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31. Dezember 2005

bei ihrer flucht während der fahrt zum knast in volos haben zwei männer die 2 sie bewachenden polizisten erschossen und einen dritten gefangenen verletzt.

Second day of manhunt for fugitives who killed police guards

Police on Saturday entered the second day of a massive manhunt in northern Greece to apprehend two fugitives who escaped custody. Two policemen were killed on Friday while escorting three inmates, all foreign nationals, from a police lock-up in Ioannina to a prison in Volos during an escape by two of the prisoners in their care. A third man, one of the three prisoners, was injured by gunfire. Police are hunting for Russian national Maxim Zhilim, 23, who is wanted for murder, and 17-year-old Albanian Ilmi Dada, who assisted him in the escape.

The third prisoner, also an underage Albanian, did not participate in the attack and was found wounded inside the transport van when police arrived. The two Albanians were being held for drug-related offences. Zhilin was convicted for the murder of a 42-year-old woman on October 2 in Corfu, whom he robbed and killed after she gave him a lift believing he was a hitchhiker. The search operation includes police and border guards aided by special forces and police commandos flown to scene of the crime.

The armed forces have contributed two Sikorsky helicopters to the search and placed on standby one Super-Puma all-weather helicopter, two Apache helicopters and one Chinook helicopter, along with special troops. The two officers, a driver and a guard, were killed in Malakasi, Kalambaka, when they made an unscheduled stop before a juvenile prison in Volos, where the two Albanians were to be incarcerated and Zhilin picked up by another transport van bound for an adult prison in Larissa. According to sources, the Russian and one of the Albanians had asked to relieve themselves. The Russian asked the guard to remove the handcuffs he was wearing and when the guard complied, he assaulted him and grabbed his weapon, shooting him in the head. With the assistance of the second Albanian, who was still in handcuffs, they overpowered the driver, whom they also shot and killed before fleeing.

[  ana.gr

Greek police die as inmates flee

30. dezember 2005

Two Greek police officers have been shot dead with their own weapons as two prisoners escaped during a jail transfer, authorities say. The inmates, an Albanian and a Russian, escaped from a prison van near the northern town of Trikala. The prisoners had requested a toilet stop, but then seized the officers' weapons and opened fire on them. A third prisoner, another Albanian, stayed at the scene and was later taken back into custody. A massive search for the prisoners, involving helicopters and special police forces, was launched following the attack. The Russian escapee is reported to be serving life for murder. All three prisoners were being transferred from prisons in Corfu and Ioannina to another in the city of Larissa, the AP news agency said. The incident occured just after 1100 local time (0900 GMT).

[  bbc.co.uk

28. Dezember 2005

angeblich mit unterstützung von angehörigen sind 3 männer aus dem jackson county knast / tennessee geflohen. einer wurde nach wenigen stunden wieder verhaftet.

Three men escape from Jackson County jail; one captured

Three inmates escaped from a crowded Jackson County jail overnight, and one was captured early Wednesday morning, authorities said. Sheriff Kenneth Bean said that the three inmates -- Christopher L. Henry, 28, Ricky D. Paul, 26, and Joshua Earhart, 22 -- escaped at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday after climbing up to a catwalk in the facility and breaking a window. "After talking to other inmates and listening to recorded phone conversations, we believe it was planned," Bean said. Bean said he believed one of the inmates had someone, possibly a spouse, waiting to pick them up after they escaped. Authorities tracked them as they traveled south into White County, Bean said, where Earhart was captured about 3:30 a.m. Authorities are still looking for the other two inmates in White County. Bean said that prison officials noticed their absence after about 10 minutes. He said one of the inmates blocked a security camera while the other two climbed to the catwalk. The three inmates were being held on drug and theft charges and don't have a history of violent crimes, the sheriff said.

[  tennessean.com

21. Dezember 2005

zwei männer sind aus einem abschiebeknast bei tallinn geflohen.

Two detainees escape

Two men escaped from a deportation center, after being detained for staying illegally in Estonia. Ashot Mikaelyan, 34, and Alexander Bespalov escaped at around 2:45 a.m. on Dec. 20, a representative of the Citizenship and Migration Board told the Baltic News Service. Police and officials of the Falck Eesti security company, the deportation center and the Tallinn and Tartu migration bureaus of the citizenship authority will all join in on the search. In-house investigations have begun to establish the circumstances of the escape.

[  baltictimes.com

21. Dezember 2005

zwei männer sind aus dem knast in der stadt carcassone geflohen. die männer sind auf die knastmauer gestiegen . eine dritte person ,die als gärtner verkleidet war ,soll ihnen mit einer leiter geholfen haben.

Two convicts scale ladder to escape French prison

Two convicts used a ladder to escape a prison in southern France Tuesday with the apparent help of outside accomplices, officials said. The men, both aged in their 20s, scaled a wall around the facility in the town of Carcassone during an exercise break, the regional prisons authority said. It did not immediately identify the men nor say for what crimes they had been sentenced. Police and residents told AFP that, just before the jail break, a man dressed as a gardener arrived at a field behind the prison in a outdoor maintenance vehicle. He was thought to have supplied the ladder that the two convicts used to escape. The prison houses 130 inmates. The last time two of them escaped, in june 2003, they were caught two days later and sentenced to an additional 18 months behind bars. Three other convicts were caught trying to break out last year.

[  expatica.com

20. Dezember 2005

aus dem abschiebeknast in bicutan sind drei männer geflohen. über die art der flucht gibt es keine auskünfte.

3 foreigners escape from BI jail in Bicutan

THREE foreigners involved in drug trafficking and gun smuggling escaped from the Bureau of Immigration jail in Bicutan last Monday. Chinese nationals Tan Ti Shao and Go Sak Pin and Sri Lankan Kertee Jamahaya bolted the tightly secured premises around 11 p.m. Their manner of escape is still unknown. Immigration Commissioner Alipio Fernandez vowed to fire the jail guards who might be held responsible for the incident. ?Heads will roll. No one will be spared. This is shameful to the entire bureau,? Fernandez said. Fernandez immediately formed a fact-finding committee to investigate the incident and recommended disciplinary and legal actions against those involved.

The BI chief also assured that administrative and criminal charges will be slapped against any immigration personnel who might have aided the prisoners in their escape. Violators can incur the maximum punishment of dismissal from the service in addition to facing a separate antigraft complaint before the Office of the Ombudsman. In the meantime, he tasked the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police for assistance to track down the three aliens. Tan and Go were involved in drug trafficking while Jamahaya was reportedly engaged in arms smuggling.

[  manilastandardtoday.com

20. Dezember 2005

drei männer sind aus dem pardi knast / valsad bezirk geflohen bzw.sie wurden, weil gefälschte entlassungspapiere vorgelegt wurden, entlassen.

3 escape from jail in Valsad dist

VAPI: Three members of a gang of five involved in a fake currency racket and until now behind bars at Pardi sub jail in Valsad district, managed to escape from the jail on the basis of a fake release order on Monday evening. Three of the accused who slipped out of the jail are Abdul Sheikh of Tamil Nadu, Sunil Kartik of Coimbatore and M Hussein Abdul of Mangalore. These three, along with Raju Mohandas and Santosh Saini of Vapi, had been arrested in September this year and a car bearing Tamil Nadu registration was seized along with 93 fake currency notes of Rs 500 denomination. A case was lodged at Vapi GIDC police station on September 4, 2005. The five were sent to the Pardi sub jail on September 23, 2005.

According to police, on Monday evening a fake release order, purportedly signed by the jailor, was handed over to the head constable Ramesh M Patel, who allowed the three to leave. The remaining two accused from Vapi stayed put in the jail. The matter came to the notice of jailor Arif B Patel, when someone called him on his mobile at about 11 pm on Monday to inquire whether the three accused had been released or not.

Following this Patel had asked for the register to check who all among the inmates had been released. Patel later lodged a complaint at Pardi police station, according to police sub-inspector RR Sarvaiyya. Valsad superintendent of police Abhay Singh Chudasma said investigation was on and jailor's mobile phone was being checked to confirm if he had been receiving calls from the three accused. Meanwhile, it is learnt that Vapi GIDC police inspector Chandrakant Gandhi had written a letter on September 29, 2005 to the jailor of Pardi sub jail requesting him to shift the three accused to Navsari sub jail, as the former has a bad track record as far as incidents of escape of convicts are concerned. As per records, convicts have escaped from Pardi sub jail in 1992, 1998, 2001 and 2004.

[  timesofindia.indiatimes.com

16. Dezember 2005

3 männer sind aus dem butuan knast / barangay langihan geflohen.

3 bolt Butuan jail

Three detainees escaped from a police jail here early morning Friday. Senior Superintendent Ramon Espiritu, city police director, said the inmates sawed off the steel bar reinforcing the roof of the detention cell of the Northern Police Precinct in Barangay Langihan around 1:30 a.m. Espiritu said the jailbreakers face criminal charges ranging from car theft, theft and robbery. He identified them as Jomar Sevilla, 20, Akmad Maindi,25 and Michael Savilga. Espiritu said policemen on-duty at the time would be administratively and criminally charged.

[  news.inq7.net

15. Dezember 2005

zwei artikel über ein interview mit dem im november geflohenen mann der in texas zum tod verurteilt ist. ( über die flucht haben wir letzten monat berichtet).

Recaptured Fugitive: Life on Lam Was 'Great'

A condemned prisoner who got a taste of freedom last month when he escaped from a county jail said Wednesday his flight was worth it even though he was caught after three days on the run. "It was great," Charles V. Thompson, 35, said from death row in his first public comments about the Nov. 3 escape from the Harris County Jail in downtown Houston. "I got to smell the trees, feel the wind in my hair, grass under my feet, see the stars at night. It took me straight back to childhood being outside on a summer night."

Thompson said he rode trains for 2? days to near Shreveport, La., and posed as a Hurricane Katrina refugee to get some money before he was arrested there. "It was short-lived, but I think it was worth it," he said from a tiny visiting cage outside death row in the Polunsky Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Thompson said his flight from the jail, where he had been housed for five months while he was attending a new sentencing trial, was aided by lackadaisical deputies who allowed him to walk out the front door virtually unchallenged.

"Once I got there and seen how relaxed it was ? they sit ... and play video games, they sleep on the job," he said. "The sheriff said it was human error and nothing is wrong with their policies. I have to disagree." Thompson fled a week after he was re-sentenced to death for the 1998 shooting deaths of his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

After Thompson met with an attorney in a small interview cell, he slipped out of his handcuffs and orange jail jumpsuit and left the unlocked room. He refused to reveal how he got a handcuff key in the Harris County Jail. "I'm not a snitch. I'll take that one to the grave with me." Thompson waived a badge fashioned from his prison ID card to get past several deputies. "Then I walked out the front door," Thompson said. "It was the hardest thing in the world to not run. I walked down the steps, down the street, around the corner, stripped to my jogging clothes and went on the jogging path." Sheriff Tommy Thomas fired one deputy and disciplined eight others for Thompson's escape. One more retired rather than face discipline.

Thompson said he expects to pay for his escape by getting no leniency from Texas courts in his legal appeal. He said prison officials asked if he would try another escape. "I said, 'I don't think there's any holes in your security here,'" he said. "I'm pretty much resolved to my fate. Concrete box 23 hours a day. Just sit in there and think about how they're going to kill you."

[  foxnews.com

Condemned prisoner describes how he managed to walk free

A condemned prisoner who got a taste of freedom last month when he escaped from the Harris County Jail said Wednesday his flight was worth it even though he was caught after three days on the run. "It was great," Charles Victor Thompson, 35, said from death row in his first public comments about the Nov. 3 escape from downtown Houston.

"I got to smell the trees, feel the wind in my hair, grass under my feet, see the stars at night. It took me straight back to childhood being outside on a summer night." Thompson said he rode trains for 2 1/2 days to near Shreveport, La., posed as a Hurricane Katrina refugee to get some money, and was arrested in Shreveport while trying to arrange for wire transfers of money from overseas so he could make it to Canada.

"It was short-lived, but I think it was worth it," he said from a tiny visiting cage outside death row in the Polunsky Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Thompson said his flight from the jail, where he had been housed for five months while he was attending a new sentencing trial, was aided by lackadaisical deputies who allowed him to walk out the front door virtually unchallenged.

"Once I got there and seen how relaxed it was -- they sit in pickets and play video games, they sleep on the job," he said. "The sheriff said it was human error and nothing is wrong with their policies. I have to disagree." Three weeks after the escape, Sheriff Tommy Thomas blamed employee error for the security breakdown that allowed Thompson to flee. As a result, one deputy was fired and eight others disciplined. One more retired rather than face discipline, which ranged from a letter of reprimand to up to 10 days suspension without pay. Thompson said he wasn't aware his escape, which made him an object of a national manhunt, was such a high-profile event until he saw his picture in a newspaper and walked by a store selling televisions and "seeing my face on fifteen televisions."

Thompson fled a week after he was re-sentenced to death for the 1998 shooting deaths of his ex-girlfriend, Dennise Hayslip, 39, of Tomball, and her new boyfriend, Daren Keith Cain, 30, of Spring. Thompson had met with an attorney involved in his case in a small interview cell. After the attorney left, he slipped out of his handcuffs and orange jail jumpsuit and left the room, which was supposed to be locked. He said he got a handcuff key in the Harris County Jail.

"I'm not going to reveal where it came from," he said. "I'm not a snitch. I'll take that one to the grave with me." Thompson waived an ID badge fashioned out of his prison ID card to get past several deputies. When he got to the desk sergeant at the front of the jail, "I told him I was covering an undercover investigation, dropped the major's name and told him I'd be noting in my report he was cooperating." The sergeant, he said, let him by.

"Then I walked out the front door," Thompson said. "It was the hardest thing in the world to not run. I walked down the steps, down the street, around the corner, stripped to my jogging clothes and went on the jogging path." He hopped on a passing freight train but stopped a few miles north of downtown Houston to call his parents. "I just wanted to tell them I love them and what happened," he said, "and not to worry about it." He said he then tried to carjack a woman in Houston, but Thompson, who said he hadn't driven a car in seven years, couldn't get the key to turn.

"So I got out and ran," he said. A second train took him to near Shreveport, where his story about being a Katrina refugee compelled some people at a paper mill to give him $21, a shower and a ride to a truck stop. Then he hitched a ride to Shreveport. The self-described former drug addict and alcoholic used the money for some food, "a pint of Seagrams and a pack of beer," he said.

When he was on the phone outside a store, his back to the street, he heard a car screech to a stop. "I knew," Thompson said. "I turned around and there was five vehicles with doors flying open with guns and shotguns coming out, and I knew it was over." Thompson said he expects to pay for his escape by getting no leniency from Texas courts in his legal appeal. He said prison officials asked if he would try another escape. "I said, 'I don't think there's any holes in your security here,"' he said. "I'm pretty much resolved to my fate. Concrete box 23 hours a day. Just sit in there and think about how they're going to kill you."

[  abclocal.go.com

14. Dezember 2005

drei männer sind aus dem escambia county knast / florida geflohen. sie hatten den schließmechanismus einer tür blockiert, sind dann über die feuertreppe auf das dach gestiegen und von dort runtergesprungen. einer der männer hat sich nach kurzer zeit gestellt.

Inmates escape from jail

The Escambia County sheriff's office is investigating the escape of three inmates from the Escambia County Detention Center Sunday night. According to Sheriff Grover Smith, all three inmates escaped from Unit 2 by exiting through a hallway door by jamming the locking mechanism on the door. The doorway led to the fire escape door on top of the roof. The inmates broke the pad lock off the door and got on the roof of the jail. Once on top of the building they jumped off. According to a news release, one of the inmates turned himself back into the Detention Center. Chris Baggett, 26, faces additional escape charges once the investigation is completed. Baggett was being held in the Detention Center on escape, second degree and burglary, third degree.

"We are still looking for the other two inmates, and they will be facing additional escape charges too," Smith said. The other two inmates are Donald Ray Jordan and Woodie Thompson. Jordan is described as a white male, 47. He weighs approximately 180 pounds and is 5'8". His previous address was listed as 611 Perch Street, Atmore. Jordan was being held in the Detention Center for escape - third degree, assault - third degree and bond revocation.

Thompson is described as a white male, 37. He weighs 155 pounds and is 5'7". His previous address was listed as Jernigan Road in Brewton. Thompson was being held in the Detention Center for leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, escape - second degree, burglary - third degree, violation of bond and public intoxication. Anyone with information about the two escapees is advised to contact the Escambia County Sheriff's office immediately at 251-809-0741. On Monday, the Escambia County Commission approved a contract to repair and replace the majority of the locks at the Detention Center. Smith said that the repairs should eliminate the chances of an escape being possible in the future. Both damaged locks in the escape have been repaired on a temporary basis.

[  atmoreadvance.com

12. Dezember 2005

bei dem einsturz eines daches in einem knast in moskau wurde erst angenommen das drei gefangene dabei umgekommen seien. jetzt wird gemeldet daß einer der männer geflohen sei.

INMATE thought dead in Moscow jail roof collapse may be escapee

An inmate thought to have died when a Moscow jail roof collapsed Sunday reportedly killing three people could have escaped, a source in the Moscow Region investigative agencies said Monday. "During the rescue operation, the bodies of two inmates were found under the rubble. The body of the third inmate was also believed to be buried under the debris. But it has not been found so far," the source said. According to the source, a headcount of all the inmates had been taken at the time the roof collapsed and only three were missing. "Most likely, the third inmate thought to have been buried under the rubble was not in the jail at the time the roof collapsed, having left the jail on his own before the incident," the source said. A search for the fugitive is under way.

[  rian.ru

11. Dezember 2005

drei artikel zu einem knastausbruch in der nähe von albertville in den französischen alpen. danach haben zwei männer einen hubschrauber gemietet, angeblich um skifahrer in den alpen abzuholen. die männer sollen dann den piloten gezwungen haben im knasthof zu landen. drei männer wurden dort befreit. der hubschrauber wurde in der nähe von grenoble verlassen. es soll seit 1981 der 10. ausbruch mit einem hubschrauber sein.

French jailbirds stage yet another helicopter escape

USING a tried and tested method of escape from French jails, three convicts broke out of a prison in eastern France yesterday aboard a helicopter hijacked from a nearby airport.Two armed men hijacked the helicopter in Albertville as it was about to take off to pick up skiers in the Alps and forced the pilot to fly to a prison about 10 minutes away. The helicopter landed in the courtyard and three prisoners clambered aboard.

The five men later fled on foot, taking the pilot’s telephone and radio, after the aircraft landed in open country near the city of Grenoble. They had not been found by nightfall despite roadblocks set up by police.Such escapes are becoming embarrassingly common in France with at least 10 helicopter jail breaks reported since 1981. The most spectacular happened in 1986 when the wife of Michel Vaujour, a bank robber, flew low over central Paris in a white helicopter and plucked him off the roof of his fortress prison.

Officials declined to name yesterday’s escapees from the prison at Aiton but said that one was serving time for drug trafficking, another for armed robbery and the third — considered especially dangerous — for leading a gang in a robbery. The prison’s courtyard had no security mesh to prevent such incidents.A similar attempted jailbreak in central France failed in July when a helicopter landed on a prison roof but set off alarms. Yet a large number of prisoners have managed to flee aboard helicopters chartered for the occasion or hijacked at gunpoint.

In 2000 a gunman hijacked a helicopter and plucked three inmates from the roof of their prison near Lyons. Guards opened fire on the aircraft but could not stop the daring escape, in which prisoners clung to a large net lowered from the helicopter.One of the escapees was shot dead by guards firing from watchtowers; but after the helicopter landed in a field not far from the prison, four men fled in cars commandeered from motorists. The escaped prisoners were later recaptured after a gun battle with police.

After a 1992 escape from the same prison, cables were strung across the central yards at five-metre intervals. Other prisons already have nets over the exercise yards, which were put up after Vaujour’s escape from La Santé prison in 1986.Nadine, the mother of his two children, piloted a helicopter to La Santé and hoisted him to freedom after he had made his way to the roof with a fake pistol and nectarines painted as grenades.

[  timesonline.co.uk

Helicopter plucks three prisoners from French jail

11. dezember 2005

GRENOBLE: Three prisoners escaped from a jail in eastern France on Saturday after a hijacked helicopter landed in its yard, police and prison officials said. The helicopter had been booked a month ago at Albertville in the French Alps to pick up two cross-country skiers, sources said. As it landed, it was seized by the two men who forced the pilot to fly to a prison at Aiton, where it touched down in the jail's yard 15 minutes later. The yard has no security mesh to prevent such incidents. The three prisoners boarded the chopper, which then left. No injuries were reported. The helicopter landed in open country near Grenoble not far away and the five men made their escape, taking the pilot's phone and radio. The three escapees were in preventive detention before standing trial on theft and drugs charges. A similar attempted jailbreak in east-central France in July failed when a helicopter landed on a prison roof but set off alarms.

[  dailytimes.com.pk

THREE prisoners flee French jail in helicopter

10. dezember 2005

Three prisoners escaped from a prison in eastern France on Saturday in a helicopter hijacked from a nearby airport before it was due to leave to pick up skiers in the nearby Alps mountains, jail official said. Two armed men hijacked the helicopter in Albertville and forced the pilot to land in the prison courtyard about 10 minutes away, they said. The three prisoners hopped aboard and all five later fled by foot after the craft landed. They had not been found by nightfall, the officials said. Officials declined to name the escapees but said one was serving time for drug trafficking, another for armed robbery and the third -- who was considered especially dangerous -- for leading a gang in a robbery case.

[  reuters.co.uk

9. Dezember 2005

34 jahre nach seiner flucht aus dem osborn knast / ohio hat sich ein jetzt 58 jähriger mann gestellt. nach aussage seiner tochter war er "müde davon immer vor dem gesetz davon zulaufen" .

34 years on the lam, fugitive surrenders

A fugitive who walked away from a prison honor farm 34 years ago turned himself in, tired of running from the law, his daughter said. Jackie Darrell Caudill, 58, was 18 months into a 10-to-25-year sentence for armed robbery when he escaped from the Osborn Honor Farm near this northern Ohio city in November 1971, authorities said.

Erie County sheriff's deputies turned Caudill over Thursday to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, which still had his 25-year-old mug shot posted Thursday evening on the most-wanted section of its Web site. After three decades of living under aliases and working as a truck driver in numerous states, Caudill visited his ailing mother in Alabama several months ago and decided to surrender, authorities said. But first Caudill contacted his 36-year-old daughter in Sandusky whom he had never met. "I haven't had a whole lot of time to get to know him," said his daughter, Carrie Caudill Harmon. "I don't want people to judge him."

Caudill participated in a robbery of a truck stop in the late 1960s, authorities said. "He stayed out of trouble and he's learned his lesson," said Harmon, the mother of two teenage children. After his prison escape, Caudill lived in Arizona, California and Texas, he told his daughter. He married twice, but had no children. Caudill will remain at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio, while prison officials decide what to do with him. He will have a hearing before the Ohio Parole Board within a few weeks, she said.

[  enquirer.com

8. Dezember 2005

von sechs untersuchungshäftlingen, die vom hof des gerichtes in salt lake geflohen waren, wird nach zweien noch gefahndet. zwei wurden noch auf dem gerichtshof gefasst, zwei weitere kurze zeit später.

Six undertrials escape from Salt Lake court premises

Three days after the sensational escape of three undertrials accused in the murder and attempt-to-murder cases from Howrah, six of them managed to dodge the callous guards and fled when they were being taken to the prison van parked outside the Salt Lake SDM court around 5 pm today. Two of them, Khairul Mollah and Piku Rai, were nabbed by the police from the court premises. The two others, Ziaul Nashkar and Pintu Rai, were later arrested from a hideout near Bidhananagar North police station. Rabiul Nashkar and Hasan Nashkar are still absconding.

Khairul Mollah, Ziaul Lashkar, Hasan Lashkar and Rabiul Lashkar are accused in the series of dacoity cases in GC Block and the rape of a 13-year-old girl in view of her parents. Pinku Rai and Pintu Rai are accused in murder cases. All six were brought from Barrackpur Jail to be produced before the court this morning. Around 5 pm, all six were taken out of the court lock-up. Escorted by three policemen, they were headed to the prison van parked outside the court.

"Two of the guards moved forward and were opening the gate of the van when the undertrials started running in a different directions. Caught unawares, the guards gave chase and managed to arrest the two with the help of some police personnel. It was nothing but callousness on their part," a senior officer told Newsline. "I think Hasan Lashkar and Ziaul Lashkar are still in and around Salt Lake. We have blocked all the entry and exit points and a hunt has been launched to nab them," superintendent of police (North 24 Parganas) Parveen Kumar said.

[  expressindia.com

7. Dezember 2005

wieder wurde einer der am 25. november aus dem yakima knast geflohenen 9 männer verhaftet. nur noch einer der männer ist noch auf der flucht.

Yakima jail escapee caught at local residence; one still at large

YAKIMA - One more of the nine inmates who escaped from the Yakima County Jail last month has been caught, leaving just one at large. Gianni Alaimo, 26, of Yakima, surrendered without incident shortly before noon today when officers surrounded a residence where he had recently arrived, the police department said. He and others at the home were being interviewed by detectives. The inmates escaped using a rope made of bed sheets on Nov. 25. Five were captured immediately and two were caught the next day, but Alaimo and Luis Soto " both charged with assault " remained at large. It was the largest escape in the history of the downtown jail, which houses 800 inmates, including scores being held under contract with other jurisdictions.

