first person to go should be minister Kelly," Mr Humpherson said in a statement.

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13. February 2006

der wärter, der von den gefangenen die aus dem cok county knast geflohen sind, überwältigt wurde, soll angebl. gestanden haben den gefangenen bei der flucht geholfen zu haben. er wurde jetzt inhaftiert ,die kaution wurde auf $ 500.000 festgelegt.

Guard and two others accused in jail escape

CHICAGO A jail guard accused of helping six inmates escape from a Chicago jail has been ordered held on 500-thousand dollars bond. A law enforcement official says Darin Gater has recanted his story about behind held at bay by inmates with a makeshift knife.

The official with knowledge of the investigation tells The Associated Press that Gater has admitted he assisted the escape to embarrass the outgoing Cook County Sheriff. Gater reputedly said he wanted to influence the upcoming sheriff's election. Prosecutors say the sister and brother of one of the escapees, a murder suspect, have also been charged in the escape. Six inmates broke out around midnight Saturday. Authorities caught the last of them Monday.

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12. February 2006

7 männer sind aus dem cook county knast geflohen. die männer, die in einer abteilung für gefangene mit "diziplin problemen"inhaftiert waren, haben einen wärter überwältigt und ihm die uniform abgenommen. einer wurde an der tür gefasst, die anderen konnten über den zaun klettern und flüchten. zwei wurden nach kurzer zeit wieder verhaftet.

Four Inmates at Large After Ill. Prison Break

Six inmates - including two who are charged with murder- escaped during the night by overpowering a guard at the understaffed county jail, authorities said. Two were captured Sunday. The men escaped late Saturday from a special unit at Cook County Jail for inmates with disciplinary problems. One guard was on duty instead of two because of staffing shortages, said county Sheriff's Department spokesman Bill Cunningham.

One inmate threw hot water from a shower on the guard and held him at bay with a homemade knife, then handcuffed the guard and put on his uniform, officials said. That inmate was caught after opening doors to let the other six inmates out. They got over a barbed wire fence and onto the streets. The inmates who were captured Sunday were identified as Arnold Joyner, 43, charged with theft and battery; and David Earnest, 38, charged with murder.

They were caught about 7 miles from the jail in Oak Park. The four at large Sunday were Franciso Romero, 23, charged with murder; Eric Bernard, 22, charged with armed robbery; Michael McIntosh, 30, charged with aggravated battery with a firearm; and Tyrone Everhart, 28, charged with aggravated kidnapping. It was the second jail break since Friday. An inmate facing armed robbery charges broke out Friday by apparently slipping into a laundry truck, but he was arrested Saturday at a suburban motel, authorities said

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4. February 06
Yemen: 23 al-Qaida suspects flee prison

The Yemeni official "26 September net" said on Friday that some 23 persons accused of being members in al-Qaida organization carried out a collective escape from their prison in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. The site quoted well informed sources that 23 persons held in custody over being members in al-Qaida organization were able to escape from their detention centers in the central department of the political security in Sanaa, but no further explanations was given. The sources said that directives were given to immediate investigations in the incident, adding that the security forces are trying to locate these individuals to bring them back before the justice.

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Tunnel unter der Gebetsmatte


Der Ausbruch von 23 El-Kaida-Terroristen aus dem angeblich am besten gesicherten Hochsicherheitsgefängnis des Jemen hat Schockwellen im Stammland der Familie von Osama bin Laden ausgelöst.

Denn die Jemeniten können sich nicht erklären, wie jemand unbemerkt von den Sicherheitskräften einen 140 Meter langen Tunnel von einer Moschee zum Gefängnis in der Hauptstadt Sanaa graben konnte, durch den die Terroristen am vergangenen Freitag flohen. Auf Fragen meinen Jemeniten in Sanaa, Komplizen der Ausbrecher hätten beim Tunnelbau wohl modernstes Gerät verwendet, so dass sie nicht allzu lange graben mussten. Trotzdem hätte es auffallen müssen, wenn jemand im Frauengebetsraum einer Moschee plötzlich größere Mengen Erdreich bewegt.

Anschläge auf USS-Cole

Die Zweifel der Jemeniten scheinen begründet. Denn schließlich saß in dem Gefängnis nicht irgendjemand hinter Schloss und Riegel, sondern eine Gruppe von El-Kaida-Terroristen, die an tödlichen Sprengstoffanschlägen auf das amerikanische Kriegsschiff USS-Cole und den französischen Supertanker „Limburg“ beteiligt waren. Interpol stuft einige der Ausbracher als „Sicherheitsrisiko für alle Staaten“ ein. Neben der Großfahndung im Jemen soll eine Untersuchung die Frage klären, ob die gefährlichsten Gefangenen des Jemen eventuell Hilfe aus dem Geheimdienstapparat erhalten haben.

„Viele Jemeniten haben den Verdacht, dass die Komplizen der Ausbrecher aus dem Sicherheitsapparat stammen", sagt ein jemenitischer Beobachter in Sanaa. Misstrauisch ist man in Jemen auch, weil es zumindest für Dschmal Badawi, der wegen seiner maßgeblichen Beteiligung an dem Anschlag auf den US-Zerstörer im Jahr 2000 zum Tode verurteilt worden war. Denn für den mutmaßlichen Drahtzieher des Anschlags, bei dem damals 17 Amerikaner getötet worden waren, war es nicht der erste Ausbruch. Er war bereits 2003 aus einem Gefängnis in der südjemenitischen Hafenstadt Aden ausgebrochen. Später fand ihn die Polizei in einem Gebirge, wo er krank in einer Höhle saß.

Merkwürdige Verschwörungstheorien

Die zur arabisch-nationalistischen Nasseristen-Partei des Jemen gehörende Zeitung „El-Wahdawi“ liefert derweil die merkwürdigste aller Verschwörungstheorien, die zur Zeit kursieren. Sie zitiert in ihrer Ausgabe vom Dienstag „politische Experten, die eine geheime Vereinbarung zwischen der jemenitischen und der amerikanischen Regierung vermuten“. Ihre Argumentation: Da die jemenitische Verfassung eine Auslieferung der Gefangenen an die USA nicht erlaube, habe man einen Ausbruch vorgetäuscht, um die islamistischen Extremisten heimlich den Amerikanern zu übergeben.

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31. January 2006

von den 7 am 30. januar aus dem knast morehouse parish / louisiana geflohenen männer wurden 3 wieder verhaftet.

FOUR escapees from Morehouse Parish still at large

After police in Tennessee caught an escaped inmate who had held them at bay in a shopping mall, four out of seven who escaped from Morehouse Parish on Monday remained at large, the sheriff's office said. Mike Tubbs, chief deputy for the Morehouse Parish sheriff's office, said the mall gunman was one of two escapees _ Terrance Williams, 18, of New Orleans, and Joseph Oakes, 27, of Meridian, Miss. _ caught in Crossville, Tenn. But he did not know which was arrested at the mall, or how the other was captured.

