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site for the gay and lesbian arrab society

[  ahbab

Gay/Lesbian Politics and Law

A selective, annotated guide to the best and most authoritative resources on politics, law, and policy. Designed for students, scholars, teachers, journalists, activists, and citizens.

[  www.indiana.edu/~glbtpol

Te International Gay and Lesbian Association

The law relating to gays and lesbians

[  www.ilga.info

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

Based essentially on denouncing discrimination against GLBT, the site offers country-by-country descriptions of the situation throughout the world. The site's structure could be improved.

[  www.iglhrc.org


Languages: Dutch English French Spanish

Dedicated to the Advancement and Diffusion of Knowledge and Understanding of Gender.

[  www.intersexualite.org

Magnus Hirschfeld Centre for Human Rights

The Magnus Hirschfeld Centre for Human Rights is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary organization founded by activist Bill Courson in 1986 and engaged in the promotion of human rights and civil liberties under international law.

[  come.to/humanrights

Queer Resources Directory

Sammlung von verschiedensten Texten.

[  www.qrd.org

Sexual Orientation and the Law

Carrying legal information about the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals, this is a very user-friendly portal with links to academic journals, organizations, jurisprudence...

[  www.nesl.edu


Laws around the World
General information, plus more details - including press reports of recent cases

[  sodomylaws.org

The International Lesbian and Gay Association

Very ambitious site about the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals - Country-by-country legal status - Very complete - Fast and easy to use

[  www.ilga.org

The Yoesuf Foundation

The YOESUF foundation is a Dutch organization which provides information about Islam and male and female (homo)sexuality. The foundation is not bound to any nationality, ethnicity, religious or political doctrine. YOESUF addresses organizations and individuals, both Muslims and non- Muslims, facing questions about Islam and (homo)sexuality or wanting to discuss this topic. The website is available in Arabic, English, Dutch and Turkish.

[  www.yoesuf.nl

Queer Jihad

Queer Jihad is the queer Muslim struggle for acceptance: first, the struggle to accept ourselves as being exactly the way Allah has created us to be; and secondly, the struggle for understanding among Muslims in general.

[  www.well.com/user/queerjhd

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