[  seattletimes.nwsource.com

6. Dezember 2005

durch ein loch das sie in die mauer einer zelle gebohrt haben sind 18 männer aus dem ikeja polizeiknast geflohen. die werkzeuge die die männer , von denen die meisten seit 18 monate im knast sind, sind angeblich durch besucherinnen in den knast gekommen. 6 polizisten wurden wegen dem ausbruch verhaftet.

18"hardened" robbers escape from Police cells

EIGHTEEN suspected hardened armed robbers have escaped from the police cells at Area "F" in Ikeja, Lagos State in the early hours of yesterday after boring a large hole in the walls. Already, six policemen including two officers have been detained on the orders of the Divisional Police Officer over the escape described as, the first of its kind in the station. Police sources said the suspects were among the 64 hardened armed robbery suspects arrested at different locations in and outside Lagos.

It was learnt that they succeeded in boring the hole with tools smuggled into the cells by unknown persons and that those who escaped were robbery kingpins who have spent not less than 18 months in detention awaiting trial. Another source intimated Vanguard that the hole must have been gradually bored over a period of time until it was large enough for them to escape through. Vanguard learnt that the escape which rattled police authorities in the state was coming on the heels of directives by the acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. John Haruna to all area commanders and DPOs for proper vigilance and control in their areas of jurisdiction. Sources confirmed that the DPO in-charge of the station had earlier directed his men to ensure strict compliance with a three-hourly check directive on both the inmates at the cells and the entire vicinity following the growing number of suspects being referred to the station from almost all other formations of the force in the state.

However, it was gathered that officers and men on duty that night have been detained and are undergoing interrogation on the orders of the DPO. When contacted for comments on the development, the command spokesman, Mr. Bode Ojajuni said, "I am not aware of what you are talking about, but I will investigate".

[  vanguardngr.com

4. Dezember 2005

7 männer sind aus dem natabua knast geflohen. zwei wurden nach kurzer zeit wieder verhaftet.

7 prisoners escape

Police are hunting for 7 prisoners who escaped from the Natabua Prison in the last hour. Officer-In-Charge Lautoka Police Station ASP Sur Sen confirms that they have no details as yet on how they escaped. According to ASP Sen two of the escapees were apprehended by the Natabua villages few minutes ago while the hunt continues for the other five. Police are requesting the assistance from the members of the public to arrest the escapees. Meanwhile, police are looking for people who broke into a pawn shop in Nausori between Friday night and yesterday morning. Stolen items include tabua, three wrist watches, mobile phones, discman and other items to a total value of $8,116. No arrests have been made as yet.

[  fijivillage.com

2.December 2005
23-jähriger Mann bei Einlieferung ins Gefängnis geflohen
Polizist schoss - Keine Verletzten

Dresden (ddp-lsc). Ein 23 Jahre alter Mann aus Algerien ist am Donnerstagabend bei der Einlieferung in eine Dresdner Justizvollzugsanstalt (JVA) geflohen. Dem Mann werden drei Diebstähle im Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz vorgeworfen, wie die Polizei am Freitag mitteilte. Er sollte in Untersuchungshaft genommen werden. Für seine Flucht nutzte der 23-Jährige, der von zwei Polizisten begleitet wurde, einen obligatorischen Halt vor der Einfahrt in die JVA aus. Es sei ihm gelungen, aus dem Polizeiauto zu entkommen. Zuvor hatte er sich laut Polizei auf unbekannte Weise von seiner Handfesselung befreit. Aus der Dienstwaffe eines Beamten habe sich «ein Schuss gelöst». Dabei sei aber niemand verletzt worden. Nach dem Mann werde bundesweit gefahndet.

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2. Dezember 2005

12 männer sind aus dem barretto knast/ bezirk pampanga geflohen.

12 prisoners escape from jail in northern Philippines

Twelve prisoners escaped from a district jail of Olongapo City in Pampanga province, northern Philippines on Friday morning, the regional director of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) said. Senior Superintendent Dionisio Mamaril, BJMP director in Central Luzon, said the detainees escaped by destroying the wooden ceiling and aluminum roof of their cell in Barretto village at about 2:45 a.m. The prisoners then climbed the roof of the women's detention center and used a four-meter piece lumber as a bridge to the compound's fence, the director said. Mamaril said he had fired the four jail guards on duty and recommended the filing of administrative and criminal charges against them.

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30. November 2005

nach mehr als zwei wochen auf der flucht hat sich der letzte der aus dem pike county knast geflohenen männer gestellt.

Final Jail Escapee Gives Himself Up

After more than two weeks on the run, the last of five Pike County jail escapees is back in police custody. Officials say Randy Hall, 20, turned himself in around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. The Magnolia native had not gone very far. He was still in Pike County. Hall will now continue serving a 17-year sentence for arson.

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30. November 2005

aus dem knast in yongzhou / bezirk hunan sind zwei männer geflohen.

Two escape jail

THE Ministry of Public Security is offering cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of two inmates who escaped from a prison in Hunan Province. Zeng Shaoye, 33, and Lin Guangshun, 31, broke out of the Yongzhou city prison, where they were serving life terms, on November 5, the Changsha Evening News said. Zeng was jailed for robbery, and Lin for robbery and rape. The ministry offers 10,000 yuan (US$1,238) leading to the capture of each fugitive.

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29. November 2005

zwei männer sind aus den zellen des wellingtoner bezirksgericht geflohen. einer wird als "wellington's meist gesuchter mann" bezeichnet, der zweite mann versuchte bereits letzten monat aus einem knasttransporter zufliehen, wurde aber nach wenigen minuten wieder verhaftet.

Dangerous men escape

Wellington's most wanted man is on the run again, escaping from custody hours after appearing in court. Christopher Hatley, 23, busted his way out of cells at Wellington District Court this afternoon, five days after the serial fraudster, burglar and P addict had been caught by police after months on the run.

Hatley and Albert Karl Lenin Stretch, 24 - another serial burglar - tore down a particle board partition, smashed their way out of the cell area and broke through two roller doors before escaping into Ballance St about 2.30pm. Hatley, limping and barefoot, was last seen heading towards Featherston St while Stretch headed for Lambton Quay, Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Perry said. Despite a search of the surrounding area and properties the pair were known to frequent, there was no sign of them. A third man in the same cell did not try to escape.

Police said both men were dangerous and desperate and should not be approached. Hatley - described by police as Wellington's most wanted man - had been held in overflow cells at Wellington Central police station until his court appearance yesterday on a charge of assault with a weapon. Hatley had been carrying a wire garrotte when arrested. Hatley committed burglaries to support himself while on the run previously and, given he had no money when he escaped, was likely to do so again. Stretch, from Porirua, had been in Rimutaka Prison and had appeared on robbery and burglary charges. He had tried to escape from a prison van in Kilbirnie last month but was caught by a guard minutes later after a chase. [...]

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29 November 2005

ein vietnamesischer mann ist aus dem villawood abschiebelager in sydney geflohen.

Police hunt Villawood escapee

Police from Bankstown Local Area Command are hunting a Vietnamese national who?s escaped from an Immigration Detention Centre at Villawood in Sydney?s southwest. It?s believed 42-year-old Thanh Gung Nguyen escaped from the facility some time between 2pm and 4.30pm yesterday (Monday 28 November)

Mr Nguyen has previous convictions for robbery and drug matters and has served prison terms in both New South Wales and Queensland. He was awaiting deportation to Vietnam before his escape. [...]

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27. November 2005

von neun gefangenen des hochsicherheitstraktes des yakima county knast, die an einem aus bettlaken bestehenden seil aus einer zelle kletterten, wurden 5 noch auf dem knastgelände verhaftet, 4 männer konnten flüchten.

4 inmates at large after jail escape

Nine maximum-security inmates escaped from a county jail Friday by climbing down a rope made of bed sheets, authorities said. Five were recaptured before they could leave the jail grounds, said a Yakima County Corrections official. Authorities were searching for the other four: a 20-year-old man scheduled to go on trial Dec. 5 on charges of second-degree murder, another charged with burglary, and two in custody on second-degree assault allegations. The inmates apparently escaped shortly after 5 p.m. through the ceiling of a cell in their unit on the top floor of the four-story jail, said a Corrections Department spokesman. They gained access to the roof and used bed sheets to slide down to the roof of the adjacent one-story jail annex, then jumped to the ground.

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27. November 2005

9 männer sind auf der rückfahrt von sargodha nach faisalabad geflohen. Zwei der männer wurden jurze zeit später wieder verhaftet.

CM seeks report on escape of 9-Faisalabad prisoners

The mysterious escape of nine prisoners right under the nose of strict security is a shame upon the performance of Punjab Police and Chief Minister has sought a detailed report of the matter from Inspector General Punjab police. As per reports few days, back police took eleven prisoners from two jails of Faisalabad to Sargodha for hearing of their cases and on return back to the prison the gory incident happened, which has raised several questions over alleged police involvement in the escape.

The incident happened when police party stopped at a small road side hotel near Moza Thatia in Chniot to have a cup of tea, but the prisoners requested the police personnel to also let them come down the bus to take tea. On their persistent requests, police allowed eleven chained prisoners to come out of the police vehicle. Right after stepping down from the vehicle the prisoners attacked police constable Nawaz and fled the scene injuring the policemen. Six of the escaped prisoners belonged to Central Jail while file were captives of District Jail Faisalabad.

Later two of the escaped prisoners were arrested. Meanwhile, IG Punjab conducted an inquiry after which SP headquarters Sargodha Raiz Mekan was charge sheeted while Police Bus driver Altaf and Head Constable were arrested. On the other hand the police of three districts is still on hunt of these escaped prisoners. Under strict government orders security of all prisoners within the province has been beefed up, even a ban on visits by relatives of the prisoners have also been imposed.

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24. November 2005

61 gefangene sind aus dem tautape knast in sao paolo zu fliehen. Es kam zu einem riot an dem sich 309 der 1.350 gefangenen beteiligten. 24 gefangene und 31 wärter wurden dabei verletzt. 49 der geflohenen männer wurden wieder verhaftet. Jetzt wird gegen die association of prisoners'mother ermittelt weil diese angeblich den riot unterstützten.

12 prisoners escape in Brazilian jail riot, 55 others wounded

A dozen adolescent prisoners escaped in a Brazilian jail riot, which left injured 24 inmates and 31 prison officers, three of them very seriously, Brazilian authorities said on Wednesday. The riot, described as the most violent in the State Foundation for the Well-being of Minors (Febem) since 1999, broke out on Tuesday morning when 61 convicts, some wearing prison officers' uniforms, escaped through the main gates of the correction center.

According to authorities, 309 of the 1,350 detainees participated in the riot, during which the rebelled inmates occupied terraces and roofs and burned furniture and bedding. Authorities quelled the rebellion by the end of the afternoon. Forty-nine of the escaped were later recaptured. Febem officials said they were investigating the Association of Prisoners' Mothers for allegedly aiding and abetting the rioters.

The Tautape jail, known as one of the most violent in Brazil, has seen 18 riots this year. Sao Paolo state officials announced eight months ago that they would close the jail and replace it with 41 smaller local institutions around the Sao Paolo region. The Inter-American Human Rights Court (CIDH) recently investigated conditions in the jail, in response to complaints of torture and abuse brought before the court in December 2004.

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23 November 2005

von den 11 während des brandes in schiphol geflohenen männer sind 6 nach kurzer zeit wieder verhaftet worden, nach 5 männern wird weiter gefahndet, darunter ein angebl. "algerischer terrorist".

'Terrorist suspect' escaped during detention centre fire

An Algerian man, suspected of involvement in terrorist activities, is among the group of five inmates still at large following the fire at the Schiphol detention centre in late October, a news programme has claimed. The 30-year-old man, identified only as Mustafa A., was being monitored by the Dutch security service (AIVD) prior to his escape, 'Nova' reported on Tuesday night. The news programme based its claim on information from anonymous sources. Eleven people, rejected asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, died in the fire at the detention centre in the early hours of 27 October.

Another 11 inmates managed to escape during the confusion. Six were quickly recaptured, but the remaining five, including Mustafa A., have not been traced, 'Nova' said. Spokespersons for the Justice Ministry in The Hague and the AIVD said they could comment on the claims made by 'Nova'. Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner has refused to date to give out any information about the escapees, citing their right to privacy. 'Nova' said Mustafa A. is included in the "terrorist databank" compiled by the AIVD and he is one of the 150 people the security service is most interested in.

The programme said A. has made use of numerous false identities in the past, and was earlier deported from Germany. The office of the national anti-terrorism coordinator (NCTb) has circulated details about A. internationally to aid in his re-capture. But 'Nova' said A. was in the detention centre as an illegal alien and not as a terror suspect. This was because justice officials had not found any hard evidence linking him to terrorism. A. was opposing moves to deport him to Algeria.

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21. November 2005

vier männer sind aus dem pike county knast mississippi geflohen, einer wurde nach kurzer zeit wieder inhaftiert.

Four Prisoners Escape Pike County Jail

One prisoner has been recaptured, but three others, including a Capital Murder suspect remain at large. Pike County Sheriff Mark Shepherd says all of them should be considered dangerous. Forty-two-year-old Douglas Wells of Mangolia, who was arrested for burglary of a church, was captured without incident early Monday afternoon. Thirty-five-year-old Alanza James, 27-year-old Eric Brown, and 20-year-old Randy Hall remain at large. James, is a Capital Murder suspect The four escaped from the Pike County Jail about eight Sunday night. A fifth inmate was recaptured about two hours later. If you have any information on the whereabouts of these four men, contact your local law enforcement.

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21. November 2005

im abeokuta knast, im südwestlichen nigerianischen bundesstaat ogun, wurden bei einem angebl. fluchtversuch 3 gefangene und 4 wärter verletzt. "die behörden reagierten schnell und sendeten anti-riot polizei in das gefängnis um die ordnung wieder herzustellen und um fluchtversuche einiger gefangener zu verhindern." " quellen im gefängnis" berichteten die gefangenen hätten gegen die überbelegung des knastes und den "langsamen juristischen ablauf der viele von ihnen ohne prozeß hinter gittern hält", protestiert.

7 injured in Nigerian jailbreak attempt

Four prison officials and three inmates of the Abeokuta Prison in Nigeria`s Southwest Ogun State, sustained serious injuries Sunday during an attempted jailbreak, officials said. Authorities moved quickly to restore order by drafting anti-riot policemen to the prison and foiling attempts by some inmates to escape.

Sources at the prison told PANA the prisoners were protesting against congestion at the prison and the slow judicial process that has kept many of them behind bars for several years without trial. State Governor Gbenga Daniel, who visited the prison which is near his official residence, said the judicial system needed major reforms to accelerate trials of suspects. He said the prison would soon be relocated to a new site. Several inmates have been killed in attempted jailbreaks in Nigeria in recent times. The country has some 40,000 inmates in its congested jailhouses, with about half of the prisoners awaiting trial.

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19.November 2005

7 männer sind durch einen tunnel aus einem knast in surabaya geflohen, einer wurde tot im porong fluß gefunden.

Seven escape prison, one found dead

Seven inmates escaped a Surabaya prison on Thursday by digging a tunnel out of their cell. One of them was found death on Friday, or a day after they broke out, while six others are still on the run. The remains of the ill-fated inmate, Yudi Santoso, was found floating on Porong River in the city. Stunned by the inmates escape, police personnel and prison employees had been tracking them down since Friday. The six inmates were serving prison terms for various crimes, ranging from murder to vehicle theft. Prison warden Giri Purbadi said the escape had surprised the prison guards as the seven inmates had not shown any suspicious behavior. The seven reportedly dug a tunnel nine meters long from their cell, providing them access to the outside world. They left the prison at around 12 midnight on Thursday. Overcrowded prison cells and the low salary of prison guards are often blamed for the frequent escapes of inmates.

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19. November 2005

mehrere artikel zu der befreiung von gefangenen durch eine gruppe die den [  naxalite angehören soll. Etwa 389 gefangene sollen je nach angaben entweder befreit oder zum teil befreit und zum teil entführt worden sein. 4 menschen, mitglieder einer illegalen paramilitiärischen gruppe von landbesitzern, ranvir sena , sollen von den naxalite erschossen worden sein, 9 weitere ranvir sena mitglieder wurden entführt und seien später getötet worden. Insgesamt sind bei den angriffen auf polizeigebäude und knast der stadt jehanabad 19 menschen getötet worden. Zur zeit der aktion waren 685 menschen in dem knast. von 185 der befreiten männer "gibt es keine spuren". Da nach dem angriff angebl. flugblätter und plakate gefunden wurden die weitere befreiungen im bundesstaat bengal ankündigen ,wurden maoistische gefangene in andere indische bundesstaaten gebracht.

Escapee Naxalite arrested

One Naxalite, who had escaped from the sub-jail here during the November 13 attack, was arrested today, police said. Satyanarain Rai, a hardcore Naxalite, who had managed to escape during the jailbreak, was arrested today near Mahur More in neighbouring Aurangabad district and brought back to the prison here, sources said. Meanwhile, with 37 more escapees returning to the jail today, the number of those who have so far reported back has gone up to 204. 389 inmates of the sub-jail had either escaped or were kidnapped by CPI (Maoist) extremists on Sunday night of whom 185 are still traceless, jail sources said.

[  outlookindia.com

Ultra hurt in Jehanabad jail attack dies

16. November 2005

Patna, Nov 16: The toll in the storming of the Jehanabad sub-jail by CPI (Maoist) rose to 14 with an ultra succumbing to his injuries at Patna Medical College and Hospital today. Deputy superintendent of the hospital Ashok Kumar Singh told reporters Manoj Kanu succumbed to injuries in the critical care unit of the surgical ward this morning. A self-styled sub-zonal commander of the ultra-left outfit, Kanu, was critically injured in an accidental bomb explosion during the jailbreak operation. He was operated upon on Monday for intestinal perforation after a splinter pierced his intestine during the attack. Nine Ranvir Sena men who were kidnapped during the daring attack on Jehanabad sub-jail were killed, while four had died in the assault on the jail and the Police Lines on Sunday. (Agencies)

[  chennaionline.com

Maoists' jail shift

15. November 2005

The government has initiated a move to transfer Maoist leaders lodged in jail to different addresses in the wake of the Jehanabad strike. The move follows information from Patna that the extremists who raided the Jehanabad jail on Sunday night had left behind posters saying that the torture and detention of two of their leaders in Bengal was one of the reasons behind the strike. CPI (Maoist) leaders Sushil Roy and Patit Pawan Halder, who were arrested in Calcutta in May and are lodged in Midnapore Central Jail with 17 other Maoists, are believed to be the leaders the rebels referred to. "They are key leaders from their action squad. Talks are on to transfer them to a jail in Calcutta,"said a senior police officer. "Rebels who have stayed for over five months in one jail will also be shifted." Sources said jails secretary P.K. Agrawal has already ordered a mass transfer of Maoist leaders lodged in the state?s six high-security jails. Mohan Baidya from Nepal, another action squad leader who is now in the Jalpaiguri district jail, might be brought to Midnapore.

[  telegraphindia.com

BIHAR under siege: Police station attacked, jail broke-open

14. november 2005

JEHANABAD: Several persons have died when 1,000 Naxalities on Sunday night attacked the Jehanabad police station in Bihar which is facing the last stage of polls to the state Assembly. According to reports, the police retaliated by firing hack at the Naxalites who had stormed the Jehanabad police station and the Jehanabad jail. According to reports, Naxalites killed several activists of Ranbir Sena, a body of rich farmers, who were lodged in the jail and walked away with their one of their top leaders Ajaykumar Kannu who was arrested by the police two years ago.

Four persons, all belong to the public, are also reported to have perished in a police-firing which happened in Jehanabad town. Quoting highly places police sources, reports said that Naxalites have succeeded in freeing some of their colleagues who were housed in the jail. Several others are injured in the attack. The state administration has put Bihar under the high-alert and security forces are engaged in a severe encounter with the Naxalites. And the Railways have closed the Patna-Gaya section of the network. According to Bihar DGP, Ashish Ranjan, the Naxals succeeded in freeing few prisoners from the central jail in Jehanabad.

This could be one of the main motive of the attack, say sources. An emergency meeting of Bihar police's top officials was called soon after the incident. Para military forces have been rushed from nearest places to crush the Maoist (Naxal) attack. "The exchange of fire between security forces and Maoists has stopped now and things are under control," claimed an official posted at the Director General, Bihar's office. The Senior Superintendent of Police could not be contacted as he is conducting operations against Maoists. According to Chief Secretary G S Kang, the attack was concentrated on police lines but the Maoists were unable to loot any arms.

Inspector General B C Verma, who has been put in a nodal position for deployment of forces and liaison with Union home ministry, informed home ministry control room in New Delhi, which has been made operational after the attack, that adequate number of troops have been rushed to quell the attack. The control room, however, could not confirm the number of attackers as they had disconnected the electricity to the town of Jehanabad before the attack.

[  timesofindia.indiatimes.com

NAXALS freed 389 jail inmates

Armed Naxals freed 389 inmates of the district prison here and killed four persons in their daring storming operation last night and gunned down nine kidnapped members of the Ranvir Sena, an outlawed militia of upper caste landlords, today triggering protests from the relatives. Alarmed over the incident, the Centre rushed 1,000 Central paramilitary personnel and decided to airdrop troops in Bihar. An alert has been sounded in the Naxal-affected districts of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

District magistrate Rana Avadhesh put the number of jail escapees from the prison at 341, of whom three were nabbed. However, IG (Prisons) A B Prasad said 389 inmates were missing of whom six were recaptured. He said dreaded Naxalite leaders Ajay Kanu and Murali, who were lodged in the jail and plotted last night's operation, escaped.

While a sentry, a warder and Ranvir Sena leader Bade Sharma were shot dead at the jail, a constable perished in the gun battle with the 1,000-strong Naxalites who had also raided the police lines. An unspecified number of imprisoned Ranvir Sena men were taken away from the jail by the CPI (Maoist) armed cadres. The body of a prominent Ranvir Sena activist, Visweshwar Rai, was found at Pinjora village, in Jehanabad district, this evening, Prasad said.

The District Magistrate said there were 685 prisoners at the time of the attack. Many of the extremists who escaped were booked under the Crime Control Act and some under TADA, he added. IG (Central Zone) A S Nimbran, who is camping here, said, "Our first priority is to rescue the Ranvir Sena men who have been kidnapped."

The police regained control of the prison nearly 15 hours after the attack with paramilitary forces and commandos deployed on the parapet of the jail. Prasad suspended assistant jailor Anil Kumar for dereliction of duty and announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the next of kin of the slain warder.

Describing the situation as "fully under control", the district magistrate said Central paramilitary forces, the Special Task Force and district armed police, were raiding different parts of the district. Hundreds of men, women and children assembled on the jail with its gates wide open. Angry relatives of prisoners shouted slogans against the authorities with a sympathiser of the 'Ranvir Sena' pouncing on the district magistrate and trying to strangle him.

Chaos prevailed in the area after Avadhesh ordered police to charge with batons to clear the premises of outsiders in which a few journalists were injured and cameras of some TV news channels smashed. Chief secretary G S Kang and Home secretary H C Sirohi admitted in Patna that intelligence inputs had been received about a possible attack on police stations which were put on alert. But what clearly took the authorities by surprise was the scale of the attack by the Naxalites. (Agencies)

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19. November 2005

ein 16 jähriger ist am 17. november zum 5.mal innerhalb der letzten drei jahre aus einem jugendknast außerhalb der hauptstadt tegucigalpa geflohen.

Suspect in DEA agent killing escapes
Teen slips from detention for fifth time in three years

A teen accused of killing a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent and implicated in 16 other slayings has escaped from a youth correction facility -- just as he promised he would -- officials said Saturday. Herlan Colindres, a 16-year-old street gang member, slipped out of a rehabilitation center housing 156 youths outside the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa on Friday night, authorities said.

Colindres and his 13-year-old bodyguard Manuel Romero were arrested in July in connection with the murder of DEA agent Michael Timothy Markey outside Tegucigalpa at a temple dedicated to Honduras' patron saint. He had previously been identified as 13-year-old Erlan Colindres, but authorities said Saturday he was three years older than believed and had modified the spelling of his first name. Authorities said Markey, 44, who was based in El Paso, Texas, came to Honduras to train local drug police. Friday was the fifth time in three years that Colindres has escaped from the crumbling facility, where bricks can easily be chipped from the walls.

In August, after threatening to escape and kill journalists, he weakened the metal bars of his cell with a nail file and fled. Colindres was quickly captured, however, while hitchhiking along a nearby highway. Following that incident, the government built him a special brick-walled cell with a private bathroom. It was unclear how he got out of the new cell, which was watched by six guards. "We think other imprisoned youths helped him get out," Napoleon Nazar, director of criminal investigation, said in an interview. Further details of the escape were not released.

The government has estimated that 40,000 youths in Honduras belong to the rival Mara Salvatrucha and Mara 18 gangs, which have terrorized much of the country since 1996. In an attempt to curb the violence, the Honduran government instituted a zero-tolerance law that makes gang membership illegal, and has jailed thousands of youngsters for little more than having tattoos. Police said Colindres was the leader of a Mara 18 affiliate known as Los Puchos. He is suspected of involvement in 16 killings, most of them gang-related.

[  cnn.com

16. November 2005

aus dem iowa state penetentiary in ford madison sind zwei männer geflohen. Aus finanziellen gründen sind nicht immer alle wachtürme besetzt und dies nutzten die männer und kletterten über die mauer.