All seven had been moved 230 miles from the New Orleans suburb of Jefferson Parish to the jail in Bastrop because of Hurricane Katrina. One was caught almost immediately after leaving a dorm room, climbing up to the jail's roof and crossing a fence, Tubbs said. He said at least one outside accomplice probably was involved. There was no indication anyone was hurt in the incident in Crossville, Tenn., a city of 40,000 about 100 miles east of Nashville and 450 miles east-northeast of the jail in Bastrop. Police spent several hours trying to flush the man out of the Woodmere Mall. A WATE-TV reporter on the scene reported seeing the man run from the mall shortly before dawn and seeing police tackle him. Knoxville television station WVLT-TV said the second fugitive was caught earlier Tuesday in Crossville. Michael Robinson, 19, of Metairie, was arrested in Gretna, Tubbs said. He did not provide details about the arrest.

Tubbs said officials believe the others also are in the New Orleans area. On the loose are Keith Wilson, 25, of Kenner; Reginald Bradley, 18, of Harvey; Joshua O'Neal, 18, of New Orleans; and Ryan M. Powe, 18, of Alpharetta, Ga. A stolen church van was found Monday at the State Tax Commission building in Jackson, Miss., according to the Hinds County Sheriff's Department. A short while after that discovery, sheriff's deputies said a 2000 silver Dodge Intrepid, was reported stolen. Each of the inmates will face simple escape charges once back in custody, Tubbs said.

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30. January 2006

11 männer sind aus dem kumba production knast geflohen. sie hatten eine wärterin mit einer aus holz gemachten waffe bedoht und ihre waffe entwendet. sechs männer wurden nach kurzer zeit verhaftet.

PRISONERS Escape With Warder's Gun

Eleven prisoners, Tuesday, January 24, escaped from the Kumba Production Prison after frightening a wardres with a toy gun. Out of the 11, the forces of law and order successfully caught six - Rawlins Kudi, Dieudonne Tanyi, William Ndam, Jacob Tah, Hans Bature and Samuel Ngyakwe. Meanwhile, five prisoners - Vincent Keulenku, Martin Malingo Mboh, Cletus Suh/Galius Che, Kingsly Peli and Godwin Okon are still at large, with a gun. Speaking to The Post at her Kumba Bureau, the Senior Administrator of Prisons, Kumba, Florence Kekay Mbong, said the prisoners bolted through the fence behind the prison after pointing a wooden toy gun at Delphine Chingo, a wardress.

Kekay Mbong said out of the seven warders on guard on that Tuesday, Chingo was guarding the back section of the fence when some prisoners advanced on her and wrenched her gun from her. Kekay said Chingo shouted after the fleeing prisoners but it was too late.The Prison Administrator recounted that immediately the prisoners broke out, the forces of law and order came to their aid and captured six of the prisoners.

An escape notice has been prepared and a manhunt is on. Kekay said when recaptured, all the escapee prisoners would be tried. She said some 328 prisoners are currently resident in the prison. Kekay also expressed worry over the escapees in possession of a gun. "What is bothering us now are the escapees with the gun. We don't know the crime they would commit with this gun," she said. She also said an investigation is currently going on and if any laxity is discovered on Chingo's part, she would be sanctioned. The Prison Administrator has called on the population of Kumba and Meme in general to be on the alert. In case they notice a strange person around, or in their farms, they should report to the nearest police station.When The Post contacted the SDO for Meme, Daniel Panjouono, he reserved his comments.

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27. January 2006

bei einem fluchtversuch aus einem krankenhaus hat ein 20 jähriger mann, der im roxbury knast/ maryland inhaftiert ist, einen wärter mit dessen eigener waffe schwer verletzt.

Guard shot during escape

A Roxbury Correctional Institution officer whom corrections officials say was shot in the face at Washington County Hospital by an inmate he was guarding was in critical condition this morning. "He's fighting for his life," Maryland Division of Correction spokeswoman Maj. Priscilla Doggett said during an afternoon press conference.

Authorities would not release the officer's name, but Maryland Division of Correction Commissioner Frank C. Sizer Jr. said he is 44 years old. Doggett said the correctional officer has worked at RCI for four years. Authorities said the officer was guarding 20-year-old Brandon Morris, an RCI inmate, at the hospital. The inmate overpowered the officer and shot him with his service weapon at about 5 a.m., DOC officials said. Morris unsuccessfully tried to steal car keys from a woman at the hospital, then went outside and carjacked a taxi at gunpoint, authorities said.

With police cruisers following, the taxi crashed at about 5:30 a.m., just across the Pennsylvania border. Police said they caught Morris, who was still armed, after he ran back into Maryland. Doggett said the DOC believes that its procedures for restraining inmates when they're transported from a prison and when they're admitted to a hospital were followed.

However, she wouldn't say precisely how Morris was shackled in the hospital. Maryland State Police, who were investigating the shooting, were not releasing those details because they're part of the investigation, police spokesman Sgt. Thornnie Rouse said. Morris was admitted to the hospital Wednesday to be evaluated for a medical condition officials would not disclose. He was on the fifth floor, Doggett said. Doggett said the DOC's protocol is for inmates to be both in leg irons and handcuffs when they are transported. At the hospital, however, restraining a prisoner to a bed using one method or the other is acceptable, she said. John Roby, staff representative of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 92, which represents many correctional officers, said that if the procedures were followed correctly, they might need to be re-evaluated.

He said the shooting underscores ongoing concerns about correctional officers' security, which is hampering the state's efforts to attract and retain employees. "We think the administration is not properly running the prison system," he said. "We're never going to make it more attractive until they do everything they can to make it safer." Doggett said two officers took Morris to the hospital and one stayed to guard him. The guarding officer was armed, she said. That correctional officer, working an 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift, had reported to his post at the hospital at 10:55 p.m., Sizer said.

The officer checked in again with prison officials at 2:55 a.m. to report that everything was OK, Sizer said. After getting the officer's gun and shooting him at about 5 a.m., Morris tried to take car keys from a woman related to another fifth-floor patient, Rouse said. When that failed, Morris found a taxi outside the emergency room and carjacked it, Rouse said. The taxi driver, who had been waiting for a fare, kept a two-way radio in the car on, allowing police to know what was going on.

Rouse said a hospital security vehicle followed the taxi, which went north on U.S. 11. Police officers got behind the hospital security vehicle, creating a "low-speed" chase at about 40 mph, Rouse said. Officers from the Hagerstown Police Department, Washington County Sheriff's Department, Maryland State Police and Pennsylvania State Police responded to the call.

When the taxi crashed into a concrete barrier, Morris got out and ran, Rouse said. Police caught him near the FedEx building on Industry Drive, he said. As of Thursday evening, no charges had been filed. Roxbury Correctional Institution is a medium-security prison housing 1,800 inmates, said Mark Vernarelli, a spokesman for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, which includes the Division of Correction. RCI is part of a three-prison complex off Sharpsburg Pike, south of Hagerstown. Some Washington County Hospital patients who were near the scene of the shooting were moved to other floors, hospital spokeswoman Maureen Theriault said.

Hospital staff left business cards with all of the patients in case they had questions or concerns, she said. The hospital was not closed because of the incident, she said. The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Internal Investigative Unit is conducting an independent investigation apart from the Division of Correction, Vernarelli said.

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24. January 2006

7 gefangene, angebl. taliban, sind aus einem knast in kabul geflohen. die männer zeigten der wache einen stempel auf ihren händen, und da im policharki knast besucherinnen ein stempel auf die hände gemacht wird, gelang es ihnen als besucher den knast zu verlassen.

Seven Taliban rebels escape prison

Seven Taliban rebels disguised themselves as visitors to escape a high-security prison in Kabul that is being refurbished for the arrival of terror suspects from the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, officials said Tuesday.

The breakout from the crumbling Policharki Prison on the outskirts of the capital comes six months after four al-Qaida members, including one of Osama bin Laden's top lieutenants in Southeast Asia, broke out of a jail at Bagram, the U.S. military's headquarters north of Kabul. The seven men convinced their guards to let them walk out of the overcrowded prison Sunday by marking their hands with a fake ink stamp similar to one used to identify visitors to the jail, said Deputy Minister for Justice Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai.

The prisoners do not wear uniforms and the stamp is the main method used to differentiate between detainees and visitors, he said. "There were so many visitors at the jail on the Sunday that the prisoners exploited the guards' confusion and sneaked out," he said.

Police launched a manhunt for the seven, who all had been caught in the past year fighting for the Taliban in the volatile southern provinces of Helmand and Kandahar, said Gen. Abdul Salam Bakshi, the director of the country's prisons.

They were convicted in separate trials in recent months and sentenced to prison terms of between 16 and 17 years, he said. He declined to reveal their identities. Ten prison guards who are suspected of helping the men escape or of failing in their duties have been arrested, Bakshi said.

Some wings of Policharki are being refurbished to improve security and living conditions before some 110 Afghans being held at Guantanamo Bay are sent back here later this year, Bakshi said. The U.S. and Afghan governments said in August that Afghans held at Guantanamo and elsewhere would be sent back to Afghanistan.

American and allied Afghan forces captured thousands of suspected Taliban and al-Qaida members in Afghanistan after a U.S.-led invasion toppled the repressive Taliban government in late 2001. Hundreds of detainees were classified as "enemy combatants" and transferred to Guantanamo, while others were detained at Policharki, or at the maximum-security detention facility at Bagram. Policharki is notorious in Afghanistan. It was the scene of summary executions under a series of former regimes, most recently the hard-line Taliban. Human rights workers have criticized conditions at the prison, saying they violate "every standard of human rights."

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22. January 2006

3 gefangene sind aus dem bihar knast geflohen. sie hatten einen 30 fuß ( 9, 39m) langen tunnel gegraben und dafür, so glaubt die polizei, mindestens 2 monate gebraucht.

THREE prisoners tunnel through Bihar jail

Three prisoners from a Bihar jail have escaped by digging a 30-feet-long tunnel, a process that police believe would have taken at least two months. Six officials have been suspended for their suspected involvement. The criminals had tunnelled under a septic tank being constructed in the Gaya jail. "It was a shocking and shameful incident as the Government had put all jails on alert after the Jehanabad jailbreak in November," a senior official said on Sunday. The escaped men have been identified as Quddus Ansari, Mohammad Sharafat and Ravindra Mahto.

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20. January 2006
Chronik der Fluchten aus der Haft

11. Januar 2006: Hagen H. (21) flieht, als er ins Krankenhaus der Justizvollzugsanstalt (JVA) Charlottenburg zurückverlegt werden soll. Zuvor war der Gefangene wegen eines Suizidversuchs im Virchow-Klinikum behandelt worden. Er befand seit Ende Oktober 2005 in Untersuchungshaft, weil er ein Notebook gestohlen haben soll. 27. Oktober 2005: Der wegen Drogenhandels zu zwölf Jahren Haft verurteilte Ismail F. nutzt während eines Freigangs einen Toilettengang im Café Kranzler am Kurfürstendamm zur Flucht, wird Tage später vom Mobilen Einsatzkommando (MEK) gestellt.

14. Oktober 2005: Ein Intensivtäter tauscht mit einem Besucher in der Jugendstrafanstalt Plötzensee die Rolle, entkommt so aus der Anstalt.

3. Mai 2004: Der 1989 zu 13 Jahren Haft verurteilte Frank Thomas Pints flieht aus dem Maßregelvollzug am Olbendorfer Weg in Reinickendorf. Erst Tage nach der Flucht wird die Öffentlichkeit informiert. Der Mann war in neun Wohnungen eingebrochen und hatte die dort lebenden Frau vergewaltigt oder zu sexuellen Handlungen genötigt. In zwei Fälle drohte er den Frauen an, bei Widerstand ihre Kinder zu töten.

2. September 2003: Der 27jährige Raimund S. flüchtete mit einem Kleinbus vom Wirtschaftshof der JVA Tegel. Er hatte sich am Wagenboden festgeklammert und war trotz Spiegelkontrolle nicht bemerkt worden. Allerdings bemerkte der Fahrer an einer roten Ampel seinen Absprung und stellte ihn am U-Bahnhof Scharnweberstraße. S. verbüßte eine Haftstrafe wegen Bedrohung.

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20. January 2006
Offene Türen in JVA Tegel

Ein Gefangener der Justizvollzugsanstalt Tegel ist am Mittwoch bei einem Ausgang geflüchtet. Dem von zwei Vollzugsbediensteten begleiteten 31-Jährigen gelang es am späten Nachmittag, aus der Wohnung seiner Ehefrau zu flüchten, teilte die Senatsjustizverwaltung gestern mit. Zu den genauen Umständen der Flucht war zunächst nichts zu erfahren. Der Mann saß in Tegel eine Freiheitsstrafe von zwei Jahren und acht Monaten wegen versuchten Totschlags ab. Nach Angaben der Verwaltung sind im vergangenen Jahr in vier Fällen Insassen von Berliner Gefängnissen entwichen. Die CDU forderte SPD-Justizsenatorin Karin Schubert auf, den Vorfall umfassend aufzuklären. Der Rechtsexperte der Abgeordnetenhausfraktion Andreas Gram sagte: "Der Berliner Strafvollzug gleicht seit Monaten einem Haus der offenen Türen." DPA

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19. January 2006

am 15. januar sind 13 gefangene aus dem gaborone hochsicherheitsknast geflohen. 7 wurden bis zum 19. wieder festgenommen.

End of the road for seven prison escapees

Seven inmates have been apprehended since the escape from Gaborone Maximum Prison on Sunday morning. The authorities are still searching for the remaining six. Botswana Prison Service has said the escaped inmates have been nabbed through a collective effort by security agents and the public. The seven prisoners who have been arrested are Nkhino Mosotho, Dennis Moyo and Patrick Machenji who were busted in Mmopane; Amos Moyo in Phakalane; Elvis Moyo in Sebele; Fana Maphosa in Mogoditshane and Alois Dhlodhlo in Mochudi. Prisons? public relations officer, Anthony Mokento said on Monday that they would institute an inquiry into how the prisons escaped. The inquiry will also look into whether the prison?s security system needs to be revamped.