Inmates escaped while prison guard tower was unattended

Budget cuts left the post covered for only certain hours. The 2 men are still at large. Two dangerous convicts who escaped from the Iowa State Penitentiary at Fort Madison on Monday night climbed over a limestone wall where a guard tower was vacant because of state budget cuts. The inmates, who remained at large Tuesday night, are Martin Shane Moon, 34, serving a life sentence for a murder in Clarke County, and Robert Joseph Legendre, 27, who was serving life for attempted murder and kidnapping in the state of Nevada.

The two men used an improvised rope and a grappling hook to scale one of the walls surrounding the prison's maximum-security unit, said Fred Scaletta, a spokesman for the Iowa Department of Corrections. Residents of Fort Madison, a southeast Iowa community of 11,476 people, were cautious Tuesday. Security was tighter than normal at local schools, and some homeowners were double-checking their door locks. Business otherwise continued as usual in the prison town, where the penitentiary is one of the largest employers. Shortly after the escape Monday night, a 1995 gold Pontiac Bonneville with Iowa plates 776 NOW was stolen in Fort Madison. Authorities believe the fugitives may be traveling in the vehicle, said Jim Saunders, a spokesman for the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Law officers in Missouri and Illinois have joined the manhunt, along with the Iowa Department of Corrections, Fort Madison police, the Lee County Sheriff's Department and other Iowa law enforcement officers. Alerts were sent Monday night to the Iowa Department of Transportation's electronic signs on Iowa's highways, Iowa Lottery machines and the National Crime Information Center, officials said.

Moon was imprisoned in July 2000 and was convicted of first-degree murder for the death of Kevin Dickson in Clarke County. He had been living near Lorimor when Dickson disappeared. Authorities discovered Dickson's remains on April 26, 1999, and an autopsy showed he had been shot to death. Legendre was convicted in Nevada and was transferred to Iowa in December 2004 in a practice that is common between state prison systems. Iowa prison officials have swapped inmates with other states for years, giving convicts an opportunity to serve time in a different environment where they don't have established enemies, or sometimes simply to be closer to their family for prison visits.

The escape occurred along the west wall of the prison, which is about one block from U.S. Highway 61 and about two blocks from a bridge over the Mississippi River crossing into Illinois. A guard tower is staffed 24 hours a day in the middle of the west wall, but the two inmates climbed the wall in the southwest corner, where a guard tower is staffed only until 3 p.m. daily, Scaletta said.

"It was very difficult for that manned tower to actually see there because of the lighting. The lighting lights the ground very well, but it doesn't light the wall very well," Scaletta said. It's not certain when the two inmates disappeared Monday, Scaletta said. The two had been part of a prison industries work crew whose shift ended at 6 p.m. They were supposed to leave as a group for a short walk to the penitentiary's dining hall for their evening meal. "We don't know if they were in that group and kind of went a different direction, or if they were ahead of that group," Scaletta said. He said the door on the prison industries building was locked, so they couldn't have stayed behind in the building.

At some point, the two inmates apparently got on top of a building inside the prison walls, either to avoid surveillance cameras or because it provided them with the quickest route out, Scaletta said. Then they scaled the prison wall with the rope, which was handcrafted using upholstery webbing obtained inside the prison. The plan to reduce staffing in guard towers at Fort Madison, Anamosa and Mount Pleasant was included in Gov. Tom Vilsack's budget package in 2002. The Legislature approved the proposal, which saved $1.5 million annually by eliminating 38 correctional officers' positions at the three prisons. The action was criticized at the time by state Sen. Eugene Fraise, a Fort Madison Democrat, who said Tuesday it's obvious that lawmakers made a mistake. "Well, right here it is. We told you so," Fraise said. Prison officials had contended that all nine guard towers at Fort Madison didn't need to be staffed when there wasn't activity in the prison yard. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents prison officers, also protested the plan, contending it would endanger public safety. Prison officials have since installed high-tech security equipment to defend against escapes, which was part of the budget plan.

Darrell Gray, president of AFSCME Local 2995 at the Mount Pleasant state prison, said Tuesday that lawmakers should restore the money needed to fully staff the towers at all three prisons. "There is no more important position in a prison than a tower officer. Our primary function is to keep the inmates in until the courts or other proper authorities tell us to let them out," Gray said. State Rep. Lance Horbach, a Tama Republican who is chairman of an Iowa House prison budget subcommittee, said he was told Tuesday by prison officials that the general inmate population was not in the prison yard during the escape. Lawmakers had directed prison officials to keep additional armed officers in the towers when there was activity in the prison yard, he said.

"If there is something that we have to review, it is the oversight or the security" when small groups of inmates are in the prison yard, Horbach said. Horbach also said an investigation should be conducted into why an electronic barrier on the prison wall failed to alert the correctional staff of the escape. He said that the current Iowa prison budget, which totals $211 million, has been increased each of the past two years.

Vilsack issued a statement Tuesday that said he had spoken earlier to Fort Madison Mayor John Wright and promised the state's full resources to manage the investigation. He also said he has ordered the penitentiary, which has 985 inmates, to remain locked down until an investigation can ensure the public's safety. Two years ago, two inmates escaped from the state prison at Oakdale, just north of Iowa City, by climbing over a pair of fences. Prison officials acknowledged afterward that alarms on the fences had been turned off because of construction on a prison expansion project. Both inmates were later captured in Atlanta, Ga. Escapes from inside the walls of the Iowa State Penitentiary have been rare. The Fort Madison facility is the oldest prison west of the Mississippi River, with its original buildings constructed in 1839 while Iowa was still a territory. The penitentiary houses inmates in maximum- and medium-security units, and at two nearby state prison farms.

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13.November 2005

bei einem freigang aus dem knast in odolov sind 4 männer geflohen. Zwei der männer haben sich nach kurzer zeit gestellt.

Four prisoners escape, two back already

PRAGUE- Four prisoners escaped from the prison in Odolov, East Bohemia, on Saturday night, the server iDnes writes. They left from the restaurant to which they were taken by their guardian. Two of the fugitives have themselves reported to the authorities, iDnes said. The police have launched a national search for the remaining two, aged 25 and 33, Trutnov police spokesman Radek Schovanek said.

The fugitives are not dangerous. "It is only a matter of time when they will be caught," Schovanek said. Prison governor Jiri Benes said that they had been in prison for property crimes. "The sentence of one of them was to expire in 2007, to another next year," Benes said. On Saturday, eight prisoners went to a swimming pool in Trutnov along with a guardian within an educational programme. Then they went for dinner to a restaurant nearby. "Four prisoners went to the toilet at the restaurant and never returned," Schovanek said. "In such a situation, the guardian has no chance of catching the prisoner," Benes said. The prison in Odolov is a low-security facility for criminals with short sentences.

[  ceskenoviny.cz

12. November 2005
Zwei Häftlinge entflohen

Aus der Justizaußenstelle Maria Lankowitz bei Köflach sind am Freitagvormittag zwei Häftlinge entflohen. Eine groß angelegte Fahndung blieb vorerst ohne Erfolg. Gelockerter Vollzug Die Männer - 22 und 23 Jahre alt - sind beide wegen gewerbsmäßigen Diebstahls zu etwa zweieinhalb Jahren Haft verurteilt worden und haben sich seit einigen Monaten im gelockerten Vollzug in der Außenstelle der Strafvollzugsanstalt Graz-Karlau befunden.

Durch Fenster geflüchtet

Nach einer Kontrolle um 8.30 Uhr rissen die Männer bei einem Fenster in der Werkstatt das Fliegengitter heraus und klettern  durch das Fenster ins Freie. Dort verstecken sie die Sträflingskleidung unter einer Bank und flüchten zu Fuß. Ausbruch war offenbar geplant Dass die beiden offensichtlich unter dem so genannten Blauzeug normale Kleidung getragen haben, deutet laut Anstaltsleitung daraufhin, dass der Ausbruch geplant war. Unklar ist, ob die Männer einen Komplizen hatten, der sie möglicherweise mit einem Auto abgeholt hat. Verschwinden nach zwei Stunden bemerkt Das Verschwinden der Häftlinge wurde erst zwei Stunden später, bei der nächsten Kontrolle bemerkt. Die Anstaltsleitung verständigte sofort die Polizei, die eine groß angelegte Fahndung einleitete. Es ist bereits der fünfte Ausbruch in der Steiermark im heurigen Jahr.

[  steiermark.orf.at

11. November 2005

zwei als tamil tigers bezeichnete männer wurden von 2 bewaffneten helfern aus dem knast jaffna befreit.

Two LTTE suspects escape from Jaffna jail

Two suspects alleged to be members of Liberation Tigers kept in remand in Jaffna jail escaped with two accomplices who entered the jail posing as spectators and threatened prison officials with hand guns at 4.30 p.m. Friday, security sources in Jaffna said. The four escaped in motorbikes along Columbuthurai Road. Additional Police and Sri Lanka Army (SLA) were called in to strengthen security of the area surrounding Jaffna prison after the incident. One of the men who escaped was arrested earlier at Vadamaradchy seas in a boat and the other escapee was earlier caught near Palaly in the High Security Zone (HSZ), suspected of gathering intelligence for the LTTE. Both were awaiting trials in Point Pedro and Mallakam Courts, sources said.

[  tamilnet.com

9. November 2005

zwei männer sind aus dem knast in plzen - bory geflohen. Sie hatten sich, angeblich mit der unterstützung eines wärters, in einem laster versteckt.

Transport Minister: Justice Minister responsible for prison escape of two murderers on Tuesday

Transport Minister Milan Simonovsky has blamed Justice Minister Pavel Nemec for the prison escape of two convicted murderers on Tuesday, he told Frekvence 1 radio. "I must say that I am worried by the situation in prisons and the minister definitely has an indirect responsibility," Simonovsky (Christian Democrats) said.

"I hope that this is not what a government member said," Justice Ministry's spokesman Petr Dimun said in reaction. Rostislav Roztocil and Roman Cabrada escaped from the Plzen-Bory prison. Cabrada murdered a German mayor and was a drug dealer. Roztocil killed an Egyptian student. The men escaped hidden in a truck with the help of a prison guard. Dimun said that Nemec (Freedom Union) ordered prison service head Ludek Kula to investigate the circumstances of the escape thoroughly. Nemec will demand strict disciplinary or personal punishments if any employer of the prison did not perform his or her duties properly, he added.

"If somebody is responsible for the escape, then it is the members of the prison service. We have clearly said that they will be held responsible for any possible direct involvement or negligence and that heads are going to fall," Dimun said. Kula told public Czech Television (CT) Tuesday evening that he immediately sacked the director of Plzen-Bory prison. He added that he will send a special commission to the prison to investigate the incident.

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8. November 2005

zwei iranische männer sind 3 jahre nach ihrer flucht aus woomera wieder verhaftet worden. Nach 7 weiteren wird noch gefahndet.

Escapees caught after three years

Two Iranian men who escaped the Woomera detention centre more than three years ago have been caught in Adelaide. The immigration department today said the men had been detained. They were among about 20 detainees to escape the now-closed detention centre, in outback South Australia, after protesters broke through a perimeter fence in March, 2002. There are still seven Woomera escapees on the run, the department said.

[  news.com.au

8. November 2005

5 gefangene hatten 5 justizbedienstete als geiseln genommen und wollten ein auto und waffen für ihre flucht . ein gefangener wurde erschossen ,einer verwundet. Auch ein wärter ist schwer verletzt.

Wounded prison official remains critical

Dirk Thiart, a prison official shot on Sunday during a failed escape bid from Zonderwater Prison near Cullinan, remains in a critical condition, said Manelisi Wolela, from the correctional services department. Wolela said Ngconde Balfour, the correctional services minister, would brief Parliament about the situation at Zonderwater Prison, following the attempted escape.

Five prisoners - Dennis Ngobese (41), Bright Padi (58), Emmanuel Tshilingala (31), Michael Khumalo (35) and Klassmed Lekota (30) - took five officials hostage at the prison's hospital wing on Sunday in a stand-off that lasted about six hours. The officials taken hostage were Thiart, Mpho Masimola, Marcel Naude, Grace Sekgabutla and Goodman Mthimkhulu. Balfour said the men had demanded two R5 rifles, a car with tinted windows and safe passage from the prison, without police following them. Popcru blames incident on staff shortage Lekota, however, was shot dead by members of a police task team and Ngobese was wounded. The four are being held at C-Max Prison in Pretoria. The men were serving a variety of lengthy sentences for murder, armed robbery and possession of arms and ammunition.

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) expressed concern about security in prisons. The attempted escape served to confirm that a shortage of prison staff would lead to such incidents, Popcru said. Balfour said staffing had nothing to do with incidents of bribery which led to guns being made available to prisoners.

[  sabcnews.com

Prisoner killed in prison hostage drama

6. november 2005

More details have emerged from the Zonderwater prison near Cullinan, east of Pretoria, where a police task team has stormed the hospital section of the facility. One prisoner has been shot dead, another wounded and three others arrested. It is also believed that a divisional head at the prison has been critically wounded and airlifted to hospital. The prisoners are believed to be members of the former gang of the late Colin Chauke. They took about five warders hostage after apparently trying to escape earlier today. The stand off lasted about six hours, with the police eventually storming the section.

[  sabcnews.com

7. November 2005
Häftling flieht in Oldenburg nach Anhörung durch Richter

Oldenburg (dpa) - Ein 27-jähriger Strafgefangener ist in Oldenburg nach einer Anhörung bei einem Richter geflohen. Die Großfahndung der Polizei blieb bis zum Nachmittag ohne Erfolg. Ein Beamter der Justizvollzugsanstalt Oldenburg wurde nach Angaben der Gefängnisleitung verletzt. Der aus Rumänien stammende, mehrfach vorbestrafte Häftling verbüßt derzeit den Rest einer vierjährigen Freiheitsstrafe wegen Bandendiebstahls. Bereits 1996 war er aus der Haft in Hannover entkommen.

[  klamm.de

7. November 2005

mehre artikel zur flucht eines mannes aus dem death-row-trakt in houston, texas. Der mann , der eine woche vor der flucht einen widerspruch gegen das urteil verloren hat, hatte eine gefälschte id-kennkarte und behauptete ein mitarbeiter des generalstaatsanwaltes zu sein. Damit kam er an 4 wärtern vorbei. Es wurde bundesweit nach ihm gefandet und den geschworenen, die ihn verurteilten, wurde entweder polizeischutz gegeben oder sie haben sich versteckt. eine zeitlang wurde eine frau einer gruppe gegen die todesstrafe, alive e.v. aus deutschland, verdächtigt, ihm geholfen zu haben. Er wurde in shreveport / louisiana wieder verhaftet.

Hunt after condemned man walks out of jail

Police widened their hunt yesterday for a convicted killer who disguised himself as a lawyer and walked free from death row at a prison in Houston, Texas. The condemned man, Charles Victor Thompson, escaped from the Harris county jail on Thursday, using a fake identification badge and claiming to work for the Texas attorney general. He fooled at least four prison staff. Jurors in Thompson's trial, as well as relatives of the two people he was convicted of killing, have gone into hiding or accepted police protection. Federal authorities have offered a $10,000 (£5,700) reward for information leading to his capture and have designated Thompson a federal fugitive.

The search has gone nationwide with police alerting airports, border controls and other law enforcement agencies. "This is an extensive search," said Lieutenant John Martin of the Harris county sheriff's department. Thompson, 35, was convicted in 1999 of the murder of his former girlfriend, Dennise Hayslip, and her boyfriend, Darren Keith Cain. He lost an appeal last month against a sentence of death by lethal injection.

His escape is deeply embarrassing for local law enforcement officials. "There is no way to spin this," said Lt Martin. "There were multiple errors on the part of our personnel. This was 100% human error that could have been prevented." Thompson made his escape after being taken to a room in the prison for a meeting with a visitor claiming to be his lawyer. After the visitor left, Thompson changed out of his prison uniform and into civilian clothes. He made his way out through a door that was supposed to be locked. The clothing that he used to slip past prison guards was found on Saturday, hidden behind a building in central Houston. Police also found the fake ID. The badge turned out to be an ID card, with a piece of tape covering the part of the card that indicating that he was a prisoner.

[  guardian.co.uk

Group denies role in killer's escape

7. november 2005

The head of a German anti-death penalty group said on Monday she had nothing to do with the escape from jail of Texas death row inmate Charles Victor Thompson. After Thompson's capture in Louisiana on Sunday after three days on the run, authorities said they considered members of an unnamed German group "persons of interest."

On Monday, Petra E. Herrmann, chairwoman of Alive e.V., said her group, which campaigns against the death penalty, was the one the police had referred but she denied any involvement in the dramatic escape. She described Thompson, 35, as a friend and said she had visited him in prison last Wednesday and had been interviewed by police after his breakout the next day. "I was not involved in any way," Herrmann told Reuters from her office in Bocholt, in north west Germany. "I was completely shocked (about the escape) and I'm still in shock."

Thompson escaped from a Houston jail when he slipped out of handcuffs and orange overalls, donned civilian clothes and bluffed his way to freedom by pretending to be a law enforcement official. A week before, a Houston jury sentenced him to death for the 1998 murder of his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend. It was his second death sentence. An earlier one was thrown out by the courts on a legal technicality. He was being held in the Houston jail awaiting transfer back to death row in Livingston, Texas. Police believe he had help with the escape and are continuing to investigate. Marianne Matus, spokeswoman for the U.S. Marshals Service in Houston, said a German group was not suspected but authorities were "looking at them." When Herrmann visited Thompson on Wednesday they had a 30-minute conversation, she said. She was preparing to return to the jail on Thursday when she learned of the escape.

Herrmann said while she opposed the death penalty she believed Thompson was back where he belonged. "I have no question that he has done what he is convicted for, but I believe the death penalty is wrong in each and every case. He has to get a sentence of prison time but not killed by the state." Shreveport police and U.S. Marshals, acting on a tip, arrested Thompson on Sunday night with little resistance outside a liquor store. In a hearing before a Louisiana judge on Monday, Thompson declined to fight extradition back to death row in Texas.

[  reuters.com

Texas death row inmate back in jail after brazen escape

7. november 2005

A convicted death row double-murderer who escaped last week from a Texas jail in a spectacular, brazen act was captured and returned to prison after a massive manhunt, media reports said Monday. He was found drunk, using a public telephone, with a bicycle parked nearby, the reports said. Charles Victor Thompson, 35, was on the state\'s death row for more than six years after his conviction and sentencing for the 1998 shootings of his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

He walked out of jail last Thursday wearing civilian clothes and using a state prison ID card to pass himself off as a prosecutor, triggering fright among others whom he had threatened to kill. At his capture in Shreveport, Louisiana, a police officer came up behind him and asked three times for his name. Thompson finally replied, slurring his words, \'You know who I am,\' the reports said. He apparently did not resist capture. Last week\'s escape occurred after a sentencing hearing, where a jury reimposed the death sentence. A state appeals court had overturned his sentencing - but not the murder convictions - on technical evidence grounds. Officials said that it was apparent he had help in his escape.

[  monstersandcritics.com

Texas Death Row Inmate Walks Out of Jail

4. november 2005

A convicted murderer who was just resentenced to die for killing his former girlfriend and her boyfriend apparently sweet-talked his way out of the county jail in Houston and remained at large today. Charles Victor Thompson, 35, obtained civilian clothes and fake documents suggesting that he worked for the state attorney general's office, said Harris County sheriff's Lt. John Martin in a nationally televised news conference. Martin gave the following account of Thompson's flight on Thursday:

Thompson may have hid the clothes in legal papers he brought with him to meet an attorney in a private area of the jail, or he may have worn them under his distinctive orange inmate jumpsuit. After the lawyer left, Thompson, clad in the civilian togs, left the attorney area.

He then approached the security control point and flashed the false identification at a civilian employee. The employee said he couldn't find his name on a visitor's log, prompting Thompson to explain that he had entered the area from another building. Escorted by two other jail employees, Thompson was led past the security control while his story was checked. Thompson then asked to be allowed to tell someone, allegedly waiting outside, about the delay. Thompson promised the employees that he would immediately return. He didn't.

Martin said authorities launched a manhunt and were following "several promising leads." Martin said authorities were questioning all involved, including the attorney, the civilian who was apparently fooled by the fake identification, and those who yielded to Thompson's explanations. The employees remain on duty pending the probe, Martin said. Martin warned the public that Thompson was considered dangerous. Thompson was convicted of killing the two people, but successfully appealed the original death sentence. On Oct. 28, a new jury again sentenced him to be executed. He was being held in the county jail pending his return to death row.

[  latimes.com

4. November 2005

durch ein loch in einer toilettenwand sind 6 männer von der stanislaus county honor knastfarm außerhalb modesto / kalifornien , geflohen.

Six Escape Stanislaus County Honor Farm

Authorities are asking for the public's help in finding six inmates who broke out of a detention facility outside of Modesto. Six men being held at the Stanislaus County Honor Farm are on the loose after authorities say they dug through a bathroom wall. The six were being held at the facility on charges ranging from auto theft, to possession of stolen property, to drug charges. They were discovered missing around 6:00 last night during a routine perimeter check.

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3. November 2005

bei der einlieferung in einen knast in seoul konnte ein 38 jähriger mann ,der kurz zuvor zu lebenslanger haft verurteilt wurde, flüchteten.

POLICE searching for escaped murderer

A taxi driver convicted of murdering a woman riding in his cab fled from prison guards yesterday after he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Min Byeong-il, 38, was being transferred from the courthouse to a detention center in the custody of three prison guards. As they arrived at the detention center in this southeastern Seoul suburb, the guards began loosening the ropes binding Mr. Min; he pushed the guards aside and scaled the wall of the detention center, prison officials said.

Police say Mr. Min used a public telephone in front of a pharmacy in Seongnam to call an acquaintance shortly after his escape. Police in Gyeonggi province and in Seoul are searching for him. The Justice Ministry issued an appeal for tips from the public. The convicted murderer is 172 centimeters (5 feet, 6 inches) in height and weighs about 70 kilograms (154 pounds). He was wearing a pair of wrist manacles when he escaped; he was also wearing a blue sweatsuit and white athletic shoes.

Prison officials said Mr. Min had been sentenced in Suwon District Court at about 3 p.m. He was convicted of strangling a 27-year-old flight attendant in March, hiding her body in a roadside box where snow-clearing equipment was stored and stealing her credit cards. The Justice Ministry asked anyone with information on Mr. Min's whereabouts to call the Seongdong Detention Center at (02) 402-9131-4 or the police emergency number, 112.

[  joongangdaily.joins.com

3. November 2005

18 jahre nach seiner flucht aus einem knast in florida hat sich ein mann jetzt in houston / texas gestellt.

Man arrested 18 years after alleged escape from Panhandle prison

A former inmate at the federal minimum security prison camp on this Florida Panhandle base has turned himself in 18 years after allegedly walking away from a work detail. Hernando Hennessy-Rossi, who was 39 when he vanished, surrendered Wednesday in Houston after learning authorities finally were hot on his trail, said Dominic Guadagnoli, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service in Pensacola. Hennessy-Rossi had served only about four months of a five-year sentence for smuggling 1.9 kilograms of cocaine. He had been arrested in January 1987 after the cocaine was discovered during a routine customs inspection at Miami International Airport, said Guadagnoli.

An initial search after Hennessy-Rossi disappeared from Eglin focused on his native Colombia but those leads turned cold. Marshals in Pensacola and Houston recently began following new leads and interviewed family members, Guadagnoli said. "Every once in a while, you run across something that looks interesting and you go after it," he said. "We don't forget about these cases. We have cases that are 20 or 30 years old and they don't go away." Hennessy-Rossi was awaiting extradition back to Florida, Guadagnoli said. He was unsure if the suspect had a lawyer.

[  bradenton.com

1. November 2005

zwei männer konnten aus dem hochsicherheitsknast broad river in columbia/ south carolina fliehen. Sie hatten sich in mülleimern versteckt und sind mit dem müllauto aus dem knast gefahren worden.

Two violent inmates escape from maximum security prison through trash

Two violent inmates escaped a maximum security prison Tuesday by hiding in a dumpster and leaving the facility on a trash truck, prisons director Jon Ozmint said. Jimmy Causey, 35, was at Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia after being convicted last year of kidnapping and other charges.

Johnny Brewer, 39, was sentenced to life in prison in 1999 after being convicted of killing his sister-in-law in 1994. Both were involved in cleaning up and feeding other inmates, Ozmint said. The trash truck left at 6:05 a.m. and officials received a tip one prisoner was missing three hours later. "We think they escaped on a trash truck earlier this morning in a dumpster," Ozmint said. Policy is to have the trash compacted, which could have resulted in injury or possibly death. "If that didn't happen, we are going to determine why," Ozmint said. "We'll get to that later. Our efforts now are to find them." Richland County investigators said the two men were seen heading east toward Sumter around noon. The inmates contacted a first female acquaintance who gave them a ride to a second female friend, who authorities suspected Tuesday evening was still with the inmates.

The woman owns a four-door, champagne-colored 2002 Oldsmobile Alero with South Carolina tag number, 505-UKY. State Law Enforcement Division Inspector Richard Hunton said it wasn't clear if the woman was with the men by choice or by force.

Hunton said both men are considered dangerous. Ozmint said he didn't think they were armed. Causey was sentenced to life without parole after being convicted of holding a prominent Columbia defense attorney and his family at gunpoint and robbing them in 2002. Jack Swerling had represented Causey in at least two previous criminal cases before the incident.

Prosecutors had tried to get Brewer sentenced to death for killing 23-year-old Kelly Burbage in Lexington. Despite representing himself at both his trial and sentencing phase, Brewer was spared the death penalty. Neither prisoner had any serious disciplinary problems, Ozmint said. [...]

[  myrtlebeachonline.com

30. Oktober 2005

17 männer , die meisten aus bangladesh, sind aus dem knast nagarjan geflohen.