The 13 inmates escaped after breaking the iron bars on the window of their cell. The mass escape occurred at 3am last Sunday. It involved 10 Zimbabweans and three Batswana. They used blankets tied together into a rope to get over the security wall. All the escapees are said to be dangerous criminals.

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18. January 2006

bei einem fluchtversuch von vier männer aus einem knast in nassau dem her majesty knast in fox hill, sind ein gefangener und ein wärter getötet worden, zwei gefangene wurden verletzt und sind wieder im knast und ein gefangener ist geflohen.

Prison Security In Question

Tuesday’s deadly prison break at Her Majesty’s Prison was last night described as a serious breach of security amid expressions of shock and sadness over the escape that resulted in two deaths and left a dangerous convict on the run.Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon that he was "shocked and saddened" to learn of the loss of life resulting from the prison break at Her Majesty’s Prison."Clearly, a serious breach of security with tragic consequences has occurred at the prison," Mr. Ingraham said. "For the time being, however, I reserve comments on the breakout."

Edwin Culmer, former prison superintendent, told The Bahama Journal that while he has not been at the prison for many months, a major concern that he had during his 33-year tenure at the facility was a lack of staff."We needed staff. The junior officers work very diligently and deserve more praise than they normally get, but during my time there were always needed staff," said Mr. Culmer. "I always asked for staff but was told that there were no funds at the time."According to Mr. Culmer, the maximum security section of the prison has outgrown its purpose."It was built to hold 200 men and at any given time we hold 700 to 800," he said. "That is a security breach right there."

The former prison superintendent, who now heads the Detention Centre, said that he had asked for at least 250 additional officers, but never got them, although he did acknowledge that the situation at the Fox Hill Prison may have changed since his departure.Mr. Culmer said that a senior officer must be held accountable for the escape."It is a very serious breach of security when an officer loses his life," he said.The escape occurred around 4 o’clock in the morning and involved four prisoners.During the escape, 38-year-old prison officer Corporal Dion Bowles was killed.Officials reported at a press conference held hours after the prison break that Corporal Bowles, a prison officer of 13 years, died from multiple stab wounds to the upper body.

Also killed during the escape was Neil Brown, who was convicted of the 2000 murder of Archdeacon William Thompson.Inmates Forrestor Bowe, 29, a convicted murderer whose case is now before the Privy Council in London; and convicted rapist Barry Parcoi, 42, who is serving a life sentence and escaped from prison last year, were also injured during the incident.Bowe, who was shot, and Parcoi were treated for their injuries and were returned to the prison compound Tuesday morning.

Prison officers Kenneth Sweeting and David Armbrister were injured during the escape but their injuries are not considered life threatening.Up to press time on Tuesday, police were still hunting for Corey Douglas Hepburn and had issued a special warning to residents of the eastern area, particularly Elizabeth Estates.Tuesday morning’s prison break marked the third time that Hepburn, 36, who is a convicted armed robber and is considered armed and extremely dangerous, has escaped police custody.

Mr. Culmer described Hepburn as an "escape artist" and noted that when he completed his duties at the prison last year he left the escaped convict "in chains.""Someone must be held accountable. That’s why we have ranks, an inspector on night duty, a sergeant, a corporal; they should have taken the steps to secure and stop whatever took place," he said.The current prison superintendent, who replaced Mr. Culmer last year, Dr. Elliston Rahming, indicated shortly after his appointment during an appearance on Love 97’s "Jones and Company" that the perimeter of the prison is not fortified, even though there are more than 1,400 inmates being housed at the facility.

Mr. Ingraham said that he joined with all Bahamians in condemning this new criminal act by convicts housed at the prison.The leader of the Free National Movement said that he hoped that Hepburn would be found in the shortest possible time, and joined with authorities in calling for the full cooperation and assistance of the public in returning him to police custody.Leader of the Bahamas Democratic Movement, Cassius Stuart, described Tuesday’s prison break as a "wake up for us as a people" and called for the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Cynthia Pratt, "because she is incapable of handling our crime problem."

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17. January 2006

laut aussagen der militärs sind vier offiziere, die an dem putsch 2003 beteiligt waren, aus der u-haft in einem militärlager in manila geflohen. die anwälte der vier sagen sie bezweifeln die angaben der militärs, da ihre klienten in letzter zeit öfters über bevorstehende pläne sie ohne vorankündigung in einen hochsicherheitsknast zu verlegen sprachen.

Coup plotters escape from Philippine army jail

Four young Philippine army officers facing mutiny charges in civilian and military courts escaped from a detention centre at a military camp in the capital, security officials said on Tuesday. Major Bartolome Bacarro, an army spokesman, said prison guards realised two captains and two lieutenants were missing from their cells at Fort Bonifacio, near Manila's business district, at about 9 p.m. (1300 GMT). "The president has ordered the military to exert all efforts to recapture the fugitive officers," Bacarro said in a statement.

An army intelligence officer told Reuters the four officers scaled the barbed wire fence of the centre by stacking up chairs just hours before a routine headcount. Lawyers for the fugitives said they doubted the army's account of the escape because the four were complaining of a plan to move them to a maximum security prison cell without any prior written order from the military or the civilian court.

The Philippine military said the four officers were among 30 captains and lieutenants accused of mutiny charges, a criminal offence punishable by death or life imprisonment. The break-out came a month after another Marine captain escaped after attending a court trial in Makati City, days after military officials said they discovered an alleged plot to unseat President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. In July 2003, rogue troops seized control of apartments in Manila's business district and demanded that Arroyo step down due to allegations of corruption in the government and armed forces, but the mutiny was put down in less than 24 hours.

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17. January 2006

3 tage nach ihrer flucht aus dem russel county knast / alabama wurden zwei männer in columbus / georgia festgenommen.

Two murder suspects captured after jailbreak

PHENIX CITY, Alabama (CNN) -- Police found two murder suspects at a motel in Columbus, Georgia, three days after their escape from jail, an Alabama sheriff said. Johnny Earl Jones, 17, and Lamar Benton, 19, escaped from the county jail in Phenix City after overpowering a guard early Saturday. They stabbed him 15 times in the back with a "shank," Russell County Sheriff Tommy Boswell told CNN. Boswell described it as"a crude weapon made out of sharp wire." The guard is recovering at home, he said.

The two took the guard's keys, gaining access to the front of the jail, where they overpowered another guard and took her keys to get out of the facility, the sheriff said. Jones is charged in connection with the death of a child he was babysitting, and Benton is charged in the rape and slaying of a 39-year-old woman, authorities said. Another prisoner who escaped with Jones and Benton had been recaptured earlier, Boswell said. Dog-tracking teams and helicopters using infrared sensors found him hiding in dense brush two miles from the jail.

The three inmates had dumped their orange prison jumpsuits at an encampment of homeless people along the Chattahoochee River, where they picked up some civilian clothing, a top law enforcement official said. Phenix City is on the Alabama-Georgia border, across the Chattahoochee from Columbus.

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15.January 2006

3 männer sind aus dem russell county knast / alabama geflohen und bei ihrer flucht 5 wärter verletzt. einer der männer wurde kurze zeit verhaftet. die zwei anderen sind vermutlich über den fluß nach columbus / georgia geflohen.

3 Inmates Escape Jail

Investigators believe the two have crossed the river and are hiding out somewhere in Columbus. Russell County Sheriff Tommy Boswell says with four correctional officers injured, it's a wonder the situation didn't turn fatal.

17-year old Johnny Jones, 18-year old Lamar Benton and 33 year old Brent Martin were all charged with murder last year. All 3 were inmates at the Russell County Jail, until early Saturday morning. Sheriff Tommy Boswell says, "We had two correctional officers doing a security check through the building and they were physically attacked by three inmates." Boswell says the trio stabbed Correctional Officers Matthew Waldrup and Joshua Carter more than 15 times with a makeshift knife.. They then proceeded to the front of the jail where they attacked Sgt. Rosetta Smith and Correctional Officer Daniel Littleton.. "They almost broke the sergeants arm, physically knocked her to the ground, they then took the sergeant's keys and made their escape out of the building."

Searching for hours with helicopters and dog teams, investigators finally caught Brent Martin around 6 Saturday morning....he's back behind bars The other two alleged murders are still on the loose. "I'd like to encourage the public not to attempt to do anything other than notify us if they're seen somewhere." Investigators believe the inmates cut themselves on the the sharp fencing around the jail. Because of blood spotted on railroad tracks just over the Columbus line, it's believed Jones and Benton are somewhere in Columbus. Meanwhile, Russell County Sheriff Tommy Boswell asks for the public to be patient. "We're working really hard to get those men locked back up and we're also evaluating our situation to make sure it doesn't happen again."

The Russell County Jail is overcrowded. Currently there are about 300 inmates...Capacity is 220. Boswell says since the facility was built 14 years ago, crime number have dramatically increased... As for the 2 inmates, they are not wearing jail uniforms...We're told they stole clothes from homeless people...One could be wearing fatigues, the other a blue sweatshirt.[...]

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13. January 2006

in einem artikel über einen mann der nach zwanzig jahren anfang der woche festgenommen war, und jetzt entlassen wurde, steht : "seit der einsetzung der fugitive task force ( die aus einer person besteht) in oktober 2005 wurden 55 flüchtige inhaftiert, 93 haftbefehle erstellt und 375 gesuche konnten geschlossen werden ."

Lexington County inmate who escaped 20 years ago now out for good

The man who was recaptured this week after escaping from the Lexington County jail 20 years ago is now out of jail with permission. Van Kirk Bland, II, came back to the Lexington County jail Tuesday after spending almost 20 years on the run. On Wednesday, a judge denied bond for the re-captured inmate.

Thursday, a judge sentenced Bland to two years in jail, but dismissed the sentence because of the six years Bland already served in a Louisiana prison. Bland also has to pay about $4,000 in fines. On Friday, Bland was released at 3:30pm and he's expected to head back home to his wife and son in Maryland. At the time of his escape, he was in jail for 45 days on a parole violation. He escaped during work duty watering the lawn in front of the jail. When asked why, he responded, "I had a lot of bad things going on in my life then." Investigators searched without success. Sgt. Henry Dukes explains, "We didn't have the technology back then like we do today."

Bland was arrested in Louisiana later that year for promoting prostitution. He served six years. Louisiana was supposed to tell Lexington County when he got out, but they didn't. Then, last November, a Sergeant researching cold cases learned through computer technology Bland wasn't in prison. He was living near the beach, in Berlin, Maryland and had apparently lived there since 1992. Sgt. Dukes says, "He actually does construction work." "He stayed in an area that has 50 or 60,000 people in it."

While there, according to Sheriff James Metts, "He established a family. My understanding is he has a 12 year old son who doesn't know anything about this charge at all. So it's a surprise to his family." State police and U.S. Marshals arrested Bland at home. He was taken back to the Lexington County Detention Facility. Sheriff James Metts welcomed him, "It's my responsibility to give you a copy of the affidavit and welcome you back to the Lexington County Detention Facility." Bland responded politely, "Thank you, Sheriff."

His original sentence was 45 days. For escaping, he faces 15 years in prison. "Inmates who escape from the Detention Center need to understand that we will search for them as long as it takes to arrest them and bring them to justice in Lexington County," Metts said in a written news release. Since being assigned to the fugitive task force in October 2005, the sergeant who conducts cold-case fugitive investigations has served 93 arrest warrants, administratively cleared an additional 375 warrants and located 55 fugitives.

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16. January 2006

aus dem central knast in gaborone sind 13 männer geflohen. sie sollen die gitter des zellenfensters aufgebrochen haben und sind dann mit einem aus decken gemachten seil über die mauer geklettert.

13 prisoners escape

GABORONE - Thirteen prisoners awaiting trial escaped from Central Prison in the early hours of Sunday. The 13 are 10 Zimbabweans and three Batswana who broke the window iron bars of the cell in which they were housed to gain exit before finally going over the security wall using blankets which were tied together to serve as a rope. A statement from Assistant Commissioner Anthony Mokento of prisons says it appears they were noticed by the five officers who were on duty. All the escapees are dangerous criminals. Some of the charges that the escapees were facing ranged from murder, attempted murder, armed robbery and theft of a motor vehicle.

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16. January 2006

verkleidet als militärpolizisten die vorgaben zwei gefangene im bezirksknast in batanga abzuliefern, gelang es einer gruppe der new people's army ( eine kommunistische guerilla) neun ihrer genossen zu befreien. die ganze aktion dauerte höchstens 15 minuten. 4 männer, die wegen drogendelikten einsassen ,sind ebenfalls geflohen, 3 wurden wieder verhaftet.

NPAs free 9 comrades in Batangas City jail raid

Posing as policemen and using human decoys, communist New People's Army rebels sprang nine of their comrades from the Batangas provincial jail in a smooth operation that only took minutes. As if that wasn't enough, four other inmates facing illegal drugs charges joined the mass breakout on Saturday night. The rebel rescuers also took off with seven police pistols and a shotgun after locking up the guards in one of the cells.

"It was all over in four minutes. The helpless jail guards were not able to offer any resistance," communist spokesperson Gregorio "Ka Roger" Rosal told the Inquirer. It was a black weekend for government forces. In Samar province, NPA rebels killed four soldiers and wounded eight others when they ambushed a convoy from the 801st Brigade in Motiong town at around 10 a.m., the military said. The soldiers were returning from a medical-dental mission in a nearby town when a 30-strong guerrilla band fired on them in one of the bloodiest rebel attacks in weeks. In the Batangas incident, the NPA raiders deceived the jail guards by showing up dressed in black fatigue military uniforms and telling the guards they had come to turn over custody of two prisoners. "The duty guards really thought that the rebels were policemen. They even had two handcuffed men wearing orange shirts to make it appear that (the two were) prisoners," said Superintendent Nilo Anzo, city police chief.