17 detainees escape from cell

In one of the major jail breaks in Nagaland, seventeen detainess of the detention cell, Nagarjan, Dimapur escaped by breaking the lock of the main door yesterday. Official sources today said the detainees were mostly suspected Bangladeshi infiltrators and had been detained for non-possession of inner line permit to visit Nagaland. The in-charge of the detention cell and two constables,who were on duty in the night, said after visiting the cell last night they had locked the door and went off to sleep. The detainees broke open the lock and escaped through the main gate. Meanwhile, Dimapur superintendent of police Bidu Shekhar has ordered a one man enquiry to probe the escape of 17 detainees.

[  webindia123.com

29. Oktober 2005

nach 23 jahren wurde ein mann, der aus dem knast monroe / washington geflohen war, in paxton, nebraska, wieder verhaftet. Der mann lebte seit seiner flucht unter dem namen seines neffen und benutzte auch dessen daten. Entdeckt wurde dies weil der gelähmte neffe ärger mit der auszahlung von geld hatte.

Fugitive arrested decades after cop's shooting

In the 23 years since he fled a Washington state prison and assumed a false identity, Michael Dunaway had lived a relatively nondescript life.

Sure, the cops in the rural Nebraska towns where he lived knew he had debt troubles and didn't have a job until recently opening a barbecue-catering business, said Keith County Sheriff Earl Schenck. But they knew him as little more than a "pain in the posterior" and a "know-it-all," Schenck said. Then Social Security agents arrived in Paxton, Neb., population 500, and Dunaway's true story unfolded ? how he had filled a Seattle police officer with buckshot, escaped from prison in Monroe after serving seven years of a 10-year sentence and took on the identity of Jim Schultz, his paraplegic nephew. Indeed, it's likely Dunaway, now 55, wouldn't have been caught if the real Schultz, who lives in Wisconsin, had not had problems getting his disability checks, Schenck said "It pretty well surprised us," Schenck said, adding that Dunaway has been booked into jail on an escape warrant. "I guess you get too complacent in the smaller towns. You know what's going on, who everybody is ? and then you find out even you don't know them."

Dunaway appeared briefly in court in Keith County, Neb., on Friday. He has an extradition hearing Monday. Reached at his Seattle home last night, retired policeman Emett Kelsie said he didn't even know Dunaway had escaped prison in 1982. Kelsie, 60, still has buckshot lodged in his head. "I'm disappointed. The system failed," he said. Schenck, a sheriff's deputy and two federal agents showed up at Dunaway's house Thursday. For about 20 minutes, Dunaway insisted he was Schultz, Schenck said. When federal agents laid out the real details of his life, Dunaway acknowledged who he was. Schenck can account for the last decade or so of Dunaway's life ? he married in 1991, had a son and has lived in Paxton and nearby Ogallala since 1995. But details about the other years since his escape are unclear. Around noon Dec. 1, 1975, Officer Kelsie saw "a junker car" filled with people traveling slowly down Rainier Avenue South.

Kelsie, then 31, tailed the car for a while before pulling it over in a Safeway parking lot, near the intersection of Rainier and South Andover Street, because it seemed suspicious. Kelsie asked the 25-year-old driver, Dunaway, to get out of the car. The officer noticed a sawed-off shotgun on the floor next to the driver's door and grabbed it. Dunaway pulled out another gun, and Kelsie sprinted for cover behind nearby parked cars. "I ran for the cars, and they were shooting while I ran," said Kelsie, who retired in 2000. "I could hear them shooting, and I was laying on my back." Kelsie fired the shotgun under the cars toward Dunaway and the other people shooting. Also in Dunaway's car were two 18-year-old men, two girls, ages 15 and 17, and the older girl's 6-month-old baby.

Buckshot riddled Kelsie, who was shot in the arm, head and back. Adrenaline kept him from noticing the pain, he said last night. As the officer ran for shelter behind another car, Dunaway and his passengers took off, Kelsie said. The next day, Dunaway was arrested while hiding in a vacant house. The two male passengers also were arrested, and the two girls were held as material witnesses. All five were described as transients who last lived in Omaha, Neb. After Dunaway was convicted of first-degree assault, Kelsie said, he pretty much forgot about the Rainier Valley shooting. He recalled that Dunaway had mailed him a letter soon after beginning his prison sentence. He professed his religious beliefs, and said God must have been watching out for Kelsie that day. Kelsie, who was hired by the Seattle Police Department in 1967, retired as a lieutenant in the homicide bureau. The Washington state Department of Corrections could not be reached for comment last night, but Schenck said he has talked to state prison officials several times this week, and they were surprised and pleased by the arrest.

No details were available last night on how Dunaway escaped from Monroe. Schenck said Keith County officials are finding Dunaway a public defender. An agent with the Office of the Inspector General, Social Security division, in St. Louis told the Keith County News that Dunaway also was being investigated for identity theft. While Schenck led Dunaway back to jail yesterday, the fugitive said he had been "a good boy" during his time on the lam, Schenck said. While living in Keith County, Dunaway has received speeding tickets and was granted a permit for a handgun, the newspaper reported. "He said to us today that, 'Dunaway died 23 years ago when I walked away from the pen, and I'm no longer him,' " Schenck said. "We, in law enforcement, don't look at it that way."

[  seattletimes.nwsource.com

28 Oktober 2005

4 männer sind während der fahrt vom knast mt. Eden zum gericht in auckland geflohen, wurde leider alle wieder verhaftet. Ein mann ist aus dem rimutaka knast geflohen, am selben tag ( 27. okt.) wurden im hochsicherheitstrakt des knastes wärter von 4 gefangenen angegriffen. Weiter steht in dem artikel das die knäste so überbelegt sind , das gefangene u.a. zeitweise in vans untergebracht werden, die auf belebten straßen geparkt werden. sanitäre anlagen werden in einem rugby club benutzt.

Bashings keep prison staff on edge

Two Rimutaka Prison guards have been viciously bashed and five men have escaped from New Zealand jails. The Rimutaka guards were attacked by four inmates in the Upper Hutt prison's high security wing ? just minutes before new Corrections Minister Damien O'Connor toured the jail on Wednesday morning. Yesterday morning, four men broke through the roof vent of a Chubb Security van on a busy Auckland city street as they were being taken from Mt Eden Prison to the High Court about 8.50am. Two tried to hijack a car and one - Paul Francis Robinson, 23, - was caught at 8.30pm in Remuera. All four have been recaptured. Also yesterday, Rimutaka Prison inmate Damian Andrew Lawson, 31, escaped in a vehicle he had arranged to meet in the staff car park.

It is understood there have been two other assaults at Rimutaka, one yesterday and another on Wednesday. The incidents come on top of an all-time high prison population which has forced Corrections to temporarily house inmates in vans parked on public streets and use a rugby club to shower and exercise prisoners. The attack on the Rimutaka guards in an 80-bed high security unit is believed to have happened after an inmate challenged a guard to a fight. Three other inmates then joined in and when another guard came to help his colleague, he was also attacked. Other staff quickly responded and subdued the attackers. The first guard suffered black eyes and other facial injuries, while the second was bruised. Robinson and his three fellow escapers are alleged to be part of an organised crime racket responsible for the theft of artworks and $1 million worth of high performance cars.

Two of the prisoners, Michael Baleitavuki, 28, and Travis Lane, 29, who were handcuffed together, were tackled by a guard after stopping a car and trying to eject the driver. Nicholas Jones, 27, was caught near the van after he tried to blend into the crowd by pulling his T-shirt over his handcuffs. Two people who allegedly helped Lawson escape from Rimutaka - a Tawa man, 39, and an Island Bay woman, 20 - were arrested a few hours later in the Wellington suburb of Newtown. They will appear in the Wellington District Court today charged with aiding Lawson's escape.

[  stuff.co.nz

27. Oktober

während eines heftigen regens sind 5 gefangene übers dach aus dem knast in lupon geflohen.

5 escape from jail in Davao Oriental

FIVE bolted from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology jail in Lupon, Davao Oriental Monday placing four jail guards in hot water. The five appeared to have worked their way through the roof at the height of a heavy rainfall the night before and were only discovered to have disappeared by around 2 a.m.

Police Inspector Candido Suralta Jr., Lupon municipal police office chief, identified the five as Prisco Salva, who stands accused of robbery, Edwin Baguio, who is accused of theft, and Edlen Artilajon, Ruben Rabago, and Allan Budiang, who are accused of illegal possession of firearms. Now under investigation are the four jail guards identified as SJO3 Arellano, SJ04 Serenado, J03 Alagasi, and J01 Tuyo. "Escapees forcibly broke and detached the ceiling of the jail facilities of cell number 4. They were able to break through because the ceiling is just made of wood," Suralta told Sun.Star Superbalita in a telephone interview.

Police believe the prisoners started working their way out at around 11 p.m. at the height of a heavy rainfall that could have drowned whatever noise they made in destroying the plywood ceiling. Talks are rife, however, that the jail guards fell asleep on duty. Suralta assured they would investigate the jailbreak and that the jail guards face separation from the service if proven they have been negligent. A manhunt operation has already been ordered for the recapture of the five.

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25. Oktober 2005

3 männer sind aus einem knast in stavrokonou geflohen.

THREE men escaped from the open prison on Sunday night and are still at large.

Brothers Kasim Topaloglou, 28, Sadik Topaloglou, 31 and their cousin 33-year-old Aziz Topaloglou, were serving a two-year sentence for animal theft. The three, from Stavrokonou in Paphos, were sentenced in February this year and were due to be freed in September 2006. Police were notified by the prison and immediately started searches in Stavrokonou, but until last night the escapees hadn?t been found. Police fear they may have crossed to the occupied areas. Prisoners kept in the open prison live in a state of semi-freedom and to qualify need to have shown exceptional behaviour and hard work. Police have appealed to the public asking anyone who may have any relevant information to notify them.

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25. Oktober 2005

vier männer, von denen einer bewaffnet war, haben einen mann, der vom wheatfield knast / dublin ins krankenhaus st. James gebracht wurde, befreit.

Gardaí hunt for violent prisoner freed at gunpoint from hospital

GARDAÍ were last night searching for a violent criminal who was freed at gunpoint as he attended a hospital. An armed man pointed a shotgun at the head of a prison officer and ordered him to remove handcuffs from the prisoner.

The gunman is thought to have threatened to "blow the head off" the officer if he did not release the man quickly enough. The prisoner, named as Derek Glennon, is serving five years for manslaughter. Glennon, with an address on Stanaway Road, Crumlin, south Dublin, killed a cyclist while driving a stolen car. Earlier yesterday, it was thought Derek Glennon was related to two notorious, and deceased, brothers from Blanchardstown, west Dublin. Mark Glennon, aged 32, was shot dead outside his home in Hartstown last month. His brother, Andrew, 30, was shot dead in Co Meath last April. The brothers ran a major crime gang in the area and were involved in a gangland feud with a rival criminal outfit in north west Dublin. Gardaí sources in Blanchardstown last night said they did not believe Derek Glennon was related to the brothers.

Derek Glennon, who often used the alias Gleeson, has a reputation for extreme violence. Since his imprisonment in Wheatfield Prison he has clocked up 49 reports for causing trouble. In one incident he is said to have "carved up" a man, stabbing the victim a number of times. Glennon went for treatment in the out patients section of St James?s Hospital at around 10am yesterday. "A fella came in with a shotgun and went up to the officer, pointed the gun at him and told him to take off the cuffs," said one prison source.

He said the gunman was accompanied by three other men.

The officer is understood to have become nervous with a gun pointed at him. The gunman is then reported to have said: "You get them off quickly or I?ll blow the head off you." The escape team and Glennon fled out of the building. They are believed to have stolen a car, driving it to a nearby flats complex, where it was abandoned. Gardaí from different parts of the city were assisting in garda efforts yesterday to trace the men. There was no one available from the Prison Service yesterday. Earlier this year a prisoner used CS gas to escape custody while attending Tallaght Hospital.

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24. Oktober 2005

an jedem 2. und letzten Sonntag im monat findet im cebu provincial knast in barangay kalunasan, cebu city, ein sog. Familientag statt. Bei einem dieser tage sind jetzt zwei gefangene, als "besucher getarnt" aus dem knast geflohen.

2 inmates walk out of prison with guests

Two inmates bolted from the provincial jail Sunday afternoon, undermining for the third time its claim of being the country's most modern prison building for its state-of-the-art security equipment. Edwardo dela Concep-cion and Roel Arabis sneaked out of the facility by mingling with relatives of inmates who were there for the family day.

The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) in Barangay Kalunasan, Cebu City holds a family day every second and last Sunday of the month. Dela Concepcion, who is in his mid-30s and from Barangay Ocaña, Carcar town, was committed to the CPDRC on Dec. 6, 2003 for a rape case, which remains pending. Arabis, on the other hand, is in his early 20s and from Arellano Blvd., Cebu City. He is facing a double murder case and was brought to the CPDRC last March 7. A jail guard who refused to be named told Sun.Star Cebu that dela Concepcion and Arabis disguised themselves as visitors by changing from their orange inmate shirts into the clothes their relatives brought them. They then calmly walked out of the jail together with some visitors who left the CPDRC before the affair ended at 4 p.m.

"No one noticed because they were already in civilian clothes and there were already a lot of visitors who were leaving the jail," said the guard. From the quadrangle, where the family day is held regularly, visitors had to pass through gates before reaching the main steel gate. Each of the three gates has a guard. At least 16 surveillance cameras are also being used inside the prison. Sun.Star Cebu called up OIC Warden Alfredo Abella, but he was out of his office, reportedly leading efforts to track down and recapture the fugitives. Capitol consultant Pablo John Garcia said an investigation will be made immediately to identify those liable for the escape and to determine the corresponding administrative penalty. "We will see where the failure lies. No one is spared. We will make persons accountable for their action," he said in a mobile phone interview.

He added that the guards just graduated last week from their training conducted by police. The training was set following the observation of Acting Cebu Provincial Police Office Director Vicente Loot that CPDRC's high walls and high-tech equipment are not enough security if jail guards are not well-trained. Two other inmates have previously bolted the CPDRC, which is barely a year in operation. Last March 19, Marcos Montaño escaped from the CPDRC, although jail caterers noticed his disappearance only a day after when they were about to serve breakfast. Montaño was recaptured on March 20.

On May 28, alleged notorious thief Hector Recaña of Cordova town disguised himself as a kitchen boy, scaled the CPDRC's wall and fled by asking a taxi driver to give him a ride inside the baggage compartment. He then went into hiding in Camotes Island, where he was recaptured on June 3. Following Recaña's escape, Capitol enforced a revamp at CPDRC and augmented its security force with blue guards and some members of the Civil Security Unit. (Sun.Star Cebu/Sunnex)

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24. Oktober 2005

19 / 20 gefangene sind durch einen tunnel, der etwa 200 meter lang war , aus dem hochsicherheitsknast in escuintla , 80 km südlich von guatemala city, geflohen.

Jailbreak from Guatemalan prison

The Guatemalan government has launched an investigation into a jailbreak from one of the country's most notorious high-security prisons. Nineteen inmates tunnelled their way out of the jail in the town of Escuintla, 80km (50 miles) south of Guatemala City, on Saturday.

The escapees include murderers, rapists and kidnappers serving long sentences. The jail - a crumbling former fort - is known by inmates as "Little Hell" because of its appalling conditions. The tunnel, which was about 200 metres long, started in a cell with six beds and finished three metres from the prison's electrified fence, right in between two watch towers. The prison system director, Francisco De la Pena, was immediately fired. He served in the post for less than six months and had complained he inherited a jail system on the verge of collapse. Over 20 members of the Escuintla prison staff were taken into custody for questioning. The government suspects some of them were involved in the jail break.


Meanwhile, army troops and police set up checkpoints around the country and tightened security on the borders with Mexico and El Salvador. Two of the fugitives were recaptured. Most of the escapees are said to be members of violent street gangs known as "maras", which have spread across Central America. Feuding between "maras" at detention centres in Guatemala has killed dozens of people in recent months. Four years ago, more than 70 inmates escaped from the Escuintla prison during a gun battle in which three people died. Twenty-five of the fugitives were later killed. Human rights groups claimed that they were executed by security forces, but they denied the accusation.

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20 Inmates Escape From Guatemala Prison

22. oktober 2005
At least 20 Guatemalan inmates considered to be extremely dangerous escaped from a high-security prison through a tunnel Saturday, authorities said. Those escaping included convicts accused of kidnapping, murder, and rape, Interior Secretary Minister Carlos Vielman said.

It was the latest embarrassment for the Guatemalan prison system, following deadly riots at other facilities that left 35 people dead. The escape took place in a prison known as "Little Hell," 50 miles south of Guatemala City. The prisoners dug the 390-feet long tunnel, which Vielman said probably took several months to finish. It was unclear how the prisoners hid the dirt taken from the tunnel, which was ventilated with a fan. The tunnel opening outside the prison was hidden in a corn field. The prison's director and several guards were detained under suspicion they helped in the escape. Francisco de la Pena, the director of Guatemala's prison system, was also fired.

Officials offered a $6,500 reward for information leading to the capture of the escaped prisoners. The prisoners left several messages for officials, including one that read: "They gave us only an hour for visits, and that's why I left, because I never could hug my children." Another complained about 50- to 100-year sentences, while the last said: "My wife left me for another man and I escaped to see if God will give me a chance to take back my family." In 2001, 78 other prisoners staged an escape from the same prison that left two people dead.

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19.oktober 2005

sechs gefangene, die wärter angegriffen haben sollen, sind aus dem knast in sonepat geflohen, 5 wurden wieder verhaftet.

Six prisoners escape from jail, five arrested

Sonepat, Oct. 19 (PTI); Six prisoners today escaped from the district jail here after allegedly assaulting four police constables guarding the prison but five of them were later arrested. Police have launched a hunt for the sixth prisoner who is still at large.

Police sources said a group of persons visited the jail to meet some inmates and allegedly handed over knives to them with which they assaulted four police constables before making their escape. Before fleeing, the prisoners also assaulted a driver wo was standing outside the district jail after they failed to snatch his vehicle. The driver was hospitalised. However, senior officials of the district and police administration as well as the district jail were tight-lipped and declined to comment on the incident. The injured police constables -- Hem Chander (25), Dhanpat (22), Birbal (44) and Rajesh (29) were taken to hospital for treatment from where barring Rajesh all were referred to the PGIMS at Rohak for further treatment. Senior officers of the district and police administration and the jail administration have reached the spot.

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18. Oktober 2005

mehr als die hälfte der 120 insassen des knastes in muzaffarabad sind laut offiziellen angaben während oder nach dem erdbeben geflohen. 15 männer wurden getötet und 40 verletzt. In dem knast , der mitten in der stadt liegt, sind nur menschen die zum tod verurteilt sind oder solche, die wegen eines "schweren verbrechens" verurteilt wurden und noch widersprüche und eingaben machen können..

Condemned prisoners escape noose

MUZAFFARABAD: Dozens of hardened criminals awaiting execution in Pakistan escaped during the deadly South Asian earthquake earlier this month. Local people and officials say at least 15 prisoners were killed and around 40 injured, but more than half the estimated 120 inmates in Muzaffarabad Central Jail used the earthquake as an opportunity to escape. The jail in the heart of Muzaffarabad normally houses only death row prisoners or those convicted of capital crimes who are appealing against their sentences. "I didn't even notice them escaping," said Ayub Mohamed, whose home used to overlook the main prison courtyard, but now lies in ruins against its rear wall. "People were looking after themselves and their loved ones. I only heard afterwards they had escaped."

Few buildings around the jail survived the earthquake and the local authority has virtually collapsed in the aftermath, so getting precise figures is difficult. But the one remaining prison block of the four that existed provides a revealing look into life on death row in Pakistan. Apart from a few bricks dislodged, and everything covered in dust, it is almost exactly as it

would have been before the quake.

In a space about half the size of a tennis court, 27 thin hessian mattresses lie side by side, less than a handspan between them, on a raised concrete block. There is a central cooking facility - the prisoners are responsible for their own food although basic rations are provided and relatives frequently supply them with supplementary items. There are two squat toilets and showers for each block and an exercise yard about the size of a tennis court. At the head of each bed was a tin box with a padlock for prisoners to keep their belongings. The boxes had all been opened - some by force - either by the prisoners themselves or by looters who picked through the remains of damaged buildings looking for valuables. The lockers held nothing of monetary value, although for many prisoners they were their only touch with life on the outside.

Mohamed Jahangir's box contained a thick pile of court documents which described how he had been sentenced to death for gunning down three acquaintances following a long-running feud. A lower court in Bagh, a remote town in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, had sentenced him to life imprisonment. But state prosecutors appealed against the sentence, and an appeals court extended it to death or ?qisas? - where the victim's kin can accept compensation in exchange for the murderer?s life. An appeal to the supreme Islamic court against that decision failed and Mohamed was running out of options. While dozens of prisoners are sentenced to death every year in Pakistan, only four or five executions are carried out as verdicts can be held up in appeal processes for years - Mohamed Jahangir?s case dates back to June 1995.

The boxes also contained letters from home, photographs of loved ones, personal items like soap and toothbrushes. Above each bed hung a simple clothes line with a few garish-coloured tunics - prison attire. In a neat pile in the corner was a pile of Holy Qur'ans donated by an Islamic charity, each wrapped in a cloth. While the earthquake killed many prisoners, death was never more than a few feet away at Muzaffarabad's jail. The gallows, strong enough to handle three men at time, stand in open view of the prisoners' courtyard - a constant reminder of the fate that awaited them. The sturdy steel scaffolding has a crossbeam with three heavy iron rings where the rope and noose are attached and hangs over a steel trapdoor operated by a lever with a safety catch. It is one of the few structures at the jail to remain intact. - Reuters

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17. Oktober 2005

zwei maskierte männer haben mit ihrem auto einen polizeiwagen gerammt, und einen gefangenen befreit. Laut dem bericht war der mann mit den bullen unterwegs weil er zeigen sollte, wo gestohlene autos seien.

Masked men help prisoner escape

A prisoner is on the run after an unmarked police car he was travelling in was rammed by another car containing two masked men with baseball bats. West Midlands Police said John Davis, 25, was showing officers the location of a stolen vehicle when they were attacked by the men in a black Volvo. The police car was near Capcroft Road and Trittiford Road in Billesley. Davis, from Birmingham, is serving a custodial sentence for burglary and theft at Swinfen Prison near Lichfield.

After escaping with the prisoner the Volvo pulled up in Chinbrook Road where they met with a blue Audi. Two men got out of the Volvo and got into the second car and then both vehicles drove off in the direction of Solihull. Police are warning members of the public not to approach Davis. He is described as 6ft tall, of skinny build with ginger hair. He was wearing a prison suit, stripy T-shirt and jeans at the time of his escape.

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17. Oktober 2005

20 männer sind durch die lüftungsanlage aus dem kadama knast im bezirk pallisa geflohen. Ein mann ist dabei von den wärtern erschossen worden.

Inmates break out of jail in Pallisa

TWENTY inmates including those on capital offences escaped from Kadama Prison in Pallisa district on the eve of Independence Day anniversary celebrations. According to the Eastern Regional Police Commander , Mr Bob Ngobi, the prisoners broke through the prison ventilators at around 2:00 am on Wednesday.

A prisoner Richard Okia, was shot dead as the prison warders tried to stop the suspects from escaping. ?All the inmates are still at large and are being pursued by police except David Padere, who was re-arrested during the escape,? Ngobi said. Ngobi identified the escapees as Robert Charles Mukula, Richard Opolot, Steven Opolot, John Okia, Joseph Kirya, Yahaya Kiria, Tom Otim and Moses Kaiza. Others are Shaban Erisaniya, Moses Gasodo, David Mpologoma, Aziz Kalonga, Moses Okalyebi, Nathan Otukei and Okiria among others.

Ngobi said the security situation in the region was not alarming but could worsen. ?The situation is likely to worsen since some of the criminals have escaped back into the community,?. He appealed to anybody who saw any of the escapees to notify the police. This is a second escape after another one at the same prison on August 2. Five inmates including two Arrow Boys militias attached to the 11th Battalion in Soroti, who were on charges of aggravated robbery, broke out of the prison and fled. Ngobi said Pte. Vincent Adakun and Pte. Charles Oso had been arrested in Kaucho trading centre, Kadama, in Pallisa for allegedly stealing a Nokia phone and Shs250,000 using a deadly weapon.

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17. Oktober 2005

zwei männer sind aus dem ittre knast , südlich von brüssel, geflohen

Double escape from Belgium's Ittre prison

A manhunt was underway early Sunday in Belgium for two prisoners who escaped from a penitentiary south of Brussels. The inmates, ages 30 and 33, climbed over a fence around the main prison building late Saturday and fled across open fields that surround the corrections complex, the Belgian press agency Belga reported, citing police sources. Investigators suspect that accomplices were waiting for the fugitives outside the prison. Among the inmates at the Ittre prison is infamous child sex killer Marc Dutroux, has been serving a life sentence since 2004.

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10. Oktober 2005

ein somalischer mann der mit dem flugzeug von christchurch nach wellington gebracht wurde, und der erst in den rimutaka knast und dann abgeschoben werden sollte, ist geflohen.

Corrections tight-lipped over escape

The Department of Corrections is remaining tight-lipped about the escape of a Somali overstayer facing deportation. 29-year-old Abdikarin Ali Haji gave prison guards the slip on Friday as he disembarked from a charter flight in Wellington from Christchurch. He was on his way to Rimutaka Prison. Regional prison manager, Dave East says they are extremely concerned about the breach of security and will carry out a thorough investigation into Haji's escape. Detective Steve Harwood says police want to hear from anyone who may have seen him. Haji is 187 centimetres tall, weighs 75 kilograms, with short brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing a dark blue top and blue jeans when he escaped.