When the guards opened the gate, the rebels quickly disarmed them. The jail lies about 500 meters from the city police station and 1 km from the provincial police headquarters. Guards end up in jail "It was definitely well-planned. In 15 minutes, the rebels escaped and got what they wanted," said Anzo. The raid occurred at around 7:45 p.m. While some rebels were disarming jail officer in charge Leo Rabano in his office, others went to the prison cells for their comrades.

Inmates told investigators the rebels were shouting in Filipino, "Quick, those who are NPAs, get out," implying the detained rebels knew they would be rescued. The surprised guards were tied up and locked in one of the cells. The rebels fled in a pickup and three vans. One of the vehicles had a government license plate. "This only proved that the Red fighters can launch special operations even in key cities and urban areas, contrary to the claim of the enemies that the NPA is now a spent force," Rosal said in a phone interview. "Expect more tactical operations from the NPA." In pursuit operations yesterday, members of the Philippine Air Force recovered assorted firearms and 30 land mines following gun battles with suspected rebels in two villages in Balayan town, Batangas. Anzo identified the escaped prisoners as Danilo Mayo, alias Benjamin de la Cruz, Reynaldo "Ka Abet" Rijano, Ronnie "Ka Joel" Ferrer, Noel Uybad, Elison Agnes, Marilou "Ka Johndel" Cataquiz, Lea Gaymay, Precy Balmes, Marian "Ka Jaira" Vibata and Cristituto "Ka Eloy" Galicia. Ex-prisoners themselves

Mayo, Ferrer, Gaymay, Cataquiz, Balmes and Vibat were captured by government forces on a Batangas pier in 2004. The escaped prisoners were facing charges of illegal possession of high-powered firearms and explosives. The nine had been held in three different detention cells inside the provincial jail. Three of the four non-rebel inmates who escaped were later recaptured. Provincial jail warden Lutgardo Natanauan said some inmates who saw the attack told investigators that the rebel raiders were themselves former detainees at the provincial jail. Guarding the coasts

"These NPAs were detained here a few years ago but were freed after posting bail," he said. Chief Superintendent Jesus Verzosa, Calabarzon police director, immediately raised the alert level in the entire region. He said checkpoints had been set up near the boundary of Batangas and Quezon provinces. "But we are not discounting the possibility that the NPAs will escape toward the Mindoro islands. That's why we have also alerted the Coast Guard," Verzosa told the Inquirer. PNP Director General Arturo Lomibao arrived in this city yesterday morning to inspect the provincial jail and meet with law enforcement units.

Natanauan said he would not relieve any of his men despite the jailbreak. "I think my men were not remiss in their job. They were just really tricked and deceived by the NPA," he said. The one-hectare jail facility has a maximum capacity of 300 but holds more than 600 prisoners. "The jail is really overcrowded. But we're doing our best to manage it properly and keep it secure," he said. Some guards asleep

The jail has a total of 43 jail guards working different shifts. When the raid happened, only five guards, including the duty officer, were at the facility. Natanauan said there were actually three other guards at the jail during the attack. "But they were all asleep when the rebels attacked," he said. Acting on a tip from residents, police conducted follow-up operations in the fishing villages of Barangay Wawa and Barangay Sta. Clara near the Batangas International Port after five speedboats were reportedly seen in the area. Some members of the city police were busy with security preparations for the city fiesta today, officers said. "The NPAs could have considered that in planning their attack," Anzo said.

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15. January 2006

3 männer sind aus dem russel county knast / georgia geflohen. 4 wärterinnen sind bei der flucht verletzt worden.

3 Inmates Escape Jail

Investigators believe the two have crossed the river and are hiding out somewhere in Columbus. Russell County Sheriff Tommy Boswell says with four correctional officers injured, it's a wonder the situation didn't turn fatal.

17-year old Johnny Jones, 18-year old Lamar Benton and 33 year old Brent Martin were all charged with murder last year. All 3 were inmates at the Russell County Jail, until early Saturday morning. Sheriff Tommy Boswell says, "We had two correctional officers doing a security check through the building and they were physically attacked by three inmates." Boswell says the trio stabbed Correctional Officers Matthew Waldrup and Joshua Carter more than 15 times with a makeshift knife.. They then proceeded to the front of the jail where they attacked Sgt. Rosetta Smith and Correctional Officer Daniel Littleton.. "They almost broke the sergeants arm, physically knocked her to the ground, they then took the sergeant's keys and made their escape out of the building."

Searching for hours with helicopters and dog teams, investigators finally caught Brent Martin around 6 Saturday morning....he's back behind bars The other two alleged murders are still on the loose. "I'd like to encourage the public not to attempt to do anything other than notify us if they're seen somewhere." Investigators believe the inmates cut themselves on the the sharp fencing around the jail. Because of blood spotted on railroad tracks just over the Columbus line, it's believed Jones and Benton are somewhere in Columbus. Meanwhile, Russell County Sheriff Tommy Boswell asks for the public to be patient. "We're working really hard to get those men locked back up and we're also evaluating our situation to make sure it doesn't happen again."

The Russell County Jail is overcrowded. Currently there are about 300 inmates...Capacity is 220. Boswell says since the facility was built 14 years ago, crime number have dramatically increased... As for the 2 inmates, they are not wearing jail uniforms...We're told they stole clothes from homeless people...One could be wearing fatigues, the other a blue sweatshirt.[...]

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13. January 2006

zwei männer sind über den zaun des sydney silverwater gaol knast gesprungen und dann mit einem van geflohen.

Escape van found as hunt for prisoners continues

Police believe they have found the vehicle two prison escapees used to flee Sydney's Silverwater Gaol yesterday afternoon. The escapees are still on the run. Police say the men, 33-year-old Todd Ellis and 27-year-old Todd Carr, managed to jump the jail fence yesterday afternoon and then stole a nearby van. Police are carrying out forensic tests on a vehicle dumped near Campbelltown that matches the description of the stolen van. Chief Inspector Col Green from Bankstown Area Command says the pair could be anywhere in Sydney. "There is some history to indicate that they are dangerous," he said. "So I'd be asking the public if they do see these people to firstly contact police and not to approach them themselves." Police spokeswoman Julie Boone says the two prisoners were in jail for robbery, stealing and assault offences.

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8. January 2006

ein mann der 1990 aus einem knast in kentucky geflohen war und letztes jahr in texas festgenommen wurde, muß mehr als 13 jahre in den knast, 10 jahre wegen der flucht und die restlichen 3 jahre seiner ursprünglichen strafe.

Escapee caught after 15 years sent to prison

LEBANON, Ky. -- A convicted murderer who stayed free for 15 years and lived a quiet life in Texas after his 1990 escape from prison received more than 13 years in prison. Ralph Annis, 54, accepted a plea deal Friday in Marion Circuit Court. He walked away from the Marion County Adjustment Center in 1990 while on furlough. He was serving a 20-year term in the 1978 murder of his girlfriend's 10-month-old baby when he escaped.

Cathy Moore, the mother of Melanie Kaye Gifford, the baby Annis killed in Cynthiana, said she's "really not satisfied," but accepts the sentence. "I know it's not going to bring Melanie back. At least it's over." Annis was arrested after police received a tip about his whereabouts. Tim Cocanougher, assistant commonwealth's attorney in Marion County, offered Annis a deal of 10 years for the escape plus the remaining time on the murder sentence, roughly 3? years. Cocanougher said Annis must serve the remaining time on the murder sentence plus at least 20 percent of the 10-year escape sentence before becoming eligible for parole.

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8. January 2006

nach der flucht aus einem polizeiwagen wurde ein 24jähriger mann von einem polizisten erschossen. dem an händen und füssen gefesselten mann sei es gelungen sich von den fesseln zu beifreien und indem er das fenster des polizeiwagens zerstört hatte sei er geflohen. danach soll er versucht haben mehrere autos zu stehlen und einen schulbus zu entführen. einen schuß mit einer taserwaffe hätte er unbeschadet überstanden und dann ein polizeiauto geklaut. ein pick-up verhinderte seine flucht. ein polizist der die wagentür öffnete hat den mann erschossen. angeblich sei eine shotgun in dem auto gewesen.

Fugitive shot, killed after desperate escape attempt in Sacramento

A fugitive was shot and killed by a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy after a desperate escape attempt in which he tried to commandeer a school bus and a police patrol car, authorities said. The suspect, who was fatally shot Friday, was identified Saturday as Deven Lepierro, 24, of North Highlands. Records show he had an extensive criminal record - including auto theft, burglary, grand theft and assault with a deadly weapon - in Sacramento County dating back to 1999. Lepierro's run-in with authorities began Friday when he was detained by security guards at a Wal-Mart store for allegedly trying to steal electric equipment and other goods. Lepierro attacked the guards while they were preparing paperwork and bit one of their fingers hard enough to draw blood, said Sheriff's Sgt. R.L. Davis.

After arresting Lepierro, deputies learned the suspect was wanted on two felony warrants, police said. When Lepierro was placed in the back seat of a patrol car, he tried to kick out the window, police said. Deputies then secured his legs with plastic restraints while his hands remained cuffed behind his back. Roughly eight minutes into a drive to the jail, Lepierro used his cuffed hands to free his legs, smashed a passenger window and escaped, police said.

Authorities said Lepierro tried to carjack at least six cars before trying to board a school bus, police said. The driver kept him out by holding the door closed, while students inside watched in disbelief. Lepierro was shot with a Taser stun gun, but it had no effect, police said. He then ran to a nearby sheriff's patrol car, got behind the wheel and tried to drive off, but a pickup truck driver blocked him in. A deputy then opened fire on Lepierro, shooting him in the upper torso, police said. The officer removed the suspect from the vehicle and administered first aid. Lepierro was pronounced dead at the scene. The deputy, whose name was withheld, was described as a 15-year veteran and was placed on administrative leave during an investigation into the shooting. The sheriff's department said the deputy shot Lepierro because he had exhibited violent behavior and had access to a loaded shotgun in the patrol car.

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4 January 2006

aus dem hochsicherheitsknast zomba sind 3 männer geflohen. sie sollen das schloß an der zellentür mit einem stein aufgebrochen haben und seien dann über den stacheldrahtzaun geklettert. in dem artikel steht weiter daß bei der jährlichen weihnachts/neujahrsamnestie 703 gefangene entlassen werden sollen, die knastbehörden sagen aber sie hätten noch keine liste und könnten deshalb auch keinen entlassen.

Three prisoners escape, 703 pardoned

Three hardcore criminals escaped from maximum-security Zomba Central Prison yesterday morning at around 4 am. The escape coincided with the pardon of 703 prisoners by President Bingu wa Mutharika over the weekend. Prisons spokesperson Tobias Nowa confirmed the three: Wyson Patrick, 23; James Mapila Phiri, 35 and Fadson Chapata, 37, broke the cell?s door using a big stone before climbing the tall security-fence to make their way out to freedom.

"It was around 4 am and it was raining heavily and they took advantage of that. They threatened their colleagues not to shout. But we want to assure the nation that we will recapture them," Nowa said. Nowa said Patrick, from Phwandaphwanda Village, T/A Nkalo in Chiradzulu, was serving eleven and half years jail term for armed robbery and was due for release in 2010. "For Phiri, who comes from Somanje Village, T/A Makata in Blantyre, this is his second escape. He once escaped and was serving eight years jail term for robbery and escaping from a lawful custody. He was due for release in November this year," he said.

The spokesperson said Chapata, from Nkutumula Village, T/A Makwangwala in Ntcheu, was serving seven years for manslaughter and was going to walk free in December 2007. Asked how the prisoners managed to climb the tall security-fence with barbed wire, Nowa said these are criminals and some of them had staged robberies in up-stair buildings and it was no surprise that they managed to beat the security fence. Meanwhile, prison sources disclosed that another prisoner, Simplex Pemba, also escaped from Mikuyu Prison on December 18.

Nowa confirmed Pemba's escape, adding this was his second time to escape. He said he once escaped when he was at Zomba Central Prison and was recaptured. He said Pemba escaped when he went out with prison warders for work. Meanwhile, Mutharika has pardoned 703 prisoners as part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Home Affairs Minister Anna Kachikho said Monday that the President pardoned the prisoners. But Nowa and Chief Commissioner of Prisons Mc Donald Chaona said yesterday the Prison Headquarters had not yet received the official list of those pardoned from the Home Affairs Ministry but said they would release them once they get it.

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3. January 2006

zwei der vier an silvester aus dem polizeiknast in philipsburg geflohenen männer wurden wieder verhaftet.

Jailhouse blues

The New Year’s Eve escape of four detainees, two of whom were back behind bars last night, has again raised concern about security in the holding cells at the Philipsburg police station, especially since it happened before, not too long ago.

The police cell complex is used primarily for pre-trial detention and holding illegal immigrants, so it cannot be compared to the prison at Pointe Blanche. The fact of the matter is, however, that what are suspected to be dangerous criminals are kept there, in this case two held for armed robbery and one for shooting someone. They were on the loose for the change of year weekend and could have done a lot of damage.The police cells were renovated a few years back when conditions there were so bad there was a danger their use would no longer be allowed, but conditions are still far from ideal. Rather than the physical state of the facility, however, if sources are correct that for the second time in three years a saw was smuggled into the cells, the problem may have more to do with human resources.

The news less than two months ago that drugs and cell phones had been found in the cell was already an indication of security problems. It’s all still being looked into, of course, but if indeed tools used in the escape were smuggled in, a thorough investigation into the comings and goings at the police cells is warranted.Law enforcement officials should use this wakeup call to take decisive action to eliminate any doubt about a possible “inside job” and do what is necessary to ensure that the cells do what they arc supposed to do: keep people locked up to protect society, in terms of its safety as well as its livelihood.

St. Maarten is all about tourism and an escape like this at the height of the busy season does not exactly send the desired message in terms of safety and security. Hopefully the remaining two fugitives will soon be back where they belong and, perhaps more important, strong measures will be taken to prevent a reoccurrence.

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2 January 2006

der zweite mann der beim transport zum knast in volos geflohen war, wurde tod aufgefunden, angeblich suizid.