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10. Oktober 2005

zwei artikel über die fehlgeschlagene flucht von 4 gefangenen aus dem new bilibid knast dabei wurden die 4 männer getötet und zwei wärter verletzt. Im zweiten bericht wird in den letzten zwei sätzen auf die beschissenen bedingungen eingegangen und das 60 gefangene sich in briefen an die menschenrechtskommission über "inhumane behandlung" beschwerten und eine untersuchung fordern.

SECURITY up in Bilibid prison after botched jailbreak

The Bureau of Corrections has tightened security in the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City after Sunday's bloody jailbreak attempt that left four prisoners dead and two guards wounded, DZMM reported Monday. BUCOR Director Vicente Vinarao said the escaped prisoners should not have reached the cemetery in Susana Heights, Muntinlupa City, as there was a BUCOR detachment located right in front of the NBP?s Building 14, where the inmates escaped.

He said officers in the detachment should have arrested the prisoners immediately and prevented the bloodshed. Killed in the escape try were Edgar Macarse, Rolando Paraiso, Julio Deloritos and Damaso Jab. The injured guards, on the other hand, were identified as Jail Officers Eric Factorayan and Alfredo Devaras. DZMM reports said the incident took place around 6 a.m. at the NBP's Building 14, which contained the Maximum Security Unit.

The suspects ganged up on Factorayan and disarmed another guard before escaping. Authorities immediately surrounded the prisoners? escape route, leading to a brief shootout that killed the suspects. Devaras was seriously wounded in the shootout and was rushed to the Muntinlupa Medical Center. Vinerao said that they are planning to beef up the security around Building 14. He also blamed the lack of perimeter fence around the NBP compound for the jailbreak.

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4 die in Muntinlupa jailbreak

A JAILBREAK broke the usually quiet Sunday morning at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City yesterday which ended in the death of four escaped inmates. NBP and Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) officials refused to talk about the breakout but a prison insider told the Inquirer that he saw the bodies of the four escapees. Sketchy information gathered by the Inquirer source said the jailbreak happened at about 6 a.m. at Building 14 of the NBP maximum security compound.

Meanwhile, a BuCor security officer said, "We really do not know what happened. We just received a text message from our [colleagues] that there was a jailbreak, and that we were needed to help in the chase." The security officer, who wielded an assault rifle, said the chase entailed a sweep through a dark and grassy portion of the prison compound, and the adjacent Everest Memorial Park. He said Muntinlupa police Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) members joined the pursuit operations which lasted for hours.

Southern Police District chief Director Wilfredo Garcia, who sent an investigator to speak with the media-shy BuCor officials, identified the escapees as Edgar Macarse, Rolando Paraiso, Julio Deloritos, and Job Damaso. They were believed to be members of the "Happy Go Lucky Gang" in the prison. The Inquirer source said he went to Building 14 at about 11 a.m. and had no clue that a jailbreak had taken place.

"The situation seemed normal," he said. He only knew of the incident from inmates. Later, he said that he saw the bodies of three escapees at the NBP Hospital morgue. They were believed to be Macarse, Paraiso and Deloritos. Afterwards, he saw the body of Damaso, who was reportedly a former police officer. Damaso was reportedly killed when he tried to fight off apprehending officers. A jail guard identified only as "Guevara" was critically injured and was brought to an undisclosed hospital. NBP guards told media that none of their immediate superiors were at the prison compound yesterday, since it was a Sunday.

No one could provide information on how the escape happened and why the inmates staged the jailbreak. But the prison insider said the incident might have been rooted in the poor treatment of inmates at the maximum security building, where about 60 prisoners had aired complaints. Last month, Building 14 inmates, mostly drug convicts, wrote the Commission on Human Rights to complain of "inhumane treatment," specifically the barring of conjugal visits. NBP officials have denied the claim.

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8. Oktober 2005

3 slovenische männer sind aus dem gorizia knast im norden italiens geflohen.

IMMIGRANTS in tunnel jail-break

Three Slovenian immigrants burrowed through a thick jail wall to escape from a northern Italian prison on Friday night . The immigrants, aged 19 to 29, managed to squeeze through the narrow tunnel and escape via the adjacent law courts .

"It can't have been easy for them to wriggle out because the hole was only 40cm across," Gorizia Prison governor Giovanni Attina' told ANSA . "It must have taken them several weeks to make that tunnel because the wall there is 70cm thick," he went on . "They probably used everyday tools like forks and spoons," Attina' said . The tunnel was hidden behind a cupboard that had been nailed to the wall . "They must somehow have managed to remove it," said the jail chief . Attina' said the Hapsburg-era prison near the Slovenian border was chronically understaffed and overcrowded - problems which he had repeatedly raised with authorities .

An all-points bulletin was put out and road blocks erected after the three failed to make roll call at 22:00. But after the discovery of the tunnel, Attina' said the immigrants were probably already across the border. "They must have acted quickly because they were in their cells for the evening roll call at 19:30," he said . Attina' has opened an internal inquiry and police are set to question three other Slovenians who were in the cell with their compatriots .

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7. Oktober 2005

zwei männer sind aus einem knast in madhya pradesh geflohen und sollen dabei einen wärter getötet haben.

Jail inmates escape after murdering constable

Two convicts undergoing life imprisonment for murder escaped from a jail in Madhya Pradesh after killing a constable Friday, police said. According to reports reaching here, Badam Dheemar and Malthu Thakur overpowered constable Gabbar Singh and repeatedly banged his head against a wall in a barrack of the jail in Shivpuri district. The constable died. The prisoners escaped by scaling the boundary wall of the jail. According to police, three constables, including Gabbar Singh, were in the jail when the murder took place in the afternoon. The other two constables were guarding other barracks. They came to know about the incident after the inmates escaped. A senior police official said a hunt had been launched in Shivpuri to nab the two inmates.

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7. Oktober 2005
Häftling entkommt im Kompostwagen aus Gefängnis

Aarau. AP/baz. Ein albanischer Häftling ist am Freitag mit der Grünabfuhr aus der aargauischen Strafanstalt Lenzburg entkommen. Der Häftling hatte sich unter Küchen- und Gartenabfällen eines Kippanhängers versteckt und konnte unbemerkt flüchten, wie die Strafvollzugsbehörde mitteilte.

Der Insasse der Strafanstalt Lenzburg war wegen räuberischer Erpressung zu einer achtjährigen Freiheitsstrafe verurteilt und befand sich seit September 2004 in Lenzburg im Strafvollzug. Seit September 2005 war der mit einer Schweizerin verheiratete Albaner mit Aufenthaltsbewilligung in der Schweiz in der anstaltsinternen Gärtnerei beschäftigt. Sein Fehlen am Arbeitsplatz sei um 09.00 Uhr festgestellt worden und die umgehend eingeleitete Suche innerhalb der Anstalt ergebnislos verlaufen, teilten die Strafvollzugsbehörden am Freitag mit. Es erhärtete sich laut der Mitteilung der Verdacht, dass es dem Häftling gelungen war, sich unbemerkt auf einen drei Meter langen Kippanhänger eines Landwirtschaftsfahrzeuges zu begeben, der mit Grünabfuhr aus der Küche und Gärtnerei beladen war. Unter dem Abfall versteckt, passierte er auch die Fahrzeugschleuse unbemerkt. Auf dem Weg zur Kompostanlage sprang der Albaner dann in der Nähe einer Tennisanlage vom Anhänger und flüchtete. Der Flüchtige wurde von einer Spaziergängerin gesehen, welche die Kantonspolizei und die Strafanstalt informierte.

[  nbaz.ch

5. Oktober 2005

aus dem berüchtigten knast von sheriff arpaio im maricopa county ( der knast wird als "zeltstadt" bezeichnet) sind 3 männer geflohen.

3 inmates escape through electric fence at Tent City

Local authorities on Tuesday night were searching for three men who escaped through an electric fence topped with barbed wire surrounding the Tent City Jail compound. It was the first escape since the electric fences were installed there about 2 years ago, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Tuesday.

A Maricopa County Sheriff's Office spokesman said an inmate notified jail officials that the men - Michael L. Williams, 20, David F. Thomas, 18, and Chad Merrill, 19 - escaped about 6 p.m. All three were serving sentences of three to six months for bad checks and parole violations, Arpaio said. Deputies are investigating the security breach. "I'm not angry," the sheriff said. "I'm just going to put more tents up. This isn't going to discourage me . . . We're going to catch them." Sgt. Travis Anglin said while the men were not arrested for violent offenses, they should be considered dangerous.

[  azcentral.com

5. Oktober 2005

ein israelischer mann ist aus einem knast in uruguay geflohen. Nach der zeitung observa wurden er und ein weiterer gefangener von zwei männern mit gefälschten papieren, die vorgaben die gefangenen in einen anderen knast zu bringen, abgeholt.

ISRAELI criminal escapes from Uruguayan prison

Israeli criminal Yoram El-Al reportedly escaped from the Uruguayan prison in which he was incarcerated late Tuesday night. The Urugayan Interior Minister assessed that his escape had been coordinated with colleagues outside of Uruguay, according to Army Radio.

According to the Uruguayan newspaper Observa, El-Al managed to escape after he and another prisoner were handed over to two men who arrived at the prison claiming they had orders to transfer the two to a different prison. El-Al is thought to be a senior member of the Abergil crime gang. He was arrested in Uruguay with a counterfeit passport, and was waiting to be extradited to the United States on money laundering charges.

[  jpost.com

5. Oktober 2005

vier jugendliche sind aus einem jugendknast im südwesten sydney's geflohen. Drei wurden kurze zeit später wieder verhaftet, nach einem 15 jährigen wird weiterhin gesucht.

TEENS escape detention centre

A TEENAGE offender is on the run after escaping along with three other inmates from a juvenile detention centre.

Police caught three of the youths who broke out of the correctional facility in Sydney's south west after locking up a female detention worker last night. But a fourth youth, aged 15, involved in the breakout is still on the run after fleeing Macarthur Railway Station where the others were arrested. Police say the youth worker was making routine checks at the Airds facility about 11.40pm (AEST) yesterday when she was confronted by an inmate.

She was allegedly threatened with a sharpened implement before handing over the key and being locked in the detainees' room. The youth then released three other detainees from their rooms before all four escaped over a perimeter fence using a ladder. A police spokesman said three of the four were found near Macarthur Railway Station. They were aged between 13 and 15 and had a history of break and enter, as well as robbery offences, the spokesman said.

They later faced Campbelltown Childrens Court charged with escaping lawful custody. The fourth teenager was last seen wearing black track suit pants, a green T-shirt and a white beanie. He should not be approached and anyone with any information should contact police.

[  news.com.au

4. Oktober 2005

durch ein loch das sie in ihre zellendecke geschlagen haben sind zwei männer aus dem polizeiknast rotorua geflohen.

Prisoners break out of cell through ceiling

Police are hunting for two men who escaped from their cell at Rotorua police station early today. Zeb Lee Sonny McCallion and Dean Wayne Whakatau smashed a hole in the ceiling of their first floor cell before climbing through and fleeing. Police said McCallion faced numerous burglary and unlawful taking charges and had been remanded in custody until October 6.

Whakatau, 27, was remanded in custody until October 21, on charges of rape and kidnapping charges. McCallion is described as having unruly hair and a light beard. He is 175cm in height and of medium build. He claims to be Maori but has caucasian features and complexion. Whakatau is described as clean shaven. He is 169cm in height and of medium to solid build. Police appealed to anyone sighting either of the fugitives to contact them. It is Whakatau's second prison escape in less than two years. In April last year he fled from Waikeria Prison near Te Awamutu while working in prison grounds. Whakatau was captured after police were tipped off by members of the public and rammed a police car as he was being chased.

Police said at the time he had driven towards an officer, narrowly missing him, before ramming the car. He was caught after running away, entering a house and setting off a burglar alarm.

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4. Oktober 2005

auf dem weg zum gericht in muttur wurden vier männer angeblich von tamil tiger rebellen befreit. Ein wärter wurde dabei verletzt.

Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels shoot at prison vehicle, prisoners escape

Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels on Tuesday shot at a prison vehicle, injuring one guard and enabling four prisoners to escape, the military said. The incident came as escalating violence, which has left scores dead, is increasingly threatening a three-year-old truce between the government and rebels. On Tuesday, the four prisoners were being taken to court when suspected rebels shot at the prison bus in Muttur, about 230 kilometers (140 miles) northeast of the capital, Colombo, said military spokesman Brig. Nalin Witharanage.

A guard was wounded and rushed to a nearby hospital, and all four prisoners escaped, Witharanage said. It was not immediately known if the prisoners _ who were still at large _ were rebel suspects. On Monday, suspected rebels fatally shot an ethnic Tamil schoolteacher as he rode his motorcycle to work, and separately shot dead a jewelry shop owner in the northern town of Jaffna, Witharanage said. Both victims were believed to have opposed to the guerrillas, he said. Hours later, suspected rebels hurled a grenade and fired on an army post in Welikanda, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) east of Colombo, he said. A soldier was hurt in the attack and hospitalized. The Tamil Tigers fought for two decades to try carving out a separate homeland for Sri Lanka's ethnic Tamils, claiming discrimination by the majority Sinhalese. The conflict killed more than 65,000 people before the government and rebels signed a cease-fire in February 2002.

Subsequent peace talks have been stalled since 2003 due to disagreements over postwar power-sharing, and increasing outbreaks of violence have sparked fears that the country will slide back into civil war. The government blames the Tamil Tigers for most of the violence. The rebels deny the charges. Over the weekend, police arrested four Tiger who were allegedly gathering intelligence on the strategic port of Trincomalee, a maritime lifeline for Sri Lanka. The port is also used by a subsidiary of India's state-owned Indian Oil Corp. to store petroleum reserves. The government controls Trincomalee and its port, but the Tigers control the surrounding area.

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3. Oktober 2005

3 männer sind aus dem hawaii community knast geflohen indem sie sich an zusammengeknoteten betttücher abseilten.

"DANGEROUS" prisoners escape from Hilo prison

HILO - Three inmates escaped from the Hawaii Community Correctional Center in Hilo last night between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. by removing a metal screen from a bathroom window and climbing down bedsheets 30 feet to the ground, police said. The men, who are described as dangerous, are Shawn DeCosta, 25, Kole Kuokamakana Race-Joaquin, 23, and Franklin R. Enos, 31. Anyone with information on them is asked to call police at[...]

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2. Oktober 2005

die zahl der knastausbrüche ist von 1000 im jahr 1995 auf 176 im letzten jahrzurück gegangen..

Prison escapes have decreased

The number of escapes from correctional services facilities in the country has decreased from more than 1 000 in 1995 to 176 last year. The Eastern Cape has improved its record with more than a 70% decrease in the number of prison escapes between January and September, this year.

Correctional services is confident that the recently installed system to improve security in South African prisons is going to do even more. The R88 million programme was launched in June. The programme has seen biometric readers being installed at prisons as well as strategic cameras, which record all movement both in and outside the cells. They are monitored from a control room.

The installation of the hi-tech equipment started in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Sixty-six correctional services centres countrywide will have it by March next year. "We have started with about 15 centres in the Eastern Cape to upgrade our system so that there are no more escapes, actually if you look back at our escape rate now, it is very low, it's very rare that you find an escape and these systems are going to be manned," said Ngconde Balfour, the correctional services minister, during his visit to Westbank Prison today.

Balfour also attended a church service for inmates. He urged families and friends visiting inmates to co-operate in order to strengthen and maintain security. "Families sometimes do not assist us; they would come and pass things to the inmates that are not helping us to maintain security. But this time, with the help of these installations, we will make sure they are searched before they go in," he said. In the second phase, recording machines will be installed to help record every conversation and action in the absence of the controller.

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30. september 2005

4 männer sind durch die belüftungsanlage aus dem henry county knast geflohen, 2 wurden nach wenigen stunden wieder verhaftet.

Indiana prisoners escape jail through ventilation system

Four inmates escaped from the Henry County Jail by squeezing between pipes behind a shower, and two were captured hours later in a vacant house, authorities said. One of the escapees still at large Thursday night, 24-year-old Roscoe Fry of Connersville, should be considered dangerous, Sheriff Kim Cronk said. Fry was awaiting trial on a robbery charge.

The four escaped sometime before 5:30 a.m. by forcing a steel shower unit from a wall and then making their way through a space inside the wall, Cronk said. They then traveled through the ventilation system to flee. Captured were Ronald Wright, 33, who had been held on charges of forgery and driving on a suspended license, and Richard Hicks, 32, who was in jail on drug dealing and robbery charges. The two surrendered without a struggle at a vacant house two miles from the jail after an undercover officer saw someone enter the structure, Sheriff's Maj. Jay Davis said. The other escapee still at large Thursday night was identified as Brian York, 41, of New Castle.

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29. September 2005

ein am 5. september aus dem marion county knast / mississippi geflohener mann wurde in texas wieder verhaftet.

Suspected murderer in custody

Escaped capital murder suspect Steven Kirkley was caught Wednesday morning in Edinburg, Texas. Kirkley, who escaped from the Marion County jail on Sept, 5, hadn't been traced since Sept. 20, when he was linked to a business on Homochitto Street in Natchez. He had also been connected to a business break-in on Liberty Road Sept. 18. Natchez Police searched wooden areas and vacant properties for several days, but found no more signs of him. Kirkley evidently stayed in the area for several more days, Police Chief Mike Mullins said. Arresting officers in Texas found him with a 2004 Dodge Ram vehicle that had been reported stolen on Monday from a dealership in Natchez. The vehicle was last seen on Sunday.

Police officers found him at a convenience store pay phone in Edinburg around 8 a.m. Wednesday. Edinburg is in the southern tip of Texas. Kirkley will be extradited to Marion County. He now faces additional charges of escape and grand larceny of a vehicle.

Mullins said he suspected Kirkley made it so far because authorities between Natchez and Texas were focused on Hurricane Rita.

"We are very glad he is incarcerated again," Mullins said. "We kept the pressure on and we assumed he had probably left town because he hadn't been sighted." The Natchez car dealership will arrange for the car to be returned to them. Kirkley was in the Marion County jail for allegedly killing Columbia realtor Janell Hatton last October. He reportedly broke into her house to steal a water jug, shot her, drove her to a rural area, suffocated her and buried her in a shallow grave. He has not yet gone to trial. The heavily tattooed 27-year-old has been featured on "America's Most Wanted." His profile can be viewed on the site at www.americasmostwanted.com, search under fugitives. The Web site says he escaped from the Marion County jail by crawling through air vents.

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28. September 2005

3 männer haben im howard county knast / arkansas einen wärter überwältigt und sind mit einem truck geflohen

THREE Men Escape From Howard County Jail

Three men are on the loose after choking a guard and then escaping from a county jail in Southwest Arkansas The escape happened Tuesday night at the Howard county jail in Nashville. Deputies say Arlander Logan, Oscar Feble, and Yoel Sanchez overpowered a guard and stole his truck. The guard was treated at a local hospital for minor wounds and released. Logan and Feble were arrested for allegedly holding up a bank just a few hundred yards away from the jail a week ago.

Sanchez was being held on forgery charges out of Sevier county. Hayes McWater of the Arkansas State Police considers the escapees dangerous. "I don`t believe any of them have anything to lose. They were facing federal charges and numerous felony charges in Arkansas," McWater said. All three face attempted capital murder of a correctional officer and felony fleeing.[...]

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29. September 2005

120 der 200 gefangenen im bundesknast in auchi sind geflohen, 10 davon wurden wieder verhaftet. Es soll erst eine auseinandersetzung mit den beamten wegen dem schlechten essen, der schlechten infrastruktur im knast sowie der miesen behandlung durch die wärter gegeben haben. Dann sollen einige gefangene werkzeuge geholt haben, die wärter wurden überwältigt und das tor aufgebrochen.

Jailbreak: 120 Escape From Auchi Prison

WAVE of jailbreaks in the country hit Auchi yes-terday where about 120 inmates at the Federal Prison escaped. They included six convicted criminals. Earlier jailbreaks this year had occurred at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Ogwashi-uku, Delta State and the Ikoyi Federal Prisons in Lagos. In the Rivers and Lagos incidents, some lives were lost while prisoners successfully escaped.

The Port Harcourt jailbreak led to the suspension of former Controller General of Prisons, Mr. Abraham Akpe. The Auchi incident has heightened tension in Edo State where security had been tense following political and crime problems. As at press time, 120 inmates of the 200 prison population in Auchi were said to have fled. But poised to contain the situation, Edo State Police Commissioner, Mr. Muktar Abass, has temporarily relocated to Auchi and confirmed that 10 fleeing inmates have been re-arrested. Investigations by Daily Champion at Auchi revealed that the incident took place about 3.00pm and lasted for about one hour.

It was gathered that there was an unusual agitation and rumbling among the inmates over poor feeding, poor infrastructural facilities and ill-treatment by warders at moments before the incident. Daily Champion futher gathered that about 3.00pm, the agitation became louder as inmates started chanting war songs as well as moved between cells.

In what looked like a planned action, some minutes later, source added, few of the inmates were said to have gone to the prison workshop where they allegedly removed some tools with which they attacked the warders after which they forced the gate open and escaped. Armed security men at the gate who shot into the sky were shoved aside by the fleeing inmates while they surged ahead and took time to move out of the stronghold. It was gathered that some of the inmates who had initially refused to leave their cells after the gate had been forced open, were forced out by those believed to have masterminded the jailbreak, while three of them, said to be ill were carried out of the jail by their collegues.

Daily Champion learnt that out of the 80 inmates that refused to escape, six of them were women while almost all of them have just few months and days to serve out their terms Controller of the Prison, Mr. Kingsley Otulu, who confirmed the report expressed surprise over the jailbreak. Meanwhile, the Police State Commisioner , Mr. Abass confirmed to Daily Champion that 10 of the fleeing inmates have been re-arested by a combined mobile team of anti-riot and plaincloth security men dispatched to the area. He said all of them would be brought back to their cells in due course. Mr. Abass, however, appealed to people of the state to help the Commad by reporting any strange face or person with unusual looks to the nearest police station.

Some students of the Federal Polytechnic Auchi, who spoke on the jailbreak, expressed worry over the development and called on the police to beef up security in Auchi township.

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Jail-break in Auchi, 120 inmates escape

A HUNDRED and twenty inmates of the Auchi Prisons in Edo State, yesterday, descended on prison officials, attacked them with dangerous weapons and then threw open the prison gate for a massive jail-break. The attack had begun as a protest by the inmates against alleged poor feeding and poor conditions. A bizarre drama also played itself out yesterday at the Enugu Prisons when about 15 prisoners beat up a female Assistant Superintendent of Prisons and her inspector husband, allegedly on the order of a superior prison official.

No life was lost in the Auchi jail-break, but a combined team of policemen and prisons officials was deployed to the area to quell the riot and fish out fleeing prisoners. Their efforts yielded some fruits with the arrest of 10 of the prisoners.

The Acting Comptroller of Prisons, Mr Okwara Uche Kalu, yesterday relocated to Auchi to meet with the Comptroller of the Auchi Prison, Mr Kingsley Otutu, and other top officers of the prisons, declaring that the incident would be investigated by the authorities. Those found wanting would be dealt with, he vowed. Vanguard gathered that the jail-break occurred around 3p.m. during the call for lunch within the prison yards. It lasted only a few minutes. It was gathered that the authorities of the prisons were caught off guard by the irate prisoners who attacked them with dangerous weapons reportedly stolen from the workshop.

Among the fleeing inmates were four men on the death row. Vanguard observed that security was yesterday beefed up at entry and exit points in Auchi town, as armed policemen embarked on a stop and search operation. Speaking with Vanguard on telephone, the state Commissioner of Police, Mr Muktar Abass, confirmed the incident and said the Police were still trying to unravel the mystery behind the jail-break. He said plain cloth police officers had been deployed to the area to assist in the search for escaped prisoners."We can confirm now that the incident happened and we have sent out appeals to community heads and youths in the area to assist in the re-arrest of the prisoners."

Prisoners beat up ASP, husband at Enugu prisons
Meanwhile, an Assistant Superintendent of Prisons at the Enugu Prisons, Mrs. Francisca Okoli, and her husband, Inspector Gabriel, were beaten up yesterday by over 15 prisoners allegedly on the orders of a superior prison official after ordering the eviction of the couple from the barracks. The incident which occurred at about 10a.m., caused panic in the barracks located opposite the prisons headquarters as passers-by who did not understand what was happening scampered for safety, fearing that it was a jail-break.

Household items including furniture, kitchen utensils as well as make-shift houses within the barracks were either thrown out or destroyed by the stern-looking prisoners who were led by the Chief Superintendent of Prisons, Mr. Mike Iroegbu.

ASP Okoli whose uniform was torn and with blood stains all over her body, narrated her ordeal to Vanguard, saying the prisoners who acted on the instruction of a superior prisons officer invaded her three-bedroom quarters in the barracks and started throwing her belongings outside. Okoli, who is the Secretary to the Commandant of the Nigerian Prisons Training School, Enugu, said an attempt by herself and her husband to stop them attracted serious blows from the prisoners who also used clubs to inflict injuries on them, adding that her husband was beaten into unconsciousness. She said: "At about 10a.m. today (yesterday), I was coming from my office at Prisons Training School, Enugu. When I got to my house, I saw about 15 prisoners led by an officer shouting at my husband. When I got there, I told him that the quarters was allocated to me by my boss, the Commandant of the Training School, Enugu, who has the authority to allocate quarters meant for the Training School to the officers. ?After narrating this to him, he went ahead and ordered the prisoners to beat me and my husband up and to throw our property outside. They beat the two of us mercilessly to the point that my husband became unconscious. I also sustained severe injury with blood all over my body. I later fainted and some sympathisers rescued me."