The frozen body of a 23-year-old Russian convicted killer, who escaped last week after shooting two police officers to death while being transferred from a police detention centre in Ioannina to a prison in Larissa, was found by police on Monday on the shores of Malakasiotis river with a bullet wound in the head and clutching the revolver he snatched from one of the two dead officers, after police search squads headed to the river, from where local residents reported that they had heard a single gun shot in the early morning. A manhunt had been mounted on Friday for the Russian convict, 23-year-old Maxim Zhilin, after he killed two policemen who were escorting the Zhilin and two 17-year-old Albanians convicted on minor drug charges from a police detention centre in Ioannina to prisonsl in Larissa and Volos. One of the Albanians was injured by gunfire in the police transport van, while the second Albanian, who escaped with Zhilin after the massacre, was captured on Sunday some 12 kilometres from the scene of the crime.

The two police officers -- a driver and a guard -- were killed in Malakasi, Kalambaka, on Friday when they made an unscheduled stop because the Russian and one of the Albanians persistenty asked to relieve themselves. Zhilin asked the guard to remove the handcuffs he was wearing and when the guard complied, he assaulted him and grabbed his weapon, shooting him in the head. The Russian and one of the Albanians overpowered and killed the driver before fleeing, while the second Albanian was injured during the process. As police had said shortly after the incident, Zhilin took the revolver he snatched from the officer with him, and there was one bullet left in the revolver. Zhilin was serving time for the murder of a 42-year-old woman in Corfu on October 2. The Russian posed as a hitchhiker and robbed and murdered the woman after she gave him a lift. The two Albanians were being held for drug-related offences.

A massive search operation by land and air was immediately launched by police and border guards aided by special forces and police commandos flown to scene of the crime. According to initial reports, officers of the EKAM special police force found the Russian's body on the shores of the Malakasiotis river, a tributary of the Pinios river, at quite a distance from the scene of the massacre and escape. It is believed that Zhelin attempted to cross the river to escape the police search squads, but that he was physically run down after spending many hours outdoors in freezing temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

Police who found Zhilin's body said the corpse was frozen, with the revolver clutched in one hand. They consider it highly likely that Zhilin used the final bullet in the revolver to end his own life, not wishing to be captured and already in a state of exhaustion from the cold. Uncorroborated reports also said that the body was not wearing shoes. It is also believed that Zhilin died early Monday morning, given that local residents told police they heard a single gunshot coming from the area of the river.

The body was found by an EKAM team, aided by hunters familiar with the territory, and a medical examiner and prosecutor arrived at the scene shortly afterward, as well as an ambulance, which carried the corpse to a police helicopter for transport to a police facility in Larissa, where an autopsy would be performed to determine the exact cause and time of death. Details were due to be released later in the day by police chief George Aggelakos and head of the police operations for northern Greece, Stratos Kyriakakos, both of whom rushed to Trikala after Friday's bloody incident.

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1. January 2006

bei der flucht von drei männern aus dem polizeiknast in richard's bay / kwazulu-natal wurde ein polizist erschossen. die drei männer wurden von der polizei nach kurzer zeit gestellt. bei einem schußwechsel seien zwei der männer erschossen worden, der dritte wurde wieder verhaftet.

PRISONER kills policeman during escape

A 33-year-old police captain was shot dead by a prisoner during an escape at the Richard's Bay police station in northern KwaZulu-Natal, a spokesperson said on Saturday. Police Captain Jabulani Mdletshe said the attack happened on Friday evening when Captain Gcina Myeni and a colleague, Inspector Daniel Jordan, went to check on prisoners at the holding cells. One of the prisoners pulled out a gun and shot Myeni on the chest and thigh. He died on the scene. The prisoner and two accomplices took Myeni's gun and assaulted Jordan on their way out. Mdletshe said officers at the station called the Eskhawini police station for back up. They chased the prisoners and during a shoot-out with them, two of the escapees were shot dead and one was rearrested. Mdletshe said the men had been facing murder charges. He said the remaining prison escapee faced three additional charges of murder, attempted murder, and escaping from lawful custody. - Sapa

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1. January 2006

einer der zwei auf der flucht zum knast in volos geflohenen männer wurde wieder verhaftet.

GREEK Police Arrest Fugitive Involved in Murder of 2 Policemen

Athens. Greek police arrested one of the two fugitives ? a Russian and an Albanian, who killed two policemen and injured another two days ago, AFP reported. Albanian Ilmi Dada, 17 was arrested near Trikala, 12 km away from the scene of incident. More than 150 policemen continue the manhunt for the Russian Maxim Zhilin, who is considered to be very dangerous. FOCUS News Agency Reminds: Two policemen were killed on Friday, December 30th, while escorting three inmates, all foreign nationals, from a police lock-up in Ioannina to a prison in Volos during an escape by two of the prisoners in their care. A third man, one of the three prisoners, was also injured by gunfire.

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1. January 2006

acht jahre nach seiner flucht aus dem knast in lewisburg / pennsylvania wurde ein mann in charleston/ south carolina wieder verhaftet. der mann kommt aus der dominikanischen republik und könnte abgeschoben werden.

Marshals apprehend fugitive 8 years after he left prison

WILLIAMSPORT - Pablo Cedeno lived in a new middle-class housing development in the Charleston, S.C., suburb of Summerville, making no effort to hide his identity. He owned a painting business, and his name was lettered on his truck. The married father of three had his home well-decorated for the holidays. Neighbors described him as friendly and helpful. That's why U.S. Deputy Marshal Dennis Suszko in Charleston said they were "shocked" and "blown away" when they learned this week Cedeno was a fugitive, having walked away from the minimum-security camp outside the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary on June 11, 1997.

Cedeno did not have to hide his identity because police, court and prison records stated he was Edwin Mercado, a native of the Dominican Republic who was serving a 9-year sentence on cocaine distribution and money laundering charges from the Cleveland area. It is difficult to verify a name of someone born outside the United States, said Michael R. Regan, chief marshal in the U.S. Middle District. He praised the work of deputies in the Williamsport office for suspecting the name Mercado was an alias through their questioning of people who knew him before and after his drug arrest.

"It was like breaking a code" when it appeared Mercado was actually Cedeno, said James Cunfer, marshal in charge of the Williamsport office. Until then, "it was like chasing a ghost," he said. Photos helped cement the belief Mercado and Cedeno were the same guy, Suszko said. After marshals arrested Cedeno about 11 p.m. Tuesday at his home, he admitted his identity, he said. Cedeno told investigators he hitched rides to Miami and flew to the Dominican Republic after he walked away from the prison camp.

Cedeno and his wife moved to Summerville about three years ago, marshals said. He put down $50,000 on a house that Suszko estimates is worth at least $200,000. The couple own a 2005 sport utility vehicle and truck, he said. Since his escape, Cedeno has fathered two children who are 2 and 6, Suszko said. They are U.S. citizens but neither parent is, he said. Cedeno will be returned to Williamsport for prosecution on a 1997 escape charge and could face deportation, authorities said.

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