Displaying her digital Sony video camera valued at N150,000, which she claimed was smashed during the attack, Okoli alleged that N80,000 cash was stolen from her house, adding that her property thrown out by the prisoners were still scattered outside the premises as she had no other place to move them in. "I have made a formal complaint to the Deputy Commandant of the Prisons Training School over the matter. Many senior officers from the training school had gone to the officer to ascertain if he actually ordered the prisoners to beat them up. He showed no remorse. Rather, he admitted that he ordered that our property be thrown out.

"I am surprised by the action of the officer. How can the prisoners we are meant to reform be turned to thugs and weapons against the Prisons officers? I call on the Prisons authorities to intervene and call the officer to order because it is completely wrong to use prisoners as weapons against prisons? wardens. If they are being used as weapons, what kind of reformation and rehabilitation are we giving them? This officer must be called to order," she said in tears.

But when contacted yesterday, Chief Superintendent of Prison Iroegbu, who led the operation, said the action was in line with the directive by the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs to various prisons commands across the country to sanitise the barracks following the recent jail-breaks in Port Harcourt and Lagos. He said Mrs. Okoli and her husband illegally occupied the quarters which was meant for senior officers of the command, adding that they (Okolis) forced their way into the apartment shortly after the occupant vacated it on Monday. According to him, the couple had been living in their official apartment within the barracks from where they parked into the senior quarters ?through the back door."

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28. September 2005

4 männer sind aus dem hattieville knast geflohen, zwei wurden wieder verhaftet.

FOUR escape from prison; two still at large

It may not be the revolving door we became used to in years gone by...but now and then prisoners do escape from Hattieville. Early this morning four inmates managed to bust out and tonight two remain on the loose. News Five's Jacqueline Woods has more.
Jacqueline Woods, Reporting

Initial investigations reveal that all four inmates Alfonso Juarez, Carlos Coronado, Robert Gillett and Cameron Blease were drinking, smoking and giving trouble inside the juvenile facility where they were being held. The commotion alerted the security guard on duty who went to relocate the prisoners to a holding cell. It was during this process that it is believed the youths overpowered the guard and attacked him. Marlon Skeen, C.E.O., Kolbe Foundation "It seems as if they were drinking rubbing alcohol, not alcohol that we think of as rum. It was rubbing alcohol, anything to give them a high and smoking cigarette or marijuana?we are not certain which it was?that was smuggled in. We understand that one of the boys had a visit from a family member or a girlfriend of somebody and that person supposedly brought in both the drug for them, the smokes and also the rubbing alcohol. And that's how they came about having fun." According to the Kolbe Foundation's Chief Executive Officer, Marlon Skeen, the escape occurred during last night's heavy downpour. To add to the problem, the facility experienced several blackouts during the bad weather.

"They seriously beat the officer. He's in the hospital right now in fact with multiple stitches and lacerations and badly beaten, and they made good their escape afterwards." While all four inmates managed to successfully scale the fence and get away, it would take prison guards and the police several hours to catch up with two of them.

"We had a sighting shortly after that. Our prison bus coming to prison, the officers were alert, saw four people on the road, was not aware at the time that we had an escape. As soon as he arrived and found out that we had an escape, he immediately said that he saw four people on the roadside. We mobilised and went to that location, which is just about at Prosser at mile eight. We did a preliminary search and we didn't see them. Obviously they know the bus and they were warned. We put people out on the bridge, we notified the checkpoint out there. Shortly after that a police vehicle passing by saw four individuals on the roadside again, this was a little further down, closer to Burton Canal Bridge. At that point in time the police vehicle stop and the four made a bolt for the waterside. Shortly after that, we had more people on the scene and two inmates were recaptured almost immediately, one first, which was Carlos Coronado, and shortly thereafter the other one, which was Juarez. Juarez in the process of recapturing was shot in the leg and is currently under medical treatment. Those two were brought back to the facility."

Robert Gillett and Cameron Blease remain at large and are believed to be hiding somewhere in the mangroves off the Burdon Canal near the Western Highway. As law enforcement officers continue to look for the prisoners, we asked Skeen whether they are considering strengthening security at the juvenile facility. "Remember these boys, the one who is out Cameron Blease is only fifteen years old. So for all intents and purposes he's a boy, but he's also a well-seasoned criminal. And really with the criminal mind he has, he's thirty, forty years old in mind. So we always have to bear that in mind. We treat those individuals as youths, but a lot of them are in here for very serious offences. And it's a hard decision to make sometimes to relocate them to a maximum-security area where they are adults when really they should be kept with other juveniles. So really it's one of those things that sometimes jump up and bite you back." Jacqueline Woods for News Five.

Both Robert Gillett and Cameron Blease are on remand for murder and are considered dangerous. If you have any information that could lead to the capture of the escaped inmates please call 911 or the nearest police station.

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26. September 2005

16 männer aus dem beon knast / madang geflohen.

16 escape in jail break-out

SIXTEEN inmates are on the run after breaking out from Beon jail in Madang on Saturday night. And police in Madang are unhappy about being informed well after the break-out, which allowed the prison escapees between six to 10 hours hours to get out of Madang. By yesterday afternoon, police still did not have information about the type of prisoners they were or the crimes they were imprisoned for.

A police spokesman said the Beon jail had told them this information would be supplied today. A report filed by the Beon CIS to police stated that the 16 inmates had used a hacksaw to cut the bars in the cell, then cut the security fence before escaping. The time of escape indicated on the report was between 5pm Saturday and 6am Sunday. The report to the police was filed at 11.45am yesterday. ?We could not mount any emergency operations because the report from the Beon CIS came in very late. By the time the report was filed, the escapees would have left Madang or made good their escape,? the police spokesman said.

He said an alert would be sent out to all police stations in Madang as well as Lae, Wewak and the Highlands when the information on the prisoners becomes available. Unconfirmed reports said prisoners at Beon jail were unhappy with the selection of inmates released on pardon as part of the Independence anniversary program.

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27. September 2005

3 männer aus dem vila knast / stade geflohen

Three high risk prisoners escape and still on the run

Three prisoners escaped Monday night from Vila ex French jail at the Stade area, without the police knowing how they managed to escape in front of the prison guards.

They are Jean Dennis Sevoir from Santo, Morris Silus from Paama and Jean Claude Kapalu from Tanna, whom police ranked as high risk prisoners, kept under very strict control. The Independent understands police have taken steps to try to locate or recapture them. Meanwhile, police are appealing to the general public and community leaders to assist them in bringing them back. Police also remind the public that aiding, hiding or keeping prisoners is against the law, and those involved may be prosecuted.

The office of the commissioner of police is still awaiting a report in the matter from the police officer in charge of the ex French jail. Prisons administration act, CAP 20 on the treatment of prisoners says " It is the duty of all prison officers to treat prisoners with humanity and impartiality to maintain order and discipline, and to enforce observance of the rules and regulations in regard thereto."

Their recent escape is an addition to concerns raised many times by the police concerning the poor condition of Vanuatu prisons in Vila, Santo, Malekula and Tanna. In Santo, prisoners are using a traditional natangura houses as shelter due to lack of space in the jail. First Vanuatu ombudsman, Marie Noêlle Ferrieux Patterson, released a major report on the poor condition of Vanuatu prisons in 1999, and made recommendations but no action has been taken. It is, however, understood that New Zealand is to assist in prison relocation in Vanuatu.

The current ombudsman, Peter Taurakoto, last week released another report on a prison issue concerning a relationship between a female police officer and a prisoner who commited suicide in 2003. On their part, police are pressuring the government to look seriously into the question of privatising prisons as they believe it can be an answer to difficulties currently faced by prisoners throughout the country. It is also understood that a prisoner from Ambrym escaped two to three months ago and has never been caught.

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26. September 2005

in einem artikel über eine frau die am 30. juli aus dem raleigh correctional knast geflohen ist und noch auf der flucht ist, steht das in north carolina zur zeit nach 182 menschen die aus knästen flohen, gesucht wird. 2004 sind 49 menschen geflohen die alle wieder verhaftet wurden. Von den 32 die in north carolina in diesem jahr aus knästen geflohen sind, sind 30 wieder verhaftet.

Authorities Continue To Search For Escaped Felon

North Carolina Department of Correction officials are still following up on leads and looking for an escaped felon who they say jumped a barbed wire fence at a Raleigh women's prison. Crystal Glass, 27, along with two other women -- April Faulkner and Telisa Chapman -- disappeared from the Raleigh Correctional Center for Women on July 30. Faulkner and Chapman were arrested soon after their escape, but Glass remains at large. Glass is actually one of about 182 prisoners in North Carolina who have broken out of state-run facilities and are still on the run.

Glass was serving time on drug charges. Others were behind bars for more violent crimes such as murder and rape. Some convicts have been on the run for decades. "As time goes by, chances are it won't be in the media as much," said Department of Correction spokeswoman Pam Walker. "And leads are going to go colder."

The state Department of Correction relies on the help of local law enforcement, especially in the immediate hours after the breakout. Most inmates are caught within the first 24 to 72 hours after they escape. For those who are not, prison officials say there is a good chance most are not on the run anymore. "There's a lot of circumstances -- we believe they've either died or there's a good possibility they're in custody somewhere else in another state," Walker said.

And a few years on the run does not mean guaranteed freedom. Last year, prison officials caught an escapee who had been gone for 28 years. The number of escapees is on the decline as security measures have been increased through the years. Last year, there were 49 escapees across the state. All 49 were caught. So far this year, 32 prisoners have taken off; only two are still on the loose. Glass is one of those. Before the breakout, she was scheduled to be released in November. If she is caught, however, she could serve an additional six months to two years in prison.

[  wral.com

23. September 2005

im rustavi knast wurde ein 12 meter langer tunnel ,den 6 männer gegraben haben sollen, von wärtern bei einer zellenrazzia entdeckt.

Georgian Prison Wardens Find 12-Meter Escape Tunnel

Wardens in Georgia's Rustavi prison camp have discovered a 12-meter tunnel made by inmates who planned to escape, the Georgia News reported on Friday. The tunnel was 85 centimeters in diameter and equipped with electrical lights. It started under the bed of one of the inmates and led toward the main wall of the penal institution. Wardens found digging tools as well as what was described as a "special device for carrying soil outside". The inmates hid the soil from the tunnel under a floor in one of the barracks. According to preliminary information released by the Justice Ministry, the tunnel was made by six men, but their names have not yet been established.

[  mosnews.com

22. September 2005

17 männer aus dem aceh besar knast geflohen.

17 Aceh inmates in jail break

Lax security meant 17 inmates in Aceh Besar Prison escaped from their cells at dawn on Tuesday, the third escape from the jail this year. Jantho Prison Warden Abdullah Arja said the inmates punched through the prison's roof and scaled the prison's wall with the help of a rope. All were in prison for common crimes and none were former members of the rebel Free Aceh Movement (GAM). Abdullah said that out of the 17 inmates, 13 had been convicted while the remaining four were awaiting trial. Only a few prison guards were on duty when the jail break occurred. The escape was the third this year. Early in July, five inmates escaped the prison in two separate occassions. They are still at large. -- JP

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20. September 2005

48 männer aus einem militärknast in ruhambo geflohen.

DRC: Newly arrested army dissidents escape

The governor of Congo's South Kivu Province, Didas Kaningini, said on Monday that 48 dissident soldiers who were arrested recently as they returned from exile to the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had escaped from a jail.

"They escaped on Saturday," Kaningini said on Monday. "They forced open the door of the prison in a military camp in Ruhambo." The camp is some 120 km south of the province capital, Bukavu. Kaningini said they escaped with weapons. They had been arrested on 13 September while crossing the border from Burundi, carrying weapons and communication equipment. The army said they were part of a dissident faction in the DRC army led by former Gen Laurent Nkunda and Col Jules Mutebusi who launched an attack South Kivu in May 2004, temporarily capturing Bukavu. The UN Mission in the DRC (MONUC) said it could not confirm the identity of the dissidents. "They escaped before we arrived in Ruhambo [to identify them," Sylvie Van Den Wildenberg, the MONUC spokeswoman in Bukavu, said.

She said MONUC had pledged to support government efforts to recapture the escapees. Kaningini said the escapees had fled back east in the direction of Minembwe Highlands. He said the army had sent 250 soldiers in pursuit.

[  irinnews.org

20. September 2005

ein 42 jähriger mann aus dem castlerea knast ist aus dem gerichtsgebäude von limerick city geflohen.

Prisoner escapes from custody at courthouse

A Garda manhunt is underway in Co Limerick after a prisoner escaped from custody. The 42-year-old from Limerick City " who was serving a two-year jail sentence " was at Charleville District Court shortly before midday when he made his bid for freedom. He was brought from Castlerea prison for the court appearance. The court was not sitting when he was brought to the bathroon by three prison officers. When he came out he brandished a knife, threatened the prison officers and managed to escape from the building. He ran across the road from the courthouse where he tried to hijack a car but failed. The man continued up the Tipperary road from the town where he found a car with keys in the ignition. This car has since been found abandoned near the village of Knockaney. The prisoner has since stolen a second car again with the keys in the ignition. Meanwhile all ports and airports have been put on alert as the man remains at large.

[  breakingnews.iol.ie

19. September 2005

zwei berichte über den überfall der britischen armee auf einen knast in basra. Es wurden zwei britische männer befreit, dabei gelang es etwa 150 gefangenen irakis zu flüchten.

British tanks in 'smash and grab raid'

BRITISH soldiers freed two comrades in a dramatic operation last night just hours after the men, believed to be with an undercover special forces unit, were arrested on charges of shooting two Iraqi policemen.Witnesses and Iraqi officials claimed British troops backed by up to ten tanks smashed down the walls of the central jail in the southern city of Basra and freed the two men.An Iraqi television cameraman who lives across the street from the jail said about 150 Iraqi prisoners also fled as British troops stormed inside and rescued their comrades.Mohammed al-Waili, the governor of the province, described the British raid as "barbaric, savage and irresponsible".

"A British force of more than ten tanks backed by helicopters attacked the central jail and destroyed it. This is an irresponsible act," Mr al-Waili said, adding that the British force had spirited the prisoners away to an unknown location.The Ministry of Defence was last night insisting that the release of the two soldiers had been secured through negotiation and not by force, although reports suggested damage had been caused to the jail. An MoD official said a wall had been demolished "by accident".The dramatic events followed a day of violence in the city.

Tensions had soared earlier as demonstrators hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at British tanks. At least four people were killed.The fighting erupted after British armour encircled the jail where the two Britons were being held. One soldier was seen scrambling from a stricken, burning tank to escape the rock-throwing mob. The soldier was engulfed in flames as he escaped from his burning vehicle.The rioting was triggered by the arrest of the two soldiers who allegedly shot at an Iraqi police patrol that challenged them as they drove through the city. The Iraqis claim the soldiers, who were said to be dressed in Arab robes, killed one police officer and wounded another during the firefight.

Television footage showed the captured soldiers slouched against what appeared to be the wall of a prison cell, with their hands behind their backs. One had his head swathed in bandages and appeared to have bloodstains on his top, while the other had plasters on his head and was wearing what looked like blood-smeared trousers. The Ministry of Defence said three British soldiers were hurt during the earlier violence, but none of their injuries was life-threatening.Officials denied the reports that its troops made a smash and grab raid to free their captured colleagues.

"We've heard nothing to suggest we stormed the prison," an MoD spokesman said. "We understand there were negotiations."In Britain, the earlier clashes had been seized on by those demanding clarity on when British troops will withdraw from the south of Iraq, where they have increasingly come under attack from insurgents. The Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, Sir Menzies Campbell, said the events "underlined the need for a coherent exit strategy of British forces".Reacting to the later reports that British forces had stormed the prison, Sir Menzies said: "It is hard to see how relations between the British military and the civilian Iraqi authorities in Basra will ever be the same again.

"This is bound to be seen as a humiliation by many Iraqis - something the insurgents will use to their advantage. An operation of this kind must have gone to the highest level. I would be surprised if the Prime Minister had not been consulted."The MoD had earlier declined to comment on the day's events, beyond confirming that "two British military personnel were detained by Iraqi authorities".But Iraqi officials, who had dispatched a senior judge to question the pair, were insisting that the British military in Basra had confirmed that they were on an undercover mission. Mohammed al-Abadi, an official of the Basra authorities, said their cover had been blown after local police became suspicious and approached them. "A policeman approached them and then one of these guys fired at him. Then the police managed to capture them," he said. "They refused to say what their mission was. They said they were British soldiers and [suggested] to ask their commander about their mission."

Defence sources have told The Scotsman that the soldiers were part of an undercover special forces detachment set up this year to try to "bridge the intelligence void" in Basra. The detachment draws on special forces' experience in Northern Ireland and Aden, where British troops went "deep" undercover in local communities to try to break the code of silence against foreign forces.The troops are under the jurisdiction of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment that was formed last year by the then defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, to gather so-called human intelligence during counter-terrorist missions.The day of dramatic incident comes amid an increasingly volatile security picture in Basra, which until earlier this summer enjoyed a reputation as one of the most-trouble free cities in Iraq. Earlier this month, three British soldiers were killed in two separate roadside bomb attacks, thought to be the work of a newly-arrived insurgent unit that specialises in targeting coalition personnel.

There have also been increased tensions following the arrest of the local leader of the al-Mahdi army, a heavily armed street gang loyal to the outlawed Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.Members of al-Mahdi are thought to have been behind the violent protests that took place outside the city's main Felony Crimes Department, where a crowd of around 200 people gathered when news spread that the soldiers were being held inside.Not long after British troops arrived on the scene, an armoured vehicle accompanying them came under attack from petrol bombs. Television footage showed it reversing back and forth among the crowd as a fire erupted on its roof.

As it did so, a soldier climbed out of the vehicle's hatch and jumped clear of it, as the crowd pelted him with stones. Two Iraqis were reported to have been killed in the riot. Photographs of the disturbances showed a soldier in flames as he tumbled from a personnel carrier. Reports also said that people were driving through the streets of Basra with loudhailers demanding that the arrested Britons remain in detention and be sent to jail.At the weekend it was reported that Britain has shelved plans to begin a staged withdrawal of the 9,000 British troops from Iraq by next year. The apparent change in policy has confirmed fears that Iraq is a long way off from being stable enough to be policed by its own forces alone.

[  scotsman.com

UK forces free two soldiers held in Iraq prison

British forces freed two undercover soldiers from jail in Basra late on Monday after a day of rioting in the southern city sparked when the soldiers fired on an Iraqi police patrol. An Iraqi Interior Ministry official said British forces stormed the jail using six tanks and that dozens of Iraqi prisoners escaped during the raid. But Britain's Ministry of Defense said the release of the two soldiers was negotiated and it did not believe the prison had been stormed. "We've heard nothing to suggest we stormed the prison," a ministry spokesman said in London. "We understand there were negotiations." Lisa Glover, spokeswoman for the British embassy in Baghdad, said three people were wounded in the operation to free the soldiers and were being treated at a nearby base.

She did not give further details of how the soldiers were freed. The events in the mainly Shi'ite city are likely to worsen relations between British forces responsible for security in southern Iraq and the local population. The two undercover soldiers were arrested on Monday after opening fire on Iraqi police who approached them, police and local officials said. They said the men were wearing traditional Arab headscarves and sitting in an unmarked car. "They were driving a civilian car and were dressed in civilian clothes when shooting took place between them and Iraqi patrols," an official in Basra said. Mohammed al-Abadi, an official in the Basra governorate, said the two men looked suspicious to police. "A policeman approached them and then one of these guys fired at him. Then the police managed to capture them," Abadi told reporters. "They refused to say what their mission was. They said they were British soldiers and (suggested) to ask their commander about their mission." One of the British undercover soldiers sat with a bandage on his head after being detained, a Reuters photographer said. His trousers were stained with blood spots.


Furious crowds pelted British armored vehicles with rocks and petrol bombs after the shooting incident. Tensions in Basra had already been stoked on Sunday when British forces arrested two leading members of the Mehdi army, a nationalist militia led by radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. A British soldier was engulfed in flames as he scrambled out of a burning tank during the rioting, under a hail of stones hurled by the crowd. The tank tried to reverse away from trouble after it was attacked by Iraqis flinging petrol bombs, burning furniture and tires. Iraqis had driven through the streets with loudhailers demanding that the undercover Britons remain in jail.

Basra, capital of the Shi'ite south, has been relatively stable compared with central Iraq, where Sunni Arab insurgents have killed thousands of Iraqi and U.S. troops, officials and civilians with suicide attacks, roadside bombs and shootings. But relations remain tense between the British military and some local groups -- particularly Sadr's militia which launched two bloody uprisings against foreign forces in 2004. British Defense Secretary John Reid confirmed in a statement that the two undercover soldiers were back with British forces, but shed no light on their mission or how they were released. "The situation in Basra is currently calmer after a day of disturbances. At this stage it is not possible to be certain why these disturbances began," he said, adding that some British soldiers were lightly wounded during the rioting but would soon return to duty. The main ally of the United States, Britain said on Sunday it would if necessary increase the number of troops in Iraq, where it has about 8,500 soldiers.

[  today.reuters.com

16. September 2005

3 bewaffnete männer , die ihre waffen nicht benutzten, halfen 115 gefangenen aus dem openzinzi knast zu fliehen. 35 der männer wurden verhaftet bzw. "stellten sich selbst".

115 helped to escape Ugandan prison

Three unidentified armed men helped 115 inmates, many waiting trial for capital offences, escape from a prison in northwestern Uganda without firing a shot, an army spokesman said. Thirty-five of the escaped convicts were recaptured or returned on their own soon after Wednesday's break from Openzinzi Prison, said army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Shaban Bantariza. "But there scores still out there," he said, describing the fugitives as "hardcore criminals". He said the men may have had inside help at the prison, which is about 605 kilometres north of the capital, Kampala.

[  smh.com.au

100 Ugandan inmates escape

Kampala - More than 100 prisoners have escaped from a jail in northwestern Uganda after suspected criminals sneaked into the prison compound and opened the cells, said officials on Thursday. Adjumani district commissioner Patrick Buriiku said: "Up to 114 prisoners were released from Openzinzi Prison by suspected fellow criminals on Wednesday morning during a heavy storm." Media reports here said insurgents from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) allegedly broke into the facility and abducted the prisoners but officials dismissed the claims. Buriiku added: "Our intelligence indicates those who freed the inmates were only three people who never fired any shots and they are unlikely to have been LRA rebels." Prison officials explained the trio entered the prison by cutting a wire fence before breaking prison cell padlocks.

But security officials in Kampala expressed doubt the inmates were let out by other suspects and instead suggested that the escape could be a conspiracy. One official who wanted to remain anonymous said: "Somebody simply opened the gates of hell and everybody walked to heaven. The LRA are criminals, but we doubt they committed this current crime." Buriiku said more than 50 escapees had voluntarily surrendered earlier on Thursday as hunt for the others continued.

[  news24.com

14. September 2005

auf dem weg zum gericht in patna ist ein mann geflohen.die polizei verhaftete seine mutter, die im gerichtssaal auf den prozeßbeginn wartete.

Satyendra Dubey Killer Escapes from Police Custody

A day after the dreaded criminal Naga Singh, otherwise known as the 'Terror of Mokama', managed to deceive the jail officials and made a clean getaway from the Barh prison in full view of police officers, the chief accused in the murder of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) engineer Satyendra Dubey, escaped from police custody in Patna while being taken to a civil court.

Mantu Kumar, the man believed to be the gunman who killed Dubey in the December of 2003, managed to give the Bihar police, that has become a matter of joke for most law-abiding citizens, a slip while being produced before a judge. Other accused in the case were also brought to the court but Mantu, like many criminals before him, managed to easily deceive the bumbling cops and escaped without resistance. In an official report, the police said that Mantu managed to free himself from the handcuffs and escaped. Superintendent of Police (SP) Rakesh Rathi, said that raids were being conducted to nab the escapee, the same statement that the police gave yesterday after the Mokama Terror escaped from Barh Jail on Monday. The police has arrested the mother of the escapee who was present at the Civil court where Mantu was scheduled to be produced. An inside job in the escape of Mantu has not been ruled out.

Satyendra Dubey, an engineer working on the Prime Minister's Golden Quadrilateral project was gunned down in Gaya in 2003. Initially, it was thought that he was murdered by the road mafia in Bihar after he reported of massive irregularity in the road construction project in a letter to the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee but later the CBI concluded that Dubey's murder was the result of a robbery gone awry. Bihar police, known for its lackadaisical attitude towards hard core criminals, have excelled themselves in solving petty crimes like pick-pocketing, conducting raids at men's parlors, and flexing their muscles in front of poor, hapless fruit vendors while consistently being out-witted, out-maneuvered, and out-smarted by even ordinary criminals making a complete mockery of the state law and order situation.

[  patnadaily.com

11. September 2005

4 männer haben 10 gefangene die auf dem weg vom gericht zum knast I ? sukkur waren, befreit.

10 prisoners escape from Sukkur Jail

SUKKUR: Four men freed 10 prisoners of the Central Jail-I Sukkur while they were being taken back to the jail from the district and sessions court Khairpur on Saturday.

According to police sources, a police party, consisting of five cops, took 10 prisoners from the Central Jail-I Sukkur in a van for hearing of their cases in the district and sessions court and other courts in Khairpur. When they were returning four men riding two motorcycles intercepted the van near Thehri and threw red chilly powder in the eyes of the van driver, Nazar Bhatti, due to which he stopped the vehicle. The four men boarded the van, overpowered the policemen, Hadi Bakhsh, Hadi Bakhsh Mallah, Qamruddin, Dhani Bakhsh and driver Nazar Bhatti. The interceptors took charge of the van and drove it towards the katcha area of Pir Mangnejo near Pir Jo Goth, where they beat the policemen and dumped them and the van. They took the 10 prisoners and two official Kalashnikov rifles along with them.

The escaped prisoners were Syed Ameer Shah, Ghous Bakhs alias Ghousoo Jagirani, Yousuf alias Younus Dharejo, Bangul Mirbahar, Khalid Khoso, Hadi Bakhsh Junejo, Mushtaq Mahar, Niaz Hussain Maitlo, Noor Ahmed Zangejo and Yousuf. According to the sources, all of them were involved in several cases of murder, robbery and kidnapping. After receiving information, DPO Khairpur Abdul Ahad Sangri, with a heavy contingent of the police, chased the escaped prisoners. They found the injured policemen and the van abandoned near Waris Kabeer village.

When contacted, the DIG Prison Sukkur, Major Ghulam Hussain Khoso (retd), confirmed the escape of 10 prisoners and said since they were not hardened criminals, they were entitled to appear in court. According to the jail manual, hardened and dangerous criminals were tried on jail premises, he added.

[  dailytimes.com

9. September 2005

4 männer haben zwei gefangenen des nonthaburi knastes befreit.

DARING daylight jailbreak

Nonthaburi _ Two inmates, one a key member of a drug gang in the North, broke out of Nonthaburi provincial prison yesterday in what police said was a well-planned jailbreak executed by four men posing as relatives. Vichien Sawasdi, 40, whose May 18 arrest on charges of pushing 200 speed pills led to a major drugs bust involving 700,000 methamphetamines tablets, and Prayuth Thin-na, 30, on trial for drugs charges, slipped out of their cell into a visiting room through a food delivery hatch and escaped with the four men in a car. Wanchai Tan-anukul, a guard, said he was at his desk in the visiting area of the prison when two men, wearing caps and jackets, walked towards him, drew out guns and ordered him and the visitors to lie on the floor. One of the men walked up to a food delivery slot in the visiting area, handed a gun to Mr Vichien, who had been waiting inside the hatch, and told him to crawl through from his cell. The man then called to Mr Prayuth, who had been waiting near the hatch, to slip through too, Mr Wanchai said.

Khampee Sricharoen, another guard, said he and Suwimon Moonmanee, a colleague, were outside the visiting room when another two men walked in through the prison's front gate, confronted them with guns and forced them to go into the room. The prisoners and their two accomplices rushed out of the room. All six men then ordered the guards to lock the door to the visiting room behind them as they made their escape. The six ran out of the jail, jumping into a waiting Honda Civic getaway car which sped off, Mr Khampee said. Pol Lt-Gen Krissana Pol-anand, secretary-general of the Narcotics Control Board, said Mr Vichien was a major drugs trafficker operating with a gang headed by Lao Yi Pa when he was nabbed.

Mr Vichien was arrested once before in 2002 for alleged drug peddling but managed to break out of his cell at Bang Pahan police station in Ayutthaya province, Pol Lt-Gen Krissana said. Deputy Corrections Department chief Pairoj Thadthapong admitted security checks at the Nonthaburi prison were lax and the facility was also located too close to a main road and community. Department chief Natthee Jitsawang said he had appointed a panel to investigate prison officials for negligence. Police said they were looking for the six men, believed to be heading toward the northern border.

[  bangkokpost.com

7. September 2005

ein im april 2003 aus dem chamgang knast geflohener mann wurde am 15. august wieder verhaftet.

Wanted criminal caught

The Punakha police have re-arrested one of the most wanted criminals, Rinchen Penjor, whose escape from Chamgang jail, Thimphu, in April 2003, cost several officers and constables their jobs. Rinchen Penjor escaped from an open-air jail where he was serving a life sentence after having been convicted of stealing antiques and smuggling them out of the country. The 54-year old man from Sha Chungsikha in Wangduephodrang was re-arrested in the early hours of August 15 after police were informed about his whereabouts. He was sleeping in a cow shed in Bumthangkha village when police raided the place.

A spokesman for the Royal Bhutan Police said that Rinchen Penjor was harboured by the villagers in Bumthangkha and was doing carpentry work for them. Police also arrested seven villagers who harboured him. While Rinchen Penjor is being charged in court police describe him as a ?notorious hardcore criminal?. According to police records, between, 1974 and 75, Rinchen Penjor had burgled about 70 houses in Thimphu alone including the Handicrafts Emporium where he stole about four kilogrammes of silver and several finished silk products.

He was arrested, convicted and sentenced to seven years and six months imprisonment. Rinchen Penjor served one year in prison and was released after he paid thrimthue for the remaining terms. After his release, Rinchen Penjor did not improve. Five years later, in 1981, Rinchen Penjor was again convicted for vandalising two chortens and stealing thankas (scroll painting) and antiques from Hongtsho Goenpa and Dyue Goenpa in Thimphu. From Hongtsho Goenpa alone, Rinchen Penjor stole 24 thankas and four statues, which he sold in Kalimpong and Darjelling, India. Rinchen Penjor absconded to Nepal where he allegedly re-married and learnt carpentry. Rinchen Penjor was arrested in Tato Pani in Nepal under ?Operation Thunder-bolt? on July 29, 1984, and was brought back to Bhutan. The following year he was sentenced for life after convicted of stealing religious antiques.

He was transferred from Thimphu to the Lingshi jail in 1992 from where he escaped. Five years later Rinchen Penjor surrendered to police. He had been spending most of his time in hideouts and later emigrated to Tibet pretending to be a gomchen (lay monk). Rinchen Penjor was imprisoned in the Thimphu district jail from where he was frequently transferred to Chamgang and Dobji jails to work. Rinchen Penjor was not put under maximum security because his sister signed a bond of surety in 1999.

In 2003 Rinchen Penjor disappeared from a Chamgang jail worksite. According to police Rinchen Penjor had been involved in illegal logging while he was at large and making choeshams (altar), bookshelves, and other furniture.

[  kuenselonline.com

6. September 2005

männer sind aus dem marion county knast / missouri geflohen, einer wurde wieder verhaftet.

3 murder suspect escape from Marion County Detention Center

Officials with the Marion County Sheriff?s Department said today that three people charged in the 2004 murder of a Marion County businesswoman escaped from the Marion County Detention Center on Monday. Two suspects are still at large at 11:30 p.m. No other information -- including names, descriptions or direction of travel.

Sheriff's department officials declined to make any other comments. Attempts to reach Sheriff Rip Stringer were unsuccessful today. The body of 63-year-old Janell Hatton was found in November 2004 after her husband called authorities fearing for her safety. Authorities eventually charged five people in connection with her death.

[  hattiesburgamerican.com

5. September 2005

2 der sechs gefangenen die aus dem laguna knast geflohen waren und dabei die waffe eines wärters mitgenommen hatten, sind in einer schießerei mit der polizei erschossen worden, einer wurde dabei verletzt, zwei weitere wurden wiederverhaftet, der sechste ist weiterhin auf der flucht.

2 of 6 jail escapees killed in shootout

STA. CRUZ, Laguna: Two inmates who escaped from Laguna Provincial Jail last Saturday were killed while another was wounded before dawn yesterday in a shootout with policemen in Barangay Magdapyo, Pagsanjan, this province. Senior Supt. Federico Terte, Laguna Police director, said the two slain escapees ? Dodong Lopez, 30, facing murder and robbery charges; and Maphol Mag-banua, 29, also slapped with murder charges ? succumbed to bullet wounds in their bodies.

Ex-Army Louie Famador, who is facing murder and kidnap-for-ransom charges, was injured and is now being treated at the Laguna Provincial Hospital. Terte told Tempo that the shootout occurred at around 3 a.m. yesterday in Barangay Magdapyo, minutes after Congressman Benjie Agarao, of the 4th District of Laguna, received an information from local barangay officials, who spotted the inmates in the area. Agarao immediately called up Terte, who in turn, launched an operation to recapture the escapees. An ensuing shootout resulted in the killing of Lopez and Magbanua, and the wounding of Famador. Two other escapees - Ronald Rivas, 22, facing robbery and frustrated murder charges; and Victor Celestial, 35, slapped with homicide charges - surrendered to police. Recovered from the duo were an M16 rifle and an improvised shotgun.

A massive manhunt in now ongoing for the arrest of the 6th escapee - Orlando Yulas, 22, of Jala-Jala, Rizal. The six escape Saturday afternoon after a Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Olan Andes, of Pastoral Care of Prisons. They were able to flee after taking hostage a jail officer.

[  tempo.com

4. September 2005

6 männer aus dem laguna knast geflohen

6 escape from Laguna provincial jail

STA. CRUZ, Laguna ? Six inmates bolted the Laguna provincial jail here on Saturday at 6 p.m. Those who staged the jailbreak were named as Ronald Rivas, Victor Celestial, Dodong Lopez, Orland Gullas, Mapahol Magbanua and Louie Famador, said PNP Laguna director Sr. Supt. Federico Terte. Three of the jailbreakers are murder suspects. The inmates reportedly climbed the jail tower, tied up guard Socrates Herradura and took his firearm and an M-16 rifle.

[  news.inq7.net

4. September 2005

5 männer aus einem knast in waziristan geflohen.

5 prisoners break jail in Waziristan

Five prisoners fled from a jail situated here in Tank political compound on night between Friday and Saturday. Detainees who managed to flee are Faridullah Kaykarai, Hazrat Ali Wazir, Noor Gul Wazir, Ghani Khan Habet Khil and Anatullah Abdulai, said a report. Meanwhile, Political Administration suspended Khardar Force Subidar Afsar Khan and Hawaldar Ashiq for negligence of duty. The administration also rounded up ten people of Habet Khail, Abdullah and Wazir tribes besides sealing three shops.

[  paktribune.com

2. September 2005

6 u-häftlinge sind aus dem bahraich knast geflohen

SIX under-trials escape in Uttar Pradesh :-

Six under-trials accused of serious crimes like murder and rape have escaped from Bahraich prison in eastern Uttar Pradesh by sawing off the steel rods in a toilet. The prisoners, who escaped Thursday, included two Nepalese citizens, a spokesman of the home department said Friday. The prison is located near the Indo-Nepal border. While the jailor and seven other jail officials have been suspended for dereliction of duty, police are trying to track down the escapees.

Bahraich Superintendent of Police R.P. Singh told IANS on telephone, "The prisoners managed to cut the steel rods in the toilet, and used rope and clothes to climb up the prison walls and jump out." "How they managed to get a saw to cut the rods and from whey got the pieces of rope is a mystery." The four Indians were identified as Shamim, Nazar Ali, Islam Khan and Chinu alias Chotu. Rais and Langad were the two Nepalese facing trial in connection with robbery and murder. An embarrassed Jail Minister Rakesh Kumar Verma, who belongs to Bahraich district, hurriedly ordered a judicial inquiry into the sensational jailbreak.

"Police have launched a massive manhunt to track down the prisoners," he said. "And I can assure you that prison officials involved in the jailbreak will not be spared at any cost." (IANS)

[  webindia123.com

23. August 2005

flucht eines gefangenen des tihar knastes aus dem safdarjung krankenhaus

TIHAR undertrial escapes from Safdarjung

A murder accused and Tihar undertrial escaped from police custody at Safdarjung Hospital on Monday morning. The two policemen accompanying the accused, Justus Paulraj (31), have been suspended. Paulraj was brought to the hospital in a jail van by the Delhi Armed Police cops, head constable Ramesh and constable Naresh Kumar, after he complained of severe pain in the stomach. "He was taken for X-ray in the hospital. While he was being taken back to the jail van he pushed aside the cops and escaped," said a senior police officer. The cops held him by his arms but Paulraj still managed to break free in the crowded corridor in the orthopaedic department. All the entry and exit points were immediately blocked but he apparently managed to flee by scaling a wall.

Apart from being a murder accused, Paulraj had earlier also been booked for smuggling drugs and carrying firearms. He had been in Tihar Jail since September 8, 2001. He was apparently also an accused in a cheating case in Indore. There was no clue about the whereabouts of the accused till late in the night despite the cops launching a massive search operation for him. His family members who live in Kirti Nagar are being questioned. The southwest district police have registered a case under section 224 IPC. The escape comes close on the heels of a similar incident reported on August 8, in which a robbery accused escaped from police custody in Tis Hazari court.

[  timesofindia.indiatimes.com

20. August 2005
Häftling gelingt die Flucht
Fahndung bisher ergebnislos Memmingen

Ein 22-jähriger Untersuchungshäftling ist gestern in Memmingen geflüchtet. Beim Verlassen des Amtsgerichts entkam er den Polizeibeamten. Die Suche nach dem Mann, der an den Händen gefesselt ist, verlief bislang ergebnislos. Der Täter war vor einiger Zeit wegen Fahrens ohne Fahrerlaubnis, Alkohol am Steuer und Unfallflucht zu einer zweijährigen Bewährungsstrafe verurteilt worden. Da sich der derzeit wohnsitzlose Mann während der Bewährungszeit erneut ohne Führerschein ans Steuer setzte, ist jetzt ein Haftbefehl gegen den 22-Jährigen ergangen. Dies wurde ihm gestern am Memminger Amtsgericht eröffnet. Der Täter sollte danach in die Justizvollzugsanstalt gebracht werden. Doch beim Verlassen des Gerichts gelang dem Mann die Flucht. Ein Polizist wollte ihn noch festhalten, der 22-Jährige riss sich aber los. Sofort wurde eine Sonderfahndung mit rund 20 Beamten eingeleitet. Im Einsatz war auch ein Polizeihubschrauber aus München. Bis zum gestrigen Abend fehlte von dem Flüchtigen noch jede Spur.

[  all-in.de

11. August 2005
Häftling wurde drei Monate lang von Polizisten versteckt

Ein früherer Polizist muß sich seit gestern vor dem Amtsgericht Berlin-Tiergarten verantworten, weil er monatelang einen Häftling versteckt haben soll. Der damalige Beamte soll den Freigänger am 30. April 2001 nahe der Berliner Justizvollzugsanstalt Heiligensee im Auto erwartet und ihn zu sich nach Hause mitgenommen haben. Danach hat der Häftling vermutlich knapp drei Monate lang in der Wohnung des inzwischen entlassenen Polizisten im brandenburgischen Vehlefanz illegal gelebt. Der 41jährige Angeklagte verweigerte zu Prozeßbeginn die Aussage. Zwei Prozeßanläufe waren bereits geplatzt. Auch beim jetzigen Neustart fehlten Zeugen. Der Prozeß wird fortgesetzt.

[  morgenpost.berlin1.de

07. August 2005
For hire: elite Israeli squad who can break you out of jail

...You won't find them listed in any telephone book. But if you're locked up in a Third World jail, seemingly beyond help, the secret team of Israeli soldiers-of-fortune can spring you from your cramped and fetid cell - for a price...

für einen summe zwischen $ 50.000 und 150.000 holt eine angeblich 7 leute große grupppe israelische menschen aus knästen in sog. "entwicklungsländern" raus. Die gruppe soll pidyon shevuyim heißen und bisher 8 menschen befreit haben.

[  For hire: elite Israeli squad who can break you out of jail

31. July 2005

3 frauen aus dem raleigh correctional knast / north carolina geflohen

3 escape from women's prison

Maybe it was her destiny. Crystal Freedom Glass, 27, was one of three women who escaped Saturday from a minimum-security prison near downtown Raleigh, authorities said.Raleigh police spent the afternoon and evening scouring City Market, Fayetteville Street Mall and the bus station for Glass and her two associates. They showed photos of the threesome to store clerks, homeowners and bus drivers. Photos of the women were sent to cab companies to share with their drivers.

Investigators believe the women jumped the fence at the back of the Raleigh Correctional Center for Women at 1201 S. State St. in southeast Raleigh, said Pam Walker, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Correction.The escape occurred between 10:30 a.m., when all inmates were counted, and 1 p.m. when another count came up three convicts short, Walker said. A prison escape response team began searching and asked police for help.

Glass last lived in Jacksonville, which is outside Camp Lejeune Marine base. She was due to be released in October after serving five months in prison for felony cocaine possession.The other escapees were April M. Faulkner, 23, of Ayden in Pitt County, and Telisa Kaye Chapman, 26, of Roper in Washington County, Walker said.Faulkner was serving a sentence for forgery, and Chapman was sentenced for possessing stolen goods. Both women were due to be released in April, according to prison records. Anyone who has information about the escapees is asked to call Raleigh police at (919) 890-3335.

[  newsobserver.com

30. July 2005

16 jähriger auf der fahrt zum knast geflohen.

16 year old escapes custody

POLICE are searching for a 16-year-old boy who escaped custody while being driven to a juvenile detention centre.Blacktown Police were taking the youth to the detention centre about 6.15pm (AEST) yesterday.He fled when the car was stopped in traffic on the Prospect Highway, near Wall Park Avenue at Blacktown, police said.Polair and the Dog Squad joined officers searching for the youth, but he remains at large.

He is described as 152cm tall and weighs 45kg with a thin build.He has a fair complexion, fair hair and blue eyes, and was last seen wearing green pants and a green long-sleeved sloppy joe.Police said he does not pose a danger to the public, but urge anyone who has seen him or has information on his whereabouts to contact Crime Stoppers.

[  dailytelegraph.news.com.au

30. July 2005

flucht dreier männer aus dem hanjapur sherghati knast

JAILBREAK in Gaya,three prisoners escape

Three dreaded criminals escaped from Hanjapur Sherghati sub-jail early today, official sources said. The notorious criminals, who escaped by scaling the jail's compound wall, they have been identified as Jacky Miyan,Chotu Miyan and Sanjiv Singh, the sources said. The three were lodged in jail on charges of committing bank robbery and murder.A manhunt had been launched and investigation was on, the sources added.

[  hindu.com

29. July 2005

flucht von 6 männern aus dem polizeiknast in nebbi

Six inmates escape from Nebbi prison

Six inmates who were in Nebbi local administration police custody in Nebbi town, on Thursday night escaped after they appeared in court and were convicted.

The District Police Commander, Mr Samson Emukok Otim, told Daily Monitor on Wednesday most of the inmates had been charged with defilement and theft.He said they escaped after breaking out of the weak prison building that also lacked adequate manpower to guard the prison.He said the guard on duty would appear before the displinary committee of the Police Force. The police are investigating the whereabout of the inmates, he said, adding that the prisoners were to be transferred to Paidha Prison, about 12 kilometers from Nebbi town, but when the authorities opened the prison door the following day, it was empty.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested two murder suspects. The murders took place in Panyimur and Kasuku villages in Nebbi town over the weekend. One of the suspects, Moris Odi, was arrested in Erusi. Sources said he was on the run to the neighboring DR Congo.He is accused of stabbing 21-year-old Santo Agenonga who died shortly on reaching Nebbi Hospital.Another suspect is Janet Achikane who allegedly connived with John Muswa to kill her husband Emmanuel Okumu who was beaten and died after four days. The incident took place in Munua village in Panyimur sub-county.

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26. July 2005

flucht von 3 männern aus dem mahuva knast

THREE under-trials escape from jail

Three undertrials escaped today from the Mahuva sub-jail here in the Bhavnagar district.According to police, the accused -- Naresh Paleval, Sailesh Manubhai and Rohit Rathod -- escaped from the sub-jail after breaking the iron-rod of the door.Police have sounded an alert.The accused were involved in several criminal cases like, loot, murder and theft, police added.

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26. July 2005

der erste ausbruch seit 1992 aus dem lincoln hills school / wisconsin

TWO Inmates Escape Juvenile Detention Facility in Irma

The inmates are 18-year-old Cory Borgwardt and 23-year-old Keith Chaffey.

Lincoln County sheriff's officials say they were assigned to help a patrol officer with breakfast delivery Saturday morning. They say that's when the men overpowered the officer, took his radio and keys, then locked him in a cooler.The guard was able to free himself a short time later, and that's when authorities found a hole in the perimeter fence. They think the men may have been picked up by someone near the school.

Authorities say they don't believe the men have any weapons, but they do consider them dangerous because of their past offenses.Chaffey was serving time for murder, while Borgwardt was serving time for armed burglary.If you see either of these men, you are urged to call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department at[..... ]

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24. July 2005

flucht zweier männer aus dem hochsicherheitstrakt des lexington county knastes.

ACCUSED bank robbers escape jail

Two men accused of robbing a Lake Wylie bank last year were on the run Saturday after escaping from a maximum security wing of the Lexington County Detention Center.Ted Evan Doughty, 21, of Charlotte and Daniel Ryan Pilson, 21, of Clover were arrested in October by the York County Sheriff's Office after authorities said they robbed a Clover Community Bank branch.

The two were being held on federal bank robbery charges in Lexington until jail officials discovered they were missing during a routine headcount around 6 a.m. Saturday, said Maj. John Allard of the Lexington County Sheriff's Department.Allard said Doughty and Pilson escaped with cellmate Clifton Sentel Porterfield, 25, of West Columbia. Porterfield faces multiple charges, including two counts each of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and kidnapping.

By late Saturday, authorities still weren't sure how the men escaped. Allard said there are four daily headcounts, but he didn't know which was the last one the men attended.He did say a "considerable period of time"passed between when the men escaped and when they were discovered missing.At 7:40 p.m. Friday, someone stole a red 1993 Eagle Talon less than three miles from the jail, Allard said.

Officials believe the men fled on foot from the jail and one or more of them may have stolen the car, which had the keys in it, according to a press release from the Lexington County Sheriff's Department. Allard said investigators were still trying to determine if the men had help inside or outside the jail. Another issue that is perplexing investigators is how the men got the clothes they were wearing.Doughty, Pilson and Porterfield were last seen wearing blue jeans with white stripes on the legs, white T-shirts and black military-style boots -- clothes for inmate workers, which none of the three are, Allard said.

'Armed and dangerous'

Allard said all three men should be considered armed and dangerous."We have reason to believe that, if they haven't already, they will be obtaining weapons," Allard said.Investigators from the Lexington Police Department, FBI, U.S. Marshals Service and the State Law Enforcement Division are assisting in the manhunt, Allard said.York County law enforcement most likely will be briefed by investigators Monday, said Lt. Tim Hager of the York County Sheriff's Office.

He said his agency originally arrested Pilson and Doughty, who committed two bank robberies in York County and several in Charlotte.After the arrest, Hager said the case was turned over to federal authorities.An escape from federal custody is rare, Hager said."I can only think of one other instance where someone (who York County dealt with) escaped federal custody," he said.The last time an inmate escaped the Lexington jail was eight years ago.

Officials describe Doughty as [....]

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24. July 2005

zwischen 1.500 und 2.000 gefangene sollen bei einem angriff auf den knast in agboville befreit worden sein.

PRISONERS escape, gunmen attack police in Ivory Coast

Up to 2,000 prisoners escaped and gunmen raided police stations in a town in Ivory Coast on Sunday after attackers shot dead at least four military police at their base in the main city of Abidjan, army sources said.It was not immediately clear who was behind the attacks in the government-held south of Ivory Coast, which heightened tensions in a country divided in two since civil war broke out in late 2002.A military source said that in the town of Agboville, about 70 km (44 miles) north of Abidjan, between 1,500 and 2,000 prisoners had been freed from the local jail.

Unidentified gunmen had also occupied points in the town including bases used by military police and regular police and a church. It was not clear if the attackers were still there."Agboville prison has been opened and all the prisoners have got out. A crisis meeting is taking place with the head of the army and the various military chiefs to manage the situation. There was shooting and it's chaos in town," another military source said.

Residents in Agboville said they had heard gunfire during the morning but that the streets were later calm. One resident said attackers had looted the market.A spokesman for French peacekeepers based in Abidjan, Philippe De Cussac, said a reconnaissance helicopter had flown over Agboville and reported that the situation appeared calm.In another incident in the town of Azaguie, also north of Abidjan, witnesses said men in military fatigues riding in a convoy of several vehicles shot dead a soldier guarding a roadblock.


In Abidjan, four military police, and a fifth man whose identity had not been determined, were shot dead when a group of at least 20 armed men attacked their base in the suburb of Anyama late on Saturday, another military source said."At least three gendarmes were killed in the attack (on Saturday night) but there are four bodies at the military police station. One hasn't been identified yet. There are traces of blood in the offices," he said.

The fifth victim was a gendarme who came to investigate the shooting at the base, near a road leading north out of Abidjan.The military source said he found an arms store had been forced open and rifles and pistols had been taken. A source at the headquarters of Ivory Coast's security forces confirmed the death toll. A tank guarded one of the bridges crossing the lagoon city and an officer stationed nearby said it was because of heightened alert following the attack.Gunmen also fired shots outside Anyama's regular police station around the same time, the military source said. Bursts of automatic gunfire could be heard at dawn, residents said.

Ivory Coast has been divided in two since the civil war erupted out of a failed coup in 2002. Progress on the peace process has been slow but rebel and government sides have agreed on a disarmament timetable to allow for elections on Oct. 30.Despite a string of peace talks, violence has continued to ebb and flow in the West African state and the world's top cocoa grower and crime levels have rocketed in Abidjan.

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23. July 2005
Abschiebehäftling geflohen

Georgier überwand Zaun

Aus dem Abschiebegefängnis an der Grünauer Straße in Köpenick ist am Freitag Mittag ein Häftling geflohen. Der Georgier Goscha A. nutzte einen Freigang im Hof und überwand den 3,80 Meter hohen Zaun. Anschließend flüchtete er über das Dach des Postenhauses. Der 27-jährige Häftling war seit dem 7. Juli in Abschiebehaft. Zuvor saß er wegen Diebstahls in der Justizvollzugsanstalt Moabit. (kop.)

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22. July 2005

in der ersten hälfte dieses jahres sind 60 menschen aus den knästen geflohen. Damit hätte sich die zahl der geflohenen im vergleich zum letzten jahr um die hälfte reduziert ( 122). Von den 60 die bis ende juni 2005 geflohen sind, sind 8 aus dem geschlossenem vollzug geflohen, aus den 3 hochsicherheitsknästen habe es keine flucht gegeben.

Escapes from Swedish prisons cut by half

The number of prison escapes has halved in the last twelve months, according to Prison Service figures released on Friday.In the first half of the year there were 60 escapes from the country's open and secure prisons. That compares favourably to the same period last year, in which there were 122 escapes. "It's a remarkable step towards our goal of zero," said the director of the prison service, Lars Nylén, in a press release.

Of the 60 who escaped up until the end of June, only 8 were from closed institutions. Nobody escaped from the country's high security units at Kumla, Hall and Tidaholm. The summer of 2004 was something of a low point for the Swedish Prison Service. Nine dangerous convicts temporarily tasted freedom as three high profile escapes in as many months eventually led to the resignation of the prison service director, Lena Häll Eriksson.

Lars Nylén was her replacement and he promised a strategy of zero tolerance. Security at the closed institutions was raised, with an overhaul of perimeter fences, improved supervision of emergency planning, better training for staff and increased entry checks - including for staff, who were implicated in at least one of the escapes last year. New methods for dealing with hostage situations are also being prepared, according to the prison service. Friday's figures also showed high occupancy rates in Swedish prisons, with 98% of available places in secure units taken up by prisoners.

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19. July 2005

in einem bericht von prison watch sierra leone steht das aus dem pademba road knast 65 gefangene geflohen sind.

PRISON Watch Blasts Police, Prisons

Prison Watch Sierra Leone has been monitoring developments in prison management and handling of detainees in Sierra Leone and notes with dismay "whether it is a new pattern to allow prisoners to escape," a released stated Monday.The release continues that over sixty-five prisoners have escaped from Pademba Road maximum prison. The recent escape of prisoners under the watchful eyes of the police and prison officers does not only pose security threats but raised a lot of questions.

"The frequent escape of prisoners," the release asks, whether "it is the new pattern to allow prisoners to escape." The mandate of prison watch is to monitor and advocate for the conditions of people under detention."Prison watch has the conviction that the frequent escapes is because of human rights violations and abuses found in prison detention centers across the country. Prison watch demands that all efforts should be made to apprehend the escapees," the release adds and called for an "independent investigation to be put in place to forestall future occurrences."

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19. July 2005

flucht aus dem campbell county knast
Jail Escape Too Easy, Police Admit

It only took seconds for Michael Ritchie to escape from the Campbell County Jail over the weekend. Granted, he was in a minimum security unit, but even jail officials admit it was too easy, News 5's Brian Hamrick reported.Lt. Col. Jim Daley said it was the first escape attempt since the minimum security unit opened in April, and he's going to make sure it's a lot harder if there's a next time.

All Ritchie, 30, had to do was climb up the corner of a 10-foot chain-link fence, step over to the roof of the jail and jump. There's barbed-wire on the outside fence, but not on the fence that Ritchie climbed to get on the roof and not around the edge of the roof.

The hardest part for Ritchie was probably getting away from the inmate who tried to stop him."He kicked that inmate and then went on over the top," Daley said.The next guy who tries to escape won't have it so easy."See the concertina wire on the outside? We've talked about maybe putting a level of that on this corner to stop them from getting to the roof area and the other corner as well," Daley said.

"It's really unusual for people to try to escape from this type of facility," Daley noted. That's because most prisoners have short sentences.But Ritchie, a repeat DUI offender, has a history of eluding police charges dating to 1992. There are four in all, including one in 2001 when police said he put others at risk of death or serious injury. Ritchie was in the minimum security jail on a drug charge. When he's caught, he could be locked up in prison for 10 years.

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18. July 2005
Entweichung aus der JVA Braunschweig

In den frühen Morgenstunden des 18.07.2005, um 04.10 Uhr, gelang den beiden Untersuchungsgefangenen Benjamin A. (Deutscher) und Jamal H. (Tunesier) die Flucht aus der JVA Braunschweig. Den beiden Gefangenen werden Verstöße gegen das Betäubungsmittelgesetz vorgeworfen. 


Bei ihrer Flucht durchsägten und entfernten sie einen Gitterstab in ihrem Haftraum. Mit einem ca. 5 Meter langen Seil aus der Bettwäsche und dem Vorhang seilten sie sich durch die entstandene 25 cm x 35 cm große Öffnung aus dem ersten Stock ab. Ein zweites Seil warfen sie in den Sicherheitsdraht auf der Mauerkrone, so dass sie auf die Außenmauer steigen konnten. Den Sicherheitsdraht überwanden sie, indem sie ihn mit mitgenommenen Bettdecken abdeckten. Blutspuren weisen darauf hin, dass sich die Gefangenen bei ihrer Flucht verletzt haben.


Die Mauerkrone ist mit einem elektronischen Bewegungsmelder ausgestattet, so dass sofort Alarm ausgelöst wurde. Die installierten Kameras ließen weder Personen noch Hinweise auf eine Flucht erkennen. Während eines Streifenganges entdeckte ein Bediensteter das an der Außenwand des Zellengebäudes hängende Seil. Die sofortige Verfolgung der Flüchtigen verlief ergebnislos. Die Polizei wurde unmittelbar nach Entdeckung der Flucht informiert und nahm die Fahndung auf. Die genauen Fluchtumstände werden noch untersucht.

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18. July 2005

seit 25 jahre ist ein mann auf der flucht

Inmate still at large 25 years after escape

When Randy Schmidt walked away from his prison work detail on July 18, 1980, he seemed to vanish into thin air. But his family, and a state prison investigator, have not forgotten him. Schmidt has called his family twice since he escaped while working at the Kansas State Fair, but family members say they have no idea where he is, or if he is even still alive. Schmidt is the only escaped convict from the Hutchinson Correctional Facility who has not been recaptured, a state prison official said.

A woman who escaped from Lansing in 1974 and a man who escaped from Norton Correctional Facility in 2003 are the only other state prisoners still at large, said Darrin Perrin, special agent with the Kansas Department of Corrections, the lead investigator on the Schmidt case.Schmidt's older brother, Ken, said Randy called him shortly after he escaped from the work detail with another inmate, Stanley Pendergrass. Randy said he was fine and Ken told his brother he didn't want to know where he was. That was the last time they talked. "My suspicion is, he must be living a straight and narrow life or he is dead, one of the two," Ken Schmidt said.

Randy Schmidt, then a 28-year-old convicted rapist, and Pendergrass, 29, escaped in a dump truck being used by the work detail. Pendergrass was captured nearly two weeks later in Hennessey, Okla., at a motel with his wife. The dump truck was recovered near Cherokee, Okla., in far eastern Oklahoma.

Ken Schmidt, who now lives in North Carolina, admits he wasn't too surprised when his brother was arrested on two counts of aggravated sodomy and two counts of rape from crimes in September 1974 in Sedgwick County. He said his brother was on drugs and running with the wrong crowd.

Schmidt was sentenced April 8, 1975, to a cumulative 40 years to life in prison. At the time, inmates were eligible for parole after serving about a third of their sentence. Ken Schmidt said that while they were growing up in the central Kansas town of Marion, no one would have guessed that Randy would get in trouble. "We were a pretty close family," he said. "If we were dysfunctional, maybe it would be easier, but we were all very tight and close to one another." They were raised by their father, Kenneth, who still lives in Marion, and a stepmother, Lilly, who died in 1987. His sister, Yvonne Hill, also still lives in Marion. Schmidt's trail has been cold for some time, but state officials still are looking for him, Perrin said. The investigator said he keeps the file in his car and follows whatever leads come in.

"I'm surprised it has been 25 years," Perrin said. "One of these days, we'll get him."Randy Schmidt called his father, Kenneth Schmidt Sr., about 10 years ago. "He just wanted to know how we were doing," the elder Schmidt said. "Naturally, we miss him." But if his son is leading a good, clean life, he doesn't want him to come home, he said. "He'd just go back to jail," Kenneth Schmidt said. Still, the family wonders, said his sister, Yvonne Hill."We don't know if he is married, has kids, if he is OK," she said. "I wonder where he is at all the time."

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17. July 2005

vier männer aus dem westville knast in durban geflohen.

FOUR shoot their way out of Durban prison

Three suspected murderers and an armed robber, all reported to be highly dangerous - and armed - are on the run following another dramatic breakout and hostage drama at Westville prison near Durban on Saturday.

Using four guns smuggled into their prison cells, the awaiting-trial prisoners - one of whom has made three previous prison escapes - allegedly held up a warder, knocked out another, opened fire on guards, abducted a correctional services dog handler and escaped in two vehicles. Police and prison authorities have warned the public not to try to apprehend Nicholas Mlotshwa, 30, Bongani Malala, 25, Nkosana Ngcamu, 24, and S'phiwe Ntombela, 22.

Ntombela, Malala and Ngcamu were all arrested in May last year on separate murder charges while Mlotshwa was due to stand trial for pointing a firearm, armed robbery and escaping custody. Saturday's breakout follows Westville prison authorities being advised of gross negligence in routine patrols and searches of prison cells by warders, largely as a result of chronic understaffing. Responding to claims that overcrowding at Westville prison had resulted in unworkable conditions with prisoner-to-warder ratios as high as 60:1, Correctional Services deputy regional commissioner, Terence Sibiya, said: "That's ludicrous. It's nowhere near as bad as that."

But a Westville senior correctional services officer who asked not be named, said: "When one takes admin and kitchen staff out of the equation, there is currently a ratio of 60 prisoners to one member."Deputy commissioner Sibiya described Saturday's escape as "an unfortunate situation"."We do everything in our power to prevent things like this, and have good security and contingency plans but sometimes we get let down," he said.To counter understaffing the department had embarked on a massive recruitment drive, aimed at training 3 000 new staff nationally this year, and 9 000 within three years.

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14. july 2005
New Zealand

zum zweiten mal innerhalb eines jahres ist ein mann aus dem manawatu knast geflohen.

PRISONER on the run for 2nd time in a year

A prisoner described as dangerous was last night on the run from Manawatu prison for the second time, having previously escaped a year ago, police said yesterday.

Kerry Jason Taylor escaped from his cell and broke loose from the prison about 11.15pm Sunday, security footage has shown.Detective Sergeant Tim Moffatt of Palmerston North yesterday told NZPA it was not the first time Taylor had gone on the run. "He did escape some time ago...about 12 months ago."Mr Moffatt said Taylor was from the region and last time had been recaptured not far from home.

Police were looking at his known associates and addresses, had received some information, but had not yet caught up with him. "We're still actively trying to find his whereabouts."Taylor was serving 18 months for aggravated robbery but was facing six new charges including attempted murder, wounding with intent and unlawful taking.

He was due to appear in court next week.Mr Moffatt said Taylor's last escape ended only after a car chase and firearms were found in the vehicle. "He ended up crashing the car," he said,"He was on the run for quite some time."Detective Steve Braybrook, heading the inquiry, has raised questions over why it took the Department of Corrections nine hours to alert police that Taylor had escaped, saying the delay was "unfortunate".

A Corrections Department spokesman has said no comment would be made on the breakout or what time Taylor was reported missing.Taylor's brother Brian Paul Taylor, a former boss of Black Power offshoot Mangu Kaha, is serving a 14-year sentence for a raft of violent offences.Mr Moffatt said Kerry Taylor was not a patched gang member himself.Taylor is described as Maori, of average build, 179cm tall with brown medium-length hair.

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14. July 2005

4 männer aus dem sequatchie knast / tennessee geflohen.

*Four Inmates Escape From Sequatchie County Jail*

Four inmates escaped from the Sequatchie County Jail sometime early Thursday morning. Officials said it happened between midnight and 3:26 a.m. Deputy Clinton Walker said the prisoners managed to defeat a lock on the rear door of the housing unit. Once outside they used blankets to cover the wire on top of the fence and climbed out. [.....]

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13. July 2005

mit einem van durchbrachen zwei männer die tore des western kentucky knast.

Accused Burglar, Prison Escapee Still At Large

/Police: Man Stole Van, Escaped Facility/

Police issued a warning for residents on the city's east side Wednesday after a man suspected in dozens of burglaries escaped from prison.Jay Mersfelder and Vernon Parker are accused of stealing a van and crashing through the gate at the Western Kentucky Correction Center."Jay Mersfelder has a criminal history involving burglary (and) thefts. Things like that (and) dates back at least 15 years," said Lt. Col. Ed Butler, of Kenton County Police.

News 5 tried to track him down and found his house. No one was home, but News 5 also found archived video from his home last December.The footage was taken while Mersfelder was running from police and News 5 found his in-laws living in his home.Police believe the stolen van leaves a troubling clue. It was found abandoned in a remote part of the county, so police believe someone was helping Mersfelder escape.

"Somebody either picked him up when they dropped the vehicle (or) they went somewhere where someone can get them. They're not holed up in the woods," Butler said. "Somebody has to be assisting him or he has to be staying with somebody somewhere. What we're hoping is somebody will call us and let us know where he is so we can go get him."That's what he's been doing his entire adult life and there's no reason to believe he won't go back to that now that he's on the loose."Parker was serving time for robbery and police are not sure if the two are still together.

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13. July 2005

zwei männer sind durch ein in den zaun geschnittenes loch aus dem baker community knast geflohen

Two convicts escape Baker prison

BAKER -- Two men escaped from the Baker Community Correctional Facility Monday night between 8 and 9 p.m. through a hole they cut through a fence in the yard.

Prison Warden Charles Ayers said the two men, Jose Lopez and Raul Castaneda, were able to be in the yard at night so that they could walk between the living quarters and rooms with telephones and televisions. These rooms are open until 10 p.m.The two men were not being watched by guards and were able to make their way over to the fence and cut their way out, Ayers said."There were 200 prisoners in the dorms, and prisoners also walking through the yard and in the television rooms, and we can't watch them all at the same time, and it was dark," Ayers said.

Lopez, 50, was sent to the facility on Feb. 23 for one year and four months for second degree burglary. He is described as Hispanic, 6 feet 2 inches tall, 170 pounds, slender build, with brown hair and brown eyes. He has tattoo on his chest of an eagle with a snake in its mouth shaped like the letter "M." He wears reading glasses.

Castaneda, 39, was sent to the facility on April 8 for two years for possession of a controlled substance. He is described as Hispanic, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 170 pounds, medium build with black hair and brown eyes.Authorities are not sure what the men used to cut the hole or where they got it.

Ayers said if anyone sees these men, or people fitting their description, they should avoid them and notify the authorities as soon as possible."Don't pick up hitchhikers and watch for people wearing jeans with yellow lettering," Ayers said. "Don't bring attention to yourself."People with information to the whereabouts of these men may call the prison at (760) 733-4356 and press 0 to speak to the operator.

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12. July 2005

4 männer aus dem us - militärknast der bagram air base geflohen.

Massive manhunt after 4 prisoners escape U.S. base in Afghanistan

Four Arab detainees described by a U.S. military spokesman as "dangerous enemy combatants" slipped out of the fortresslike U.S. military prison at Bagram air base before dawn yesterday, sparking a massive manhunt in the surrounding area by U.S. and Afghan forces.

The four who escaped from the sprawling military base 35 miles north of the capital were Arab nationals from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Libya, according to a high-ranking Afghan police official in Parwan province, where the base is located. It was the first known escape from the prison.The Afghan police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, expressed amazement that the detainees, who are given only orange jumpsuits to wear, were able to break out of the heavily guarded detention center inside a base occupied by thousands of armed soldiers, dotted with minefields and surrounded by barriers and checkpoints.

"Even if those Arabs had wings, they should not have been able to escape," he said.Lt. Col. Jerry O'Hara, a U.S. military spokesman, said the detainees were "dangerous enemy combatants." He said he could not comment further on who they were or how they might have gotten out of the prison, which houses 450 to 500 inmates."We're treating this as a very serious incident and using all available assets to find these thugs," O'Hara said. "The reason these guys were in the facility is because they were a danger to society in general and Afghans in particular. ... These guys are potential killers."

O'Hara said there were no indications that foreign or Afghan forces had been harmed during the escape. He said military officials believed the escapees were probably still on the base, where hundreds of Afghans work as laborers or drivers. All are screened and searched each time they enter or leave.Nonetheless, a large contingent of U.S. and Afghan forces fanned out across the roughly dozen villages on the open plain surrounding the base, setting up checkpoints, distributing photographs of the wanted men and circling in helicopters, U.S. and Afghan officials said. The search continued late into last night.

Normal life ground to a halt yesterday for the 5,000 troops based at Bagram, the logistical hub for U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. Mess halls, base restaurants such as Burger King and Dairy Queen, the post exchange and other shops, and even restrooms were closed as military police searched the grounds.Since U.S.-led forces ousted Afghanistan's Taliban rulers in late 2001, the facility at Bagram has served as the U.S. military's main holding center for suspected Islamic rebels in the country, including alleged al-Qaida leaders captured outside Afghanistan and hundreds of detainees later sent to the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Human-rights groups have accused U.S. soldiers at the prison of torturing detainees and, in two cases in 2002, killing them. Several U.S. soldiers are facing charges in connection with the deaths. Over the past several months, U.S. military officials have been occasionally freeing batches of Afghan detainees from Bagram as part of an effort to encourage Taliban guerrillas to lay down their arms. On Saturday, a group of 76 was released.

The escape news followed a weekend of continued violence by insurgents suspected of links to the ousted Taliban regime, who since April have pursued a campaign of bombings and assassinations in a bid to disrupt elections scheduled for Sept. 18.The latest attacks include the beheading of at least six border police officers captured in an ambush in southern Helmand province Saturday and the killing of a prominent pro-government cleric, Maulvi Sayed Agha, and his wife by unknown assailants who broke into the couple's home in eastern Paktika province early Saturday.

In addition, a roadside mine explosion killed a dozen Afghan security officers Sunday in Paktia province, also in the east, according to Afghan officials.The tense mood at Bagram yesterday was mixed with sadness over the confirmation that the last Navy SEAL missing since June 28 in the rugged hills of Konar province was dead, O'Hara said."It's kind of bittersweet," he said. "We are severely disappointed that we didn't find him alive, but we are also relieved at the fact that he's no longer lost up in those mountains."

Only one member of the four-man SEAL reconnaissance team, which U.S. military officials said was hunting al-Qaida fighters as part of a wider operation, survived the June 28 battle. He was rescued July 3. The bodies of two others were found the following day. A Special Operations helicopter sent to rescue the team crashed, killing all 16 service members aboard.

[  seattletimes.nwsource.com

12. July 2005

eine unbekannte anzahl gefangener menschen sind aus einem gerichtsgebäude geflohen.

PRISONERS Escape At Law Court Again

An unknown number of prisoners brought to the law court Monday for trial took to their heels when they broke loose the lockup while awaiting court sittings.Prisoners, some of them naked, others without shoes were seen running helter-skelter to escape.

Law Court sources intimated Concord Times that the prisoners arrived Monday morning claiming they were fed up with the proceedings because some of them had been in detention since 2002.Eyewitness accounts state some of the prisoners escaped by forcing open the lock at the law courts lockup and used an exit gate at the High Court No 2, while others used the front entrance.

"Some of them were distracting the attention of some prison officers who were manning the gate leading to lockup," an eyewitness says.However, police sources say some of the escapees were arrested with the help of court clerks."One of the prisoners was arrested with a mobile phone in his bread he was holding," another eyewitness account states.Police officers at the scene blamed journalists for not assisting to arrest the escaping prisoners.

[  allafrica.com

12. July 2005

ein 1986 aus einem mexikanischen knast geflohener mann wurde in kalifornien verhaftet.

FUGITIVE who escaped Mexican court in 1986 captured in California

A fugitive considered one of Mexico's most dangerous criminals was arrested Tuesday in Southern California, nearly 19 years after his sensational prison escape made international headlines, immigration officials said.Alfredo Rios Galeana, 51, was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents at his home in the city of South Gate just south of Los Angeles, said ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice. The arrest on immigration violations was the result of a multi-agency, U.S.-Mexican investigation.

Kice said investigators withthe state Department of Motor Vehicles received a tip about Rios' whereabouts and were told that he had undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance. Agents, however, approached him using his alias Arturo Montoya."We did not acknowledge that we had suspicions that he had another alias," she said.Rios, unaware that he would be handed over to Mexican authorities, agreed to a voluntary deportation ? a choice frequently made by those who hope to avoid detention or formal deportation orders that can bar individuals from returning to the United States.

Kice said Rios was deported hours later at the San Ysidro border crossing, near San Diego, where he was met by Mexican authorities.Rios, a former paratrooper in the Mexican military, was featured on Mexico's most wanted fugitives list for his alleged role in a series of violent bank robberies in Mexico City during the 1970s and 1980s, according to ICE.He is wanted in Mexico on eight felony warrants that include charges of murder, kidnapping and robbery.

Rios escaped from a courtroom in Mexico City's Southern Prison in November 1986. He was one of a group inmates freed by eight armed assailants who burst into the courtroom, tied up 20 people and used a hand grenade to blast a hole through a wall to escape, according to ICE and newspaper reports at the time. He had been recently captured in 1985 after escaping from prison several years earlier.Mexico City prosecutor Bernardo Batiz said Tuesday that as soon as Rios is returned to Mexico, officials planned to send him to a maximum security prison."His specialty was robbing banks, but he also kidnapped and committed homicides," Batiz said.

The arrest Monday was also coordinated with the Los Angeles Regional Fugitive Task Force and the Mexican attorney general's office.In the last 10 months, ICE's Los Angeles fugitive operations team has arrested at least a dozen Mexican nationals wanted there on murder charges.U.S. Marshal Adam Torres, whose agency is a member of the task force, praised the cooperation among departments."No matter where you run, no matter how long you are wanted, keep looking over your shoulder, because we will be coming after you," Torres said.

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09. July 2005

flucht einer frau aus dem abschiebeknast in madinah.

Overstayer Escapes From Prison

An Ethiopian woman managed to escape from the deportation prison at the Passport Department with the help of her relative, Al-Madinah newspaper reported.

The Ethiopian woman was arrested as an overstayer in latest police raids in Madinah a few days ago, but she crafted a clever plan to flee the prison.According to reports, the woman convinced Passport Department officials that a relative wanted to visit her.During the visit, they traded places and the incarcerated woman managed to flee as a visitor.

The relative then started to shout from the cells and accused Passport Department officials that she was arrested despite having a legal Iqama.Ironically, the accomplice is now under arrest for her role in the deception and a large-scale search has been launched to recapture the overstayer.

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07. JULY 2005
Untersuchungshäftling erzwingt bei Klinikaufenthalt Freilassung

Duisburg (dpa/lnw) - Ein Untersuchungshäftling hat am Mittwoch in Duisburg bei einem Klinikaufenthalt seine Freilassung erpresst. Der Gefangene war in Begleitung von zwei Beamten wegen einer Kopfwunde, die er sich vermutlich selbst beigebracht hatte, ins Krankenhaus gefahren worden. In der Klinik habe der 29-Jährige einen Pistolen- ähnlichen Gegenstand gezückt und die Begleiter gezwungen, seine Fußfesseln zu lösen. Anschließend sei er geflüchtet, teilte die JVA Duisburg am Donnerstag mit. Dem Mann wird Raub vorgeworfen.

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06. July

13 u- häftlinge aus dem tihar knast geflohen, drei wurden wieder verhaftet.

13 undertrials scale Tihar Jail wall, 3 caught

Thirteen undertrials escaped from Tihar Jail this afternoon, placing a question mark over the additional security measures put in place after the last jailbreak, one-and-a-half years ago.

Armed Police SI V.P. Jha and constables Rajesh and Parmanand were suspended. The Delhi Government?s Home deparment has ordered an inquiryThe undertrials escaped today from the court complex inside the Tihar compound that had been set up after Phoolan Devi murder accused Sher Singh Rana broke out of jail a year and a half ago. A video-conferencing facility between the jail and courts that would have prevented transit of undertrials has not been working, sources said.

Three of the undertrials were caught later. Most of those who escaped were in their early 20s and first-time offenders but authorities feel the escape must have been planned. The jailbreak occurred around 3 pm when the undertrials were being produced in the court complex by an Armed Police team comprising an SI, two head constables and 14 constables.Many undertrials were made to stand in a verandah near a locked exit door so that the others could be produced in court before all were taken back to their respective jails together. But when the sentry went to produce the remaining undertrials, 13 prisoners used an iron rod to break open the door latch.

Once this was done, the accused scaled the four-feet wall of the court complex, ran a few metres and climbed the trees beside the 12-foot boundary wall. Jumping over the wall, the undertrials landed inside the Central Council for Research In Yoga and Naturopathy building in the Janakpuri Institutional area.Then they ran towards the Pankha road; some boarded Blueline buses near the Hari Nagar police station while some merged with the crowd.Police followed them minutes later and nabbed Raees and Vicky from a bus. Afsar was caught inside the jail.